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Norwich really are struggling to sell their shirts aren't they...
at 13:18 26 Sep 2015
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Negativity & Pessimism
at 13:36 30 Jul 2015

Why do we have many fans being so miserable about our squad, transfer activity and our chances this season?

Each year we've improved under MM and I fail to see it being any different this year. We've lost one good player (fairly average second half of the season) and replaced him with 3 decent attacking players. We still have a month to add players which I'm sure MM is trying to sort. And who cares if they'll be free transfers, I'd take David mcgoldrick on a free over Ross mccormack for 11m any day.

Looks as though there's a few fans on here that will never be satisfied and look for any reason to moan.

Cheer up and enjoy the season, we'll do alright.
at 17:04 29 Jul 2015

Anyone else noticed a high number of wasps about in the last couple of days?

Killed 5 within 15 minutes when I got in the office this morning. Door has remained shut most the day but when it gets left open for no more than 30 seconds there seems to be another one pop in.

Unfortunately I can't find a nest anywhere to get rid of.
Derby fans
at 13:06 27 Jul 2015

Seems all that money has gone to their heads.

Reading Harry's notes they seem to think they'll walk the league and that we'll be nowhere near the play offs.

Did they not see what happened to their rivals last season when they spent big? Hope the same thing happens to them to be honest.
Is there any type of bar in Co-op stand?
at 13:07 21 May 2015

We're moving our season tickets from SAR to the Co-op stand, just wondering if there's anything similar to Legends bar in there where we can drink pre game?
Scarves & Flags
at 16:48 15 May 2015

Is everyone taking their scarf/flag tomorrow so the players come out to a sea of blue in the corner?

Thought it looked impressive in the north stand last Saturday.
Norwich Away ticket
at 11:12 7 May 2015

Does anyone have a letter for the Norwich away game that doesn't want to go?

I'm just after one extra ticket for my brother if anyone has a spare one please.

[Post edited 7 May 11:19]
Gold Mondeo - AU53 SWX
at 10:18 28 Apr 2015

On Saturday we were on the roundabout by stoke bridge after the game when we were hit by the car mentioned above who then drove off. They've damaged the rear bumper quite a lot which is gonna cost a fair bit to repair.

Just wondering if anyone knows who this is or if they saw it? They also had Ipswich flags hanging out the rear windows.

We've reported to police but would rather just speak to the person and agree a deal.
Black managers - what do we think?
at 15:43 16 Apr 2015

Is it really discrimination or is it simply the fact there isn't enough black people applying for these roles. Rather than seeing percentage of how many black managers there are, id rather see a percentage of how many are applying and are/aren't getting the jobs.

"Former England and Liverpool winger Barnes claims he would have found another managerial job had he been white."

or perhaps if he was any good at managing.

It also seems he expects to go straight into management (based on his playing career) without doing any other sort of coaching roles and learning the trade.
Howe would we line up?
at 12:24 8 Apr 2015

I'm more than happy with the job MM is doing, but just thought it would be interesting to see how people would think we would line up if Eddie Howe was our manager and we tried fielding a passing team. Mine would be..

Parr chambers berra mings,
Bishop skuse bru,
Stewart mcgoldrick Murphy.

I'm not one of them that thinks Stewart should be guaranteed a starting place and agree with Mick that if he doesn't train well he shouldn't be playing, I just think Howe likes his pacey skillful wingers.

I also think Smith would struggle massively to get into our team as I think we can all agree he's not the best on the ball.

Interesting to see everyone else's opinion.
[Post edited 8 Apr 12:27]
I got the letter, but my dad didnt..
at 13:34 28 Jan 2015

Anyone received the letter that doesn't want to go, can we use your customer number please?

I don't think he'll be too happy if I tell him I'm going but he can't
Fulham tickets arrived this morning.
at 11:25 24 Jan 2015

Will it be sit where you want as I'm unfortunately row A.
Thoughts on the Amex?
at 12:22 22 Jan 2015

Last night was the first time I've been and was very impressed. First ground I've ever been to which is all padded seats, takes card for food and drink, and staff very welcoming.

Also seems pretty huge once inside. Definitely my favourite ground so far.
Train to Millwall
at 10:22 16 Jan 2015

Cheapest way to get to millwall from Ipswich? I've been looking at train to Stratford which includes travelcard but they want 45 quid, is there a cheaper way?

Is it cheaper to buy online today or just pay tomorrow?
[Post edited 16 Jan 10:23]
Cardiff city's problems..
at 20:22 31 Dec 2014

Anyone else read the below link and think what a load of b*llocks that is about their squad not being good enough or suiting the manager.

Imagine what MM would do with a squad as good as theirs. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with ours of course, just think they have more players with greater qualities.

Makes me realise how lucky we are to have MM.
At the Antigallican already
at 09:48 29 Nov 2014

Seems like we're the first here, where is everyone?
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