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Milne. Seriously
at 09:39 22 Mar 2017

As you know we have announced a new pricing restructure for Under-23s that we have received some excellent feedback on – they will be able to watch home games next year for between £2.17 and £10 per match. I feel that it is unfortunate that this has not been raised in your e-mail.”

What about the Mature Students youve just screwed?

Do you know we have a University close by?

Seriously. This bloke is the worst 'chairman' ive ever come across. Has absolutely no idea what hes actually doing
Non football thread - - Watched logan last night
at 11:14 20 Mar 2017

What a pile of sht that was.

Still trying to understand how Xavier is still alive after dieing in xmen 2 anyway

But what a bloody slow movie last night.
International Break
at 11:12 20 Mar 2017

So you're Mick

Do you...... get as many players in and work with them

or has Mick's doing, giving some time off.

I'm caught. Will a break do anygood or should they be in, drilled hard and put some effort in.........

what would you do?
at 19:35 19 Mar 2017

If we do go down. Does Mick give evans his £1 mill back.
Twitter users
at 18:12 17 Mar 2017

Shamless plug please.

I need 2 more followers to reach 1000 followers which at this level can help massively with sponsorship.

Please follow @official_fgfc
harlem blue
at 16:56 17 Mar 2017

Can someone let Harlem know he has me on ignore, he's sent me a PM but when I send it, it wont go through as im on his list.

Mature Students
at 16:45 17 Mar 2017

I called just because I'm on a day off today and thought id help as my Friend down in Town wanted to know too.

They said
" At present, Mature Students, wouldn't be included in the Under 23 price Bracket"
This however is being looked into and we'll know more in the next week or 2.

Jesus wept.
at 16:30 17 Mar 2017

Whilst there's a lot of mixed opinion on the guy, I miss the days of seeing Sheepy walking around, shaking peoples hands.

That was a proper ITFC Owner.

For all his faults, we miss him.

Got too excited. But at least he had the club to heart and it showed every week.

True story this,
I went to Sir Alfs Memorial in the town centre and we were away that day.
Sheepy was at the door and shook every persons hand who walked in
My dad, not one to pick the right moment for a speech, just came out with, Come on sheepy, we going to win today - literally at the bloody door to the church!
Sheepy looked and rather than keep a professional face on, he smiled, thanked my dad for his support and said I hope so mate, I bleed blue like you.

Bit random the above, but It just made me remember what's changed.
So predictions for tommorow
at 16:05 17 Mar 2017

Formation - 5,3,2
score 3-1 Cardiff

Should Evans replace Milne with Micknose
at 15:16 17 Mar 2017

Should Evans replace Milne with Micknose

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chants for the next home game then
at 14:30 17 Mar 2017

what we going for

" we shall not we shall not renew

" just a spoon full of Evans, makes the numbers go down, the numbers go dowwwwn,

" We get 5 percent back, we get 5 percent back, you're never gonna believe us, never gonna believe us, never gonna believe usssss, we get 5 percent back!
5 Point plan
at 13:57 17 Mar 2017

Milne keeps talking about this 5 point plan, what is It exactly?

lost all supporters, go down a couple of leagues and start again?
on the plus side - we've yet to be told how much on the day tickets will be
at 11:38 17 Mar 2017

who's going for £37?
Mr Evans
at 09:32 17 Mar 2017

Now, I remember being a teenager and an early 20 year old.

I wanted to go out with mates etc, but something kept me at PR, oh yes, excitement and fantastic football. ( Burley, Royle etc)

if I were that age now.

Would I rather go and watch the sht on offer at present, or go out with my mates down the pub, cinema etc? I think most will go with the Latter.

There is no younger catchment for us to get - unless we are winning, it's as simple as that.
So In seriousness, guess the volume of season tickets sold for next season
at 09:19 17 Mar 2017

I'm going to start with 9,852
Surrey Based Fans
at 09:12 17 Mar 2017

Not interested in travelling to Suffolk, feel free to come on down to Frimley and help grass roots football.

Traditional football matchdays, drink, chats, get together with players after the game. Win lose draw, a fun day and cheap too

Also, always looking for extra matchday volunteers so if interested let me know
Maybe ive missed it... no menion of freezing prices if we go up
at 08:50 17 Mar 2017


Usually mentioned every seasonm but not he upcoming one.

They settling for midtable again.
Hang on.
at 08:35 17 Mar 2017

So. Set a target of ST sales. But then once hit provide a 5% refund to all of those purchased????

Erm what?

Why hit your target then give refunds. Youve then missed your target. Dur

Bet Milne came up with these wonderful ideas.

Heres one

Children under 16 free
16 to 21 £150
21-65 £350
65+ £180

No thought went into that. But it baffles me that hes prob spent months on what he has come up with.
1 injury and we are down..... 2001 again?
at 17:22 12 Mar 2017

How many points has lawrence in his own won us.

Stewart was a massive loss in 01. Could this happen again?

now. I still dont like the guys attitude. But he has carried us all season.
Can someone
at 22:19 11 Mar 2017

Go through past 18 months win/games ratio. I cant be bothered.

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