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completely random, but does sitters not come on here anymore?
at 12:06 30 Sep 2015

just realised i've not seen anything from him, nor callis for a while
Surrey Based Town Fans
at 10:55 30 Sep 2015

On Saturday 10th October, we're holding a race night with proceeds split between our chosen charity partner and our clubs ground improvement fund. Please feel free to come along for a great evening.

Details can be found at

Many Thanks All

Squad Situation
at 13:36 29 Sep 2015

I may be over thinking this a bit, you all know me by now, but has Mick's determination to make a 'wolves' side cost him the chance to really push us on this season.

For example, we know Mick has used natural wingers before, but never in a town side, mainly because we didn't have the players to do so.

Fast Forward from last season, we've bought in the wingers, but sacrificed looking at the important areas of the field which determine how succesful your wingers can be.

Fullback remains a mysterious problem area for us, last season and the seasons before, it was just the righ side, but by going by reports, it appears Knudsen has yet to get upto speed and now we're weak on both flanks. Thus weakening the impact our wingers can make in a game as they're having virtually no support from their partners.

You then expect the midfield to get hold of the ball, create and make space and spread the play, but both Douglas, Skuse and Coke, are quite limited in their pace and distribution speeds are extremely low.

People talk about Ming's money and it's clear it's been used to finance such moves as Fraser, Pittman etc as well as the extended contracts of key players.

So now we're with a team which looks quite confused about what they're supposed to be, a team who uses width and keeps the ball on the floor, or a slightly edited by weakened team for playing last seasons form of football with using Murphy as a target man.

You'll also got the added headache of having to try and keep all 4 strikers happy, all our 7 midfielders happy too.

Hopefully, in future months, our new signings will begin to get used to the speed of the league and the wingers will get the ball time they need to flourish, my concern is we need Bishop, Bru etc to return asap and get match fit as soon as possible for this to happen.

January will be key, imo we have to address the back 5, lets get it back to being a solid 5 unit and work on the final third from there.
People question the performances of Berra, Smith etc, but it's no shock they're struggling whilst covering for inexperienced or in chambers case - continuous liabilities as a fullback.
[Post edited 29 Sep 14:33]
FGFC Website
at 09:39 18 Sep 2015

Hi all, would you possibly pass on your feedback onto the below website, i've been working hard to add content, tweak pages etc and i'd love to know your thoughts.

knudsen - What's he like? (n/t)
at 09:31 18 Sep 2015

Well I hope you've all learnt a valuable lesson
at 15:28 14 Sep 2015

Next time you want Gerks out, praise him and make him MOTM
1st time on hear since Saturday - Good god that third goal
at 12:05 14 Sep 2015

wow. just wow.
Team tonight
at 16:44 11 Sep 2015



Fa Vase
at 22:18 5 Sep 2015

Frimley 3. Fleet Spurs 2.

Phil.gav delete if bored. Some people
Have asked me to update the board with updates.

We won our 1st round qualifier today and move onto the next round.
Interesting question at work
at 15:24 3 Sep 2015

Well not really interesting but ended up into an interesting discussion.

Why do we pay to use the toilet in some places.

Surely we have no choice but to go for a pss or a sht, if required we can go where ever we please, but no, it's against the law and we must use toilets.

So, why is it ok for London stations to charge? granted it's not a lot but why should they be allowed to charge for something that we're being stopped from doing anywhere we want?
Taking your child out of school for holidays
at 20:19 31 Aug 2015

I'm not a lover of this however my son has 100% school attendance over 3 years

Because of my chairman role it's difficult for me to book holiday during school holidays.

Does anyone know if I can ask for special consideration to take my son and the little girl we look after out of school for 5 days. It's crazy that it saves me 1k to do this. But more of convenience that anything else.

Before anyone says anything about it's my sons education. You're right. But my plan is to take them during the last week of term in summer then take up just 3 days of the school holiday.
Think it's time to put yesturday to bed
at 17:51 30 Aug 2015

No we don't need a new cb

No we don't need a new gk

No we don't need a new cm

Brighton are the Bournemouth of this season. Fast free flowing football with lua lua playing the Fraser role.

Why not accept that we were beaten imo by a team who will no doubt be fighting for promotion.

We've gone from relegation certs to play off hopefuls to play off places in space of 3 seasons.

We have no right to expect top 2 just because we had a good start and the table showed us as top after 4 games.

I'd imagine a top 6 place again this year contesting for top 2. But that means we'll lose some of these battles against the others contesting.

I've seen posts moaning at smith. Moaning at chambers. Moaning about the new RB who hadn't even trained with the team ffs.

Anyway I really hope these posts are just frustration because if not. God help is all this season when the inevitable losses come during the season
Has anyone ever won the prem at Christmas before lol
at 17:45 30 Aug 2015

Man city will cruise to this title

One thing which appears to have been missed on here
at 12:56 30 Aug 2015

Is that the Brighton players were playing for the memory of a member of their ground staff who was killed in the recent Air Disaster.

Many a team would have collapsed after conceding 2 goals to suddenly be level 2-2. But they had the passion to keep going for that lad.
One thing today showed for me
at 18:26 29 Aug 2015

Is exactly why cup competitions need to be left to the fringe players if you're going for promotion.

Mcgoldrick played what 120 minutes Tuesday?

Do the same again against utd and same will happen again.

All these signings.
at 17:03 28 Aug 2015

I wonder if the person with the Anderson petition idea feels a tad silly
Anyone else worried that Oar hasn't actually signed yet
at 17:00 28 Aug 2015

We've been here before :(
at 16:24 28 Aug 2015

What if he has a worldy up until January and a club buys him
From Bournemouth. Does he stay here or would the loan be cut

I know he can't be recalled but what about the above
If anything defines the current management team and the direction of the club
at 15:27 28 Aug 2015

"It’s not about the money, it’s about the development of his career,” Jansen continued,"

( Jansen is Oar's Agent )
Poor Tabb
at 15:09 28 Aug 2015

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