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Well in 15 years
at 14:30 23 Nov 2015

Ive never noticed that Reuser fluffed his goal in the play off final.

Just saw a close up of his feet. He kicks with right the ball hits his left foot and then goes in.

Very random post but hey ho
Martin Fulop Sadly Passed away
at 11:49 12 Nov 2015

Just saw on SSN, what a young age to pass away.
Surrey Based Town Fans free on the 5th December?
at 14:37 11 Nov 2015

Despite their position, they’re not playing as badly as their position suggest
at 08:32 3 Nov 2015

And there's the weekly reasoning for the upcoming draw or loss this evening.
at 13:10 30 Oct 2015

Looks incredibly thin in his interview, looks really weak. Hope he's alright
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Very Random request
at 15:43 29 Oct 2015

is anyone potentially selling a hayter 56 pro lawn mower?
Probably shouldn't find this as funny as I do, but had to share
at 13:46 27 Oct 2015

Hulls first goal
at 12:20 21 Oct 2015

" We should have stopped the cross"

At what point could we have actually stopped that cross?
My concern with Micks comments
at 07:27 21 Oct 2015

" 2-0 at halftime killed us"

2-0 is one of the scorelines where if you manage to motivate your team they can come
Back and a lot of times you can go onto win 3-2. It's a horrible scoreline when winning 2-0. Comfy one minute suddenly 2-1 and backs against the wall.
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at 21:08 20 Oct 2015

" the fans asked for change and that's what happened. Of course it doesn't mean things will change for the better and tonight proved to them that they need to keep quiet and leave the selection to me "
at 10:42 20 Oct 2015

The biggest concerns for me at this present time

Isn't the fact we're not top 2
isn't the fact we're not top 6

it's actually worrying the volume of posts of 'MEH' or similar.

After the excitement of the past 2 seasons, there's a bit of damp squid about things at the moment and apparently it could be felt in the atmosphere on saturday ( please correct me if i'm wrong).

The problem Mick now has it seems, is to revert back to his solid style of last season, with directness taken over instead of width and pace to get results, something if you look back to the beginning of this season, we had changed our style abit and whilst conceding we were scoring and games were fun to watch again and we were getting results so a double bonus. Resulting in your 'entertainers' turning up to watch the game rather than the ITFC Supporters. There is a difference and it happens everywhere in the game and it's needed for clubs to succeed.

The issue is, the supporters will continue to cheer and remain patient, the entertainers imo will be the ones who gradually get louder and louder in their critical views.

Mick doesn't help himself with comments of " i'll ignore them" Granted you can't change a team based on fan opinion but there is a danger by having this mentality too,
whilst of course you want 30,000 supporters in the ground, the truth is, you have 50% maybe more who question their decision to watch ITFC over other pasttimes and do base their enjoyment of visits based on results and entertainment put before them.

This is why players like Bru, Mcgoldrick are called for, they have the technique to move on the ball, to flick it passed players, Pittman for example doesn't have they true knack of doing so, Douglas, neither does he.

They are good players, of course they are, Pittman's scored plenty of goals, Douglas won promotion last year and was a key player, but they're not in an entertaining side at present and this is why they'll be called out for. I'm sure if Fraser was still in the side running the flanks and Niles was the player he looked like he could be, no one would really batter an eyelid at the other players.

There's no real point in this post, but I guess it's another way of explaining the negative thoughts out there at present.

I don't believe anyone wants Mick out, but I do understand their feelings of Meh.

Programmes are £3?
at 14:14 16 Oct 2015

Blimey shows how long it's been since i went, £3 do you get a drink with that???
Never knew Keane didn't rate Counago
at 15:43 15 Oct 2015

Couñago was a player I didn’t particularly like or get on with. No club was interested in taking him – and I was happy to tell him that. I just found him dead lazy. He went: ‘How are we going to win anything with you as manager?’ I nearly physically attacked him – but I didn’t.”
Frimley Green Update
at 09:31 12 Oct 2015

Recent match report from our cup match on Saturday.

Hilariously bad timing, when updating followers on twitter, my phone battery died just after the 2nd penalty :) oops!

Great racenight evening Saturday, I even had a couple of Town Fans turn up which was a nice gesture, we raised over £800 for the club and over £200 for Care After Combat, so a very succesful evening.

TWTD on iphone
at 07:42 12 Oct 2015

Hi Phil/Gav, the issue last week regarding Iphone useage has reappeared. I can't even log into the site without being redirected elsewhere, any ideas?

It's working fine on my computer obviously,
at 13:57 9 Oct 2015

completely random, but does sitters not come on here anymore?
at 12:06 30 Sep 2015

just realised i've not seen anything from him, nor callis for a while
Surrey Based Town Fans
at 10:55 30 Sep 2015

On Saturday 10th October, we're holding a race night with proceeds split between our chosen charity partner and our clubs ground improvement fund. Please feel free to come along for a great evening.

Details can be found at

Many Thanks All

Squad Situation
at 13:36 29 Sep 2015

I may be over thinking this a bit, you all know me by now, but has Mick's determination to make a 'wolves' side cost him the chance to really push us on this season.

For example, we know Mick has used natural wingers before, but never in a town side, mainly because we didn't have the players to do so.

Fast Forward from last season, we've bought in the wingers, but sacrificed looking at the important areas of the field which determine how succesful your wingers can be.

Fullback remains a mysterious problem area for us, last season and the seasons before, it was just the righ side, but by going by reports, it appears Knudsen has yet to get upto speed and now we're weak on both flanks. Thus weakening the impact our wingers can make in a game as they're having virtually no support from their partners.

You then expect the midfield to get hold of the ball, create and make space and spread the play, but both Douglas, Skuse and Coke, are quite limited in their pace and distribution speeds are extremely low.

People talk about Ming's money and it's clear it's been used to finance such moves as Fraser, Pittman etc as well as the extended contracts of key players.

So now we're with a team which looks quite confused about what they're supposed to be, a team who uses width and keeps the ball on the floor, or a slightly edited by weakened team for playing last seasons form of football with using Murphy as a target man.

You'll also got the added headache of having to try and keep all 4 strikers happy, all our 7 midfielders happy too.

Hopefully, in future months, our new signings will begin to get used to the speed of the league and the wingers will get the ball time they need to flourish, my concern is we need Bishop, Bru etc to return asap and get match fit as soon as possible for this to happen.

January will be key, imo we have to address the back 5, lets get it back to being a solid 5 unit and work on the final third from there.
People question the performances of Berra, Smith etc, but it's no shock they're struggling whilst covering for inexperienced or in chambers case - continuous liabilities as a fullback.
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FGFC Website
at 09:39 18 Sep 2015

Hi all, would you possibly pass on your feedback onto the below website, i've been working hard to add content, tweak pages etc and i'd love to know your thoughts.

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