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Blimey. Norwich only won 8 games
at 07:49 24 Apr 2014

Out of 34

Yep established prem club.

Also of note. We've won the same amount of games as Man utd albeit we've played 10 more :)

Interesting table the Prem one.
Such a contrast I'm win % between top 5 and the rest of the league. Bit obvious hence why they are top 5. But it's such a difference to 8th onwards.

The young girl we were hoping to adopt
at 21:05 23 Apr 2014

I've had a few people ask if there was an update on this so thought id share.
Unfortunately we won't be adopting her, third party interference has made it impossible and we've had no choice but to back off as much as it pains us.
We still see her and she did come away with us last week but unfortunately nothing more can happen going forwards.
We'd like to think we gave her the best Christmas ever and enjoys any time she does spend with us, it's just such a shame we can't take it further.

thanks again for all your well wishes at Christmas and thoughts since.

So. Prem sack race
at 07:27 23 Apr 2014

Who do you think will get sacked first

Pearson or Dyche
Tell me it wasn't skuse
at 12:44 22 Apr 2014

Who stood watching their player score the overhead.

Hopefully it's not, over wise it's the 3rd damn goal he's stood by and watch go in.
Moyes - Top Four Failings
at 12:32 22 Apr 2014

Don't know how accurate it is, but apparently in his time as Everton and Utd Boss he only won 1 game against teams in the top 4.

1 game in 11 years!!!!

will be interesting to see what happens to Fellaini now, he's not a top 4 player. Wouldn't surprise me to see him go to newcastle

Cresser played RM?
at 08:13 22 Apr 2014

Bit random.

I said Mings at RM Mick not Cresser lol
Tom Tom help required
at 19:55 21 Apr 2014

Hi all

Father in law has bought a new sat nav
I've connected to Tom tom my drive.

However I'm looking to sync the nav to his phone for my drive traffic.
The manual says it's an app I need to download on his iPhone. But I can't find it in App Store.

Anyone done this before who can help?
How I see things going into pre-season - Of course IF we don't go up
at 18:52 20 Apr 2014

Gerken - He's a solid shot stopper, with great reaction skills, unfortunately a lot of his good work is undone by his lack of ability to command his area, his constant hesitation of high balls puts our defence under pressure and his kicking although improved, still makes me wince whenever the ball is passed back to him. Do I think he'll be number 1 next season? possibly, are there many other keepers available on a free or low fees who are better? this could be key, however I expect Mick to look at alternative areas of the team first.

Chambers, Love him, unfortunately I hope we don't see him at RB next season, hes been ok, done a job, however he lacks the positional sense to be a commanding right back, many times this season he's been beaten on the outside, stearman showed that you don't need raw pace to stop a winger, it's clever positioning, this I think chambers lacks, which of course isn't his fault, he's a CB. I think RB is the first area Mick will look at first, he loves a tight back line and this season has shown we haven't been as tights as he likes and just counting quickly I can think of 4 goals conceded with wingers getting behind Chambers.
I do expect chambers to partner Berra, you'll see why soon.

Berra, what a signing, intelligent, calm on the ball and de vos like in the way he attacks the ball to head it away, signing of the season for me. Feel he'd be more comfortable at LCB rather than RCB and I think Mick sees this to looking into a new season.

Smith, it's with regret I write this as I love a blue and Smith is certainly one of us, he's young, he's agile, he's a threat at set pieces, however he's not as good as Berra, this is the only reason I think we could see him benched next season.

Cresswell, very hard to tell if he's going to be here next season, we here from Mick that he's the best Left back in the league, he might be, but I personally think it's because theirs not many others out there to claim that accolade from Cresswell. Hes a great player, going forward he adds a lot, defensively he's astute, but I found that this season he's been quite inconsistent, possibly because he's been asked to player a different game, we'll see next season. I'm annoyed that he's been taken away from set pieces, 7 assists from corners and he's been removed in favour of hunt, not happy but I think it's because Mick wants him back against the counter. Either way, if he stays, which I think he will, He needs to be on set pieces, not Hunt.

Hunt - IMO, great back up and should replace Green as our bench player next season with a new Left winger taking his place, he's a great impact from the bench but tires easily from starts and becomes a headless chicken rather than an attacking winger with intent.

Skuse - I loved skuse to begin with, however I've since found that Hyam should replace him as number 1 midfield general, Skuse is calm on the ball and a great tackler, but for me, that's it, he lets players run around him and he's not the type of player to track back when required unlike Hyam. Great option from bench again though.

Hyam - play him in his best position and you have a player on your hands, he is a defensive midfielder, we've heard from Mick that he's not, but quite simply, he is. Give him the ball 6 yards out and you don't expect a goal, this is not what you need from your attacking midfielder. Put him in place of Skuse and let him get on with being a DM and I think you'll find prem clubs sniffing around after a season or 2.

Wordsworth, can't say to much, yes he's been promising of late, but after a full season, it's hard to say whether he should be first choice next season.

Anderson - most frustrating player imo, is he attacking, is he defensive?, looking at his previous interviews he doesn't even know, first area we need to strengthen imo, we need a chalk on your boot right winger, someone to attack and with the right RB behind them, this will be key.

Murphy - Influential and most important player for me, holds it up, flicks it on, he is your ideal target man. No more roaming roles though please Mick.

Mcgoldrick - Nuff said lol


I See all of the above moving on, Loach so that he can get first team football, Taylor because he isn't a Mick player and behind the scenes, I've heard some awful stories and can't wait until he leaves.
Tabb - i'll be polite, he's good at running.
Green - similar, he's a replacement to run down time.
Mings - love Mings, I really want to see him given a go at RM, sounds strange, but he loves to attack on the right and come inside and get a shot away, maybe we'll see this experiment in pre-season.

Overall, if you've read this far, well done, I've found myself with a spare half hour so thought I'd post this. I expect a few disagreements, especially about cresser and smith, but that's football opinions.

I know I don't go to as many games as others, the above is all based on what I have seen, not read, not heard but seen, so I'll accept any different opinions and hope you see all of the above are literally just that, opinions.

Anyway, hopefully we're in the prem next season, had we won yesterday I think I would have felt more confident, however at present, I think it's a step to far for this team, it's still been a great season however.

Re-watching yesterday's game
at 16:11 20 Apr 2014

I do think the roaming of Murphy and having Williams and Wordy as advanced play makers caused us more problems than them. I couldn't quite work out our formation yesturday and even now i still can't lol.

It was similar to the nouble/ wordy winger experiment which failed.

I liked Nouble yesturday but it was the other side of the pitch and in front of him where we had problems.

Hopefully revert back to a solid 4-4-1-1 tommorow but would love to go back to Hyam and Wordy in middle.
Today showed exactly where we need to improve on
at 21:01 19 Apr 2014

In certain positions.

We were ok today. But in the final third we just had no one available to pass the ball to
Nouble was great providing width but the other flank was lacking in width
I've liked Skuse all season however today showed that we do need to decide on him or Hyam in the middle, to many times they were level and we needed more intent from them to get forward. Hyam is a great little player but we've seen time and time again he lacks that final third composure to hurt teams. This is why I think id like to see Wordsworth and Hyam together with two new wingers.

Chambers as much as I like him. He leaves wingers to much space down his side. Stearman had the know how on when to attack a winger where as chambers sits back and waits for reinforcements. Unfortunately on this occasion Skuse let his man go.

We don't need a whole new team. Just 3 very carefully selected players to cover the flanks and RB.

Strikers for me are fine. Although I didn't like Murpys roaming role today.

Anyway my belief on Micks selection for Monday based on timings and types of subs today

Not a bad performance that
at 17:01 19 Apr 2014

A few individual errors cost us today but generally pleased with our performance.
People are moaning. Look at Watfords home form and you'll also see they aren't out of the play off mix as yet either!

I felt Williams. Skuse and Murphy had poor games. But Nouble Hyam and Berra were highlights for me.

On to Monday and I think well see the 4-4-1-1 back again

It ain't over people!
Anyone else getting the shakes
at 22:32 18 Apr 2014

And just wanting tommorow to hurry up
Football results
at 19:00 18 Apr 2014

If Fulham and Cardiff win and town do to

Watching Norwich get soundly beaten will taste so much better Sunday

Come on you Ipswich supporting god up there. Make it happen. Do it for Sir Bobby :)
Amended game plan for tommorow
at 18:22 18 Apr 2014

Kick off. Score 4 goals within 20 minutes

Then score 3 more whilst reducing Watford to just 1 shot on target which is saved by a diving header off the line by cresswell.

7-0 will do.
Right. Game plan tommorow
at 18:17 18 Apr 2014

Kick off. Score 4 within 20 minutes.
Hold the fk on for 70.

Ipswich/Norwich banter never gets boring.
at 19:48 15 Apr 2014

I've just had the worst 'banter' line from a Norwich fan

" Ipswich is such a little club compared to us. I don't hear you being compared with Milan"

Genuine LOL moment
Ah shte Andy d'urso next week. (n/t)
at 22:29 14 Apr 2014

Goal difference
at 21:24 14 Apr 2014

So as it's looking like Goal difference will be key

Who are we going to score 6 against to get ours up a bit
Stevie G
at 21:47 13 Apr 2014

Speaking about today's game being a big game. He said something along the lines of " the biggest game is against Norwich"

Oooo wouldn't like to be them next week.

Odds on suerez hattrick
Taken back
at 17:38 11 Apr 2014

Actually. Looking back through them again, I barely wrote anything and what I did say was nothing compared to others.

Carry on.
[Post edited 11 Apr 18:00]
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