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Mick an apology
at 20:28 8 Feb 2017

If IF he actually looks at this site. Just know we now know the club is being run by a bunch of inexperienced monkies who should take over a £1 shop rather than a football club.

Granted. Some of the things you do are strange.

But having Milne as a boss.. thats pu ishmebt enough
After tonight. Milne definately worse than Clegg
at 19:29 8 Feb 2017

Murphy money gone... we signed best.

Could sign a player but then he could get injured

Top 6 isnt a miracle with a lower table wage budget

Wtf is the guy on.
Clegg. We miss you (n/t)
at 17:16 6 Feb 2017

Interesting highlights questions
at 14:49 1 Feb 2017

What the hell are we doing defensively for all the goals and their actual attempts.

We arent even being outplayed its just lazy lazy defending.

Bents goal.... leaving the crosser with 10 yards of space to just stand and say... pass to me im open. In that sort of area.

The chances at the end... the final one.... why again like lincoln. We leaving the backline so open to a counter?

So frail at the back. I dont even blame the cbs. Those around them dont protect them at all.
Cobbalds. Sheeps. Evans
at 14:42 1 Feb 2017

All 3 had/have their faults.

But. 2 at least had the interest of the club at heart.

Sheep unfortunately is remembered for the wrong reasons. Yet evans for me hasnt done anything as an owner to be remembered in years to come other than a failure. His ownership nearly took us down 3 years ago and now hes it it again.

No he didnt save this club. We had other interested parties and even had a fresh bid in when evans signed so i wont accept he was the only one who wanted it.

The last few weeks have changed my opinion. Yes mick i think needs to go.but we could have sir alex and hed do feck all with this club.

1 man and his assistant. Just need to go.

Your 8 years old
at 13:50 1 Feb 2017

Your dad has taken you to London and watched a few arsenal games. And a few ipswich games. Throw in a few colchester. Cambridge. Even norwich games.

You were born in ipswich.

What would make a child nowadays choose to support ipswich?

I started due to the football on show. Same league as now i guess but exciting football and a raft of home grown players thrown in amongst some talented individuals. The club had family written all over it. Excitement before during and after games.

Yet how on earth do you 'sell' ipswich to a kid nowadays?

Lawrence out for 6 weeks oh joy (n/t)
at 00:06 1 Feb 2017

Evans you are a fecken joke. Just go before you ruin this club. (n/t)
at 23:13 31 Jan 2017

Losing chambers. Final nail for me
at 12:15 31 Jan 2017

As a rb. Sure ive wanted better. But the guys a genuine charactor. Wears his heart on his sleeve and gives 120% every week.

I wouldnt blame mick directly. But this for me is just a nail in the coffin that evans era is officially becoming a laughing stock and the guy needs a reality check.

Go on evans.
at 21:14 30 Jan 2017

£10 mill for lawrence
£3.5 for higs

Go on. You know you could
4 mill
at 19:11 28 Jan 2017


17 years ago we spent 2.5 mill on stewart. 4M is steal.
I hate football
at 19:06 28 Jan 2017

3-1 up, 20 to go, lose 4-3. fck football
I hope these new signings are better than the summers
at 14:33 26 Jan 2017

Ward... apart from 1st few games. Hasnt done a lot

Maybe taylor is the one out of this window with a bit of promise.
[Post edited 26 Jan 16:28]
If True
at 12:46 26 Jan 2017

Only the current ITFC Regime would look to bring in a guy currently out for 10 months.

This is what we have become? Taking risks on players like this in hope they come back the same as they were before?

Yes i know he may well be a quality player. And it may pay off.. but its a sad state for me that we are having to take such risks.
He doesnt ask why have you done this. Why that.
at 17:36 19 Jan 2017

Sorry but as a chairman (granted not league level) i do wanna know why my managers do certain things. I wont reply and provide advise but i want to understand the reasons behind it to let me know if theyve lost the plot.

[Post edited 19 Jan 17:40]
Mick himself
at 19:07 18 Jan 2017

Now. I dont know Mick. But surely hes reached a point where he feels himself he is just being a money grabber who can not take this club further.

Surely hearing and seeing the increasing fan uproar he would have left a month or so ago after quite frankily an awful 18 months of football.

Hes gone from savour to villain and it will only get worse.

Go now mick to preserve the respect you deserve for keeping us up when you came in rather than leaving on a sour note and all your hard work forgotten.

Just watched the goal again. Confused.
at 13:22 18 Jan 2017

Why when 0-0 89th minute are we putting 9 mean in or around box. Leaving 1 at cb and the freekick taker.

Granted it was a crappy freekick. But even if the freekick was better. Unless we got it... there was a 90% chance lincoln could counter very easily.

If 0-1 down i get it. But 0-0 with extra time available.

Terrible set up imo
ok, i've had time to calm down
at 22:46 17 Jan 2017

Actually, no, it's still raw

what a shower of absolute shte.

anyways, good news is he's Mick has left the players at the hotel and is on his own way back. hmmmm
Mick you have the nerv to smirk!!!! Seriouslt feck off (n/t)
at 22:03 17 Jan 2017

Superb lincoln. Bloody superb. Now mick feck off (n/t)
at 22:00 17 Jan 2017

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