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Only just got in
at 22:36 4 Mar 2015

Obv only thing to comment on is that team selection wtf?!!

Now you'll prob tell me we played well. Fair do's if so

But. Varney and wood as starting strikers?

Parr on right of midfield?

I mean what the actua fck

By all means this season was good a few months back. But feck me what the fk is that selection.
[Post edited 4 Mar 22:38]
at 16:40 1 Mar 2015

Whilst I appreciate negativity isn't welcome. I do feel people try to find positives in everything rather than just acknowledging that there are problems in this current team.

Not the one that went on a run. But this current team.

Mings isn't the same player
Neither is tabb
Bru isnt consistant enough
Smith and Berra doesn't work.
If Murphy doesn't score we have problems.

For me there was one positive - Sears looks a handy player. But he was played out of position the whole game.

We massively miss the Hyam of earlier in the season
Skuse looks tired

It's all well and good saying next week we could be 3rd. Of course we can. But we also have to acknowledge we have let a 15point gap over 7th slip in 2 months.

Do we have enough to keep going in the top 6? I'm not sure as the games come by.

Teams have strengthened. Ours has weakened.

Today showed exactly where our problems lie - how we play our football.

When we mix it. We can play some lovely stuff. But we kept aiming long high balls without managing to play It over the defence. This was our problem.

To many lucky punts up field. No calmness on the ball from smith or chambers.

I don't feel Marcus has backed Mick enough. But I also feel mick is his own worst enemy. I said before the game my concern was lack of punch in mick for this game. It showed in our performance. We backed out of 50 50's. We're second the every loose ball.

Norwich weren't fantastic. But they were able to hurt us and to be honest. They barely broke a sweat second half. Why play varney? He didn't win one header when he came on and imo did nothing of note. Wood caused more hassle in the box in 5 minutes.

Set pieces were awful really. Except maybe 1 in second half.

Now. Next week we could as a lot of you say be third. But more performances like today and we'll finish outside the play offs imo.
So much wrong with this team.
at 15:38 1 Mar 2015

Cb at rb
A rb at rm
A lcb at rcb
Varneys on the pitch
Chaplow started
Sears playing right sided striker in a 4-3-3 but whilst we were actially playing 4-4-2.
Fken sht.
at 15:26 1 Mar 2015

Awful Just awful.

Chaplow. Varney. What bollox

Just feck off mick. You deserve more than Evans can give you.

at 14:55 1 Mar 2015

How can a professional footballer be so crap with ball at their feet. Shocking. Just shocking.

This is embarrassing.

My biggest concern about today
at 12:35 1 Mar 2015

Is if Mick is as boring in the dressing room as he is in interviews.

Norwich will be well up for this. Their new manager seems geared up for the derby to.

Mick? Ah. You know me. If we get a draw I'd be happy.
Advice people.
at 19:46 22 Feb 2015

We're due to go to Egypt in May/June. However we've been thinking about not going due to recent issues with a tourist bus and further threats against British tourists.

So. We're due to go with friends who booked first and then asked if we wanted to join them

Do I act all apologetic or just man up and say it's not worth the risk. The resort in question is on lockdown so very restricted to what we could do anyhow.

Don't want to potentially burn a friendship.
The way I see things
at 19:43 21 Feb 2015

I'd that Mick is looking top 10, anything more its a bonus.

He's building a squad capable of finishing top 6 even top 2. At present I just don't think its strong enough to finish in top 6.

We have to understand that we won't spend like other teams. Therefore we can only hope big things can happen with the hand Mick is given.

If Mcg, Hyam, smith, mings, Anderson etc were all on par. I think we'd currently be top 2 comfortably and looking forward to prem

However. They have all been below par. A couple injured and we're left with a weak team.

We don't have natural midfield goal scorers. Bru is learning the English game. Bishop is 18.
Murphy can't do it all on his own and you have to remember this is his best season in all his career. If he was consistently consistent he wouldn't be here.

Just enjoy the ride.
Nature help required.
at 22:23 20 Feb 2015

We're currebtly away by the seaside for a few days and we think we have come across whale poo

Firstly. How the feck do you tell?
Where do we take it? Etc etc.

Anyone know anything????
Something key about the last 2 games
at 07:32 16 Feb 2015

The absence of McGoldrick

He has been a shadow of last season. He's lost a yard of pace. He's frustrated. He's greedy.

I'd keep him out for the time being.
Taken on my first footballing coach role
at 07:28 9 Feb 2015

Man is behind scenes tough.

Great fun though and got a tough job with a team at level 5 near the relegation zone. 1 task. Keep us up.
Surprised that's allowed
at 14:27 8 Feb 2015

How much advertising do Wonga need?

It's completely in your face at St James Park.
Fck sake mick
at 18:09 7 Feb 2015

I don't care that you haven't bought anyone else in.

But for fuk sake use the current players the right way.

Smith needs dropping
Mcg needs dropping
Anderson needs a kick up the ass.

Keep taking about how you can't find anyone better than those we have but right now. Sears is a better option that mcg
Part is better than chambers at rb
Hunt/bishop etc better than ando

It goes on and on
Roger Johnson?
at 22:52 2 Feb 2015

Contract terminated with Wolves.

Better than smith.
Time to change it up next week imo
at 19:42 31 Jan 2015



N hunt
Dear Mick. Please stop the love affair with chambers at RB
at 18:52 31 Jan 2015

Drop smith. Put chambers back In the middle and put parr on the right.


Team v Wigan
at 07:51 22 Jan 2015

I do feel we should go back to the chambers. Berra combination.
It's more balanced and enables is to really have a solid back four in front of Bart.

The midfield is a tough one. Various different mixtures however I would perhaps give this a go next week.



Time for a bit of realism people
at 07:30 22 Jan 2015

There's a fair few posts saying things like
" a top 2 side shouldn't struggle against....
Brighton have only won 2 home games....
Etc etc

Thing is. Before season started Id hoped for a play off push.
to be 1 point off top in January is amazing.
Even if we drop and finish in top 6. It's still a progressive season.

The key is to build the team which over 2 years it's getting there.

Just because the league shows us near the top. It doesn't give us a Devine right to beat everyone else.
In this league. Anybody can beat anybody. You have an off day. You'll get punished.
Clearly our squad over the past 2 weeks have looked knackered. Backed up by mick. He knows our limits. Hopefully this 10 day break will do us the world of good.

Whilst there was a lot of tongue in cheek moans on forum and chat room. There are some that feel we've ruined it etc.
Let's see where we are in May.

We've show that we can get results against the teams around us. We can do it again.
Picture on Twitter
at 16:55 21 Jan 2015

Showing parr shirt with mings. Berra. Smith. Chambers.

3-5-2 or just a sub shirt hanging up?
Hang on. Where the fk did Boro come from
at 22:31 20 Jan 2015

I swear we had a gap.

League is bonkers.
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