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Great Saturday
at 17:35 30 Aug 2014

Draw for town and my club Knaphill won in second round of FA cup. ( qualifiers).

at 11:07 30 Aug 2014

A possible 8 mill for a player who factually has only had 1 good year in this league.

Yes we know how good he is but you can't turn down that type of fee.
at 09:57 30 Aug 2014

Had it happened earlier. We could have bought Assombalonga!!

Wigan game
at 17:50 29 Aug 2014

If you can't go to the game. You can get refund
if smith goes
at 16:51 28 Aug 2014

can we ask for a team of Cole Skuses?

An interesting point in a letter to the EADT
at 11:56 28 Aug 2014

In regards to ITFC

"Mick let Wordsworth go who the was only player who could pass the ball forwards to Williams" he then dropped him at the first opportunity for his favorite Skuse and Williams and the teams performance dropped thereafter"

Now, I remember Wordsworth playing well and alot of us weren't really happy they he was immediately dropped. But, is it true Williams performaces dropped thereafter too?
Is Bowden our director of football?
at 22:23 27 Aug 2014

I remember reading on a new story that he oversees recruitment and in the collison story it says Mick won't sanction a move until he's watched him. But talks have begun.

[Post edited 27 Aug 22:31]
Another one we've missed
at 18:12 27 Aug 2014

Baldock to Brighton.
at 18:07 27 Aug 2014

You around and free to come to a footy match Saturday. I'll buy you a drink.

'Selfless advertising ;)
wish D Mac was at town
at 15:34 27 Aug 2014

Every player they sign is fast, full of tricks, scores goals and pretty much the team entertains their fans. Look at the money they've made from it all too.
TWTD posters that have changed
at 14:12 27 Aug 2014

J2 - Used to be such a happy chap
Sitters - enough said
Mullett - still 5 hour long essays
reuser is god, used to be so committed to ipswich managers, first member of the mick out club
well thats Palace down. Lets get promoted then buy Williams for cheap
at 13:55 27 Aug 2014

Neil has won only 14 premiership games in his management career.
Van Gaal doesn't get it does he bless him
at 07:09 27 Aug 2014

" you can't build a team in a month. Or a year. "

Think you may find that Moyes was also trying to build a team. Didn't serve him to well.
at 12:18 26 Aug 2014

Now, i know you'll read this and think 'seriously' but i've never really understood how a country or people have debts, or clubs, etc

You put money into your account, fine. But say i put money into my wifes via transfer - the figures change, im not manually swapping notes from one account to the other.

So how does the world have debt when it's all figures, why aren't more notes printed?

I know it's a bit random, but i've never really understood it especially when reading the country itself is in debt.
Surrey based season ticket holders
at 07:50 26 Aug 2014

Non league day is Saturday 6th September

At knaphill FC. Redding way Woking. Any league club season ticket holder can come to support Knaphill and upon view of season ticket, entrance is only £3 and under 11's are free.
We have a Licenced bar too.

Please come along if you're free and please share with your friends.
Non league day is a way of helping clubs like ours.

Phil/gav. Hope you don't mind me posting this?
My gripe with Mick which I think you'll understand
at 17:17 25 Aug 2014

Is his insistence that every player has an all round game.

A midfielder or a winger must get back and cover as much ground as possible. Strikers are to defend from the front etc.
He doesn't allow for his players to concentrate on their prime role.
For me a winger is there to attack. He'll help out with the fullback but his purpose is to attack and get crosses in. To many times when we get the ball our wingers ( or wide midfielders ) are to deep in our half providing a back 8 with the other midfielders and defenders.
We're too deep. So when the fullbacks get the ball the only option is to hoof it long in hope the strikers can get to it. Then hold it up whilst waiting for everyone to join them.

We've no pace in our team. Not just speed on foot but pace of play, our forwards are holding players. No real ability to take on a man ( bar Mcg but then he's best position is outside the box back to goal.

We've let our pace on foot leave. Taylor. Marriott. Edwards.
Our signings aren't ready. Henshall who appears to be another player confused by the role he's supposed to play.

I dunno. I just see 11 lost players on the pitch. One aim. Defend and hope for a set piece.
We've signed trialists like bru, yet Ambrose and collison are training ( not on trial )
We're using them to enhance our defensive ability against players of that type.

By no means are we at Mick out stage. But I don't see any progression from last year at all. Which surely should be the aim.
Questions I'd ask Mick
at 21:10 23 Aug 2014

And hope he'd answer. Perhaps it would help to explain our lacklustre performances.

Why is Mings playing as a wing back in a flat 4-4-2? Meaning he's out of position every time the opponent gets the ball. If you want him as a wing back. Then make him one and go 3-5-2.

Why is Gerken number 1? Surely he should be dropped after another error prone game.

Why is Hyam seen as our attacking midfielder when after 4 years it's evident that he still isn't an attacking midfielder. He was our best player today. But you never expected him to do anything in final third.

What is Anderson? A winger. Striker. Linesman? He's all over the place.

Why do you have 20 strikers above 6ft but don't look to use wingers to get crossers in. Surely that would help.

Why is chambers still at RB when he struggles to pass the ball. It's a simple task a RB must be able to undertake.

Why do you insist on your players hoofing the ball rather than playing it to each other? Is it illegal?
Cresswell did it and now mings has become the prime hoof baller

Why has Marriott gone on loan and no pace on bench for an attacking plan b? Sammon on the right was embarrassing.

Anyways. Onwards and upwards. But still struggling to understand what our strengths are at the moment and what direction we are going in
I'll be the first to blub
at 14:21 23 Aug 2014

What a fecken waste of time that was.

Hoof hoof fecken hoof.
Only bright spark. Fecken Hyam who's as dangerous as a toothless shark

No way am I paying to watch that pile of sht again

Yes I know. " we don't need fans like you ". Well guess what you do. But you ain't getting them. Fecken awful football. Well it's not even football is it.

Mick thanks for saving us. But feck me. This is boring rubbish. At least lose trying not just kicking it forward in hope of a corner. Fecken rubbish
Fecken sht
at 12:42 23 Aug 2014

Crap hoofball
Crap defending

Just utter crap
Conspiracy theory.
at 23:59 21 Aug 2014

Mick is going for palace job and his mate tipped him off that he was leaving.

Mick delays giving Mcg and Berra a new deal as both will be joining him at palace
He's pssed off with Evans's games and has dismantled the team the best he can before leaving.

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