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With us sitting in second
at 12:11 11 Dec 2014

Gaining results like we have against tough tough opposition

Am i the only one thinking there's no other ending this season, other than promotion.

Unless we have a Burley induced 01 second half season collapse. I just can't see us missing out.

Yes we might lose strikers to injury,but I still feel as a team we'd still get results
yes me might lose a defender every now and again, but we have others.

Christmas with Mick and Terry
at 16:46 8 Dec 2014

I don't know why. But when I think of itfc and Christmas I can imagine. Mick. Terry and Evans just sat there in a box overlooking PR drinking whiskeys and just chilling.

Very random post this.
What I love about our current situation
at 11:23 7 Dec 2014

Norwich fans, Leeds fans alike saying things like " wait until you lose key players"

Well we've lost Berra. Mings. Bru. Hyam. Skuse. Bishop. Etc over the past run of games and still got results.

I don't even panic at the thought of losing one of our front 2 as even though we don't have world class back ups. I still see this team getting results.

Loving life as a town fan again.
2nd in league.
at 10:57 7 Dec 2014

Beat dirty Leeds 4-1

And posts about songs.

It's quite simple
Those that sang them. Idiots.
Those that didn't. Well done.
Those that think the songs are ok. Idiots, they're not

Now. That's one post to sum it up.
no needs for 4-5 page long threads about it.

Brentford boss wins award. (n/t)
at 07:41 5 Dec 2014

Mines turned up at the butcher event.
at 21:33 4 Dec 2014

Great young man just going along and taking it in.
Is Mick pis%ing over a norwich shirt in the main news story pic?
at 13:04 4 Dec 2014

he looks nice and relaxed
You got no Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!
at 12:46 4 Dec 2014

how have I only just seen that guy. Brilliant!
How does my avatar appear?
at 18:05 28 Nov 2014

On a post I wrote earlier it had Phils avatar

Should be supermick picture
[Post edited 28 Nov 18:07]
New signings and Twtd
at 17:45 26 Nov 2014

Why is it whenever a forward signs. The volume of goals or lack off is thrown around and immediately he's written off.

For me you have strikers - Murphy. Mcgoldrick
Then you have forwards - hunt. Sammon.

They won't score goals but they'll do a forwards job.

Now I personally don't like Sammon. Not because he doesn't score a load but because imo. He's pretty useless on the ball.
But having said that he does a certain job and Mick clearly likes this.
Same with hunt. He won't score many goals. But he will do a job.

Itfc aren't a flashy side. We don't have a team of goal scorers. But we work together as a unit all doing a specific job which in turn creates the team we have today.

So let's just embrace the signings and see what happens eh.
Man Flu
at 16:11 18 Nov 2014

fecken hate it

always happens when somethings planned for the weekend.

Quick lets get some PR
at 17:42 17 Nov 2014

" leaves as patron of Sheff utd "

FFs. The guys not even representing the club.
Is he playing each week? No.

Granted he's a Bastrd for what he's done. But this whole episode is turning into a witch hunt.
It's a great excuse for nobodies to get some PR.
Like this beutiful South singer. Not in the news anymore. Doesn't do a lot. I know lets make a stand and get my name out there.

Had Evans signed for utd. I'd agree with them. But he hasn't. He's kicking a ball around.
Failed FFP
at 19:56 14 Nov 2014

According to a regular Twitter poster ( itfc ). We've failed FFP

Surely this is absolute bollox.

And before you say well its you so yes it is - I haven't come out with it.
Sky sports 3 becoming sky sports darts over xmas
at 12:35 13 Nov 2014

This is why love sky.
at 12:15 13 Nov 2014

Personally, i'd cancel the loan

he's picked up a few injuries over the weeks, now this one, he'll then need to find match fitness.

i'd save the cash ( we no doubt are paying some ) and move on.

Bishop, Hyam, Skuse, Bru, Hunt, Ando, Stewart, Ambrose. We have enough to cover. then comes jan and we shop.
Can we have a dugout cam?
at 17:51 11 Nov 2014

Thank you if person who arranges it reads this post.
Possible future fees to be paid for ITFC players
at 12:36 10 Nov 2014

I wonder how close i can get

Mings - £8 Mill + 2016 Summer
Mcgoldrick - £8 Mill ( Unless he starts scoring and reaches 16+ again and he'll be 10+ 2016 Summer
bru - £6.5 mill - 2018
Bishop - £7.8 mill - 2018
Hyam - £2.5 Mill - 2018
Smith - £3.5 Mill - 2017

Love chambers celebration as smith scores.
at 20:16 8 Nov 2014

Arms out. " you knew it was coming "
How the feck was that not a red?!!!!!!
at 20:14 8 Nov 2014

He jumped off the floor

FFP fines.
at 17:49 6 Nov 2014

Now I'm not being selfish and I know charities will of course be chuffed to receive the funds.
But. What about grassroots? Where's the financial support for it.

Any fines should be split down the non leagues.
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