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This team v burleys
at 12:20 22 Jul 2015

Anyone else seeing a comparison between this team and burleys.

Now I love a win. But nothing compares to winning a 5.6.7 goal thriller lol
Holiday excursion advice please people - lanzarote
at 22:00 20 Jul 2015

We're due to go on a 10 night holiday to h10 rubicon hotel in playa Blanca next month

Can anyone provide advice on if it's best to book excursions with travel agent now or when
We get there?
Any recommendations of excursions with an 8
Year old and 2 Adults.

Anything is appreciated.
Random post of the day
at 13:28 14 Jul 2015

When was Pluto removed as a known planet?
Surrey Based Town Fans
at 09:38 14 Jul 2015

Hi All

If you're free on Sat 1st August, come on over to Frimley Green FC as we host a Basingstoke 11.

Free Entry for game itself, at full time we'll be having a BBQ with Burgers/Sausages just £1

Phil/Gav, if not allowed delete.

PS.S Next Pre-season, we're arranging an ITFC Fans V Frimley Green Match, send me a DM if you'd be interested.

Very random but Callis and co will appreciate this
at 12:33 13 Jul 2015

i've just stopped crying, some of these are brilliant.
at 15:57 10 Jul 2015

If i was Murphy, i'd join Norwich
at 13:51 9 Jul 2015

He'd be able to continue to live in suffolk, family is settled and he can enjoy the prem again before he retires.

You couldn't begrudge him that surely?
Calling all Twtd Twitter Uses
at 10:30 4 Jul 2015

Shameless plug alert!

To show potential sponsors/Advertisers the potential ( at this level anyway ) coverage our website/Twitter page can provide them. I Ask for you to follow our account @official_fgfc to increase our following.

Phil/gav. Delete if innapropriate.

If Richard Wright sees this. If you can
Follow to. Thanks.
[Post edited 4 Jul 10:43]
Nice little cup Tie
at 14:10 3 Jul 2015

FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round, Away to Hook Norton, 2hr journey. Then a home tie next round if we can get through first game.

Random thread to add, but hey ho im excited.

Skynews and other news stations
at 10:31 29 Jun 2015

Why do they keep airing such video's, pictures of the recent attacks

I appreciate the irony in what im about to type as it's again raising the issue, but all they are doing is showering this killer with airtime.

We've heard about it, it's horrible, end of, no need to show the man with a gun, it's not like he's on the loose and we need to know what he looks like.
Lee Martin. Rhodes. Etc
at 16:48 26 Jun 2015

Thank god clegg left.

We have proper businessman in charge now. What a bloody deal. You won't see many better than today's.

8 mill. A freebie and a season loan with no recall of a 1st teamer who ripped fullbacks to shreds last season.

Take a bow Milne/mick. Take a bow
With all the Mings, Murphy, Derby, Bishop stuff
at 11:19 26 Jun 2015

I'd totally forgot until now that we have one of our most important players back for next season.

Not mcgoldrick, but Hyam.

Imagine had he been available for the 2 x norwich games, he loves to play those derbies.

at 11:17 26 Jun 2015

I wonder if he'll come in as a mings replacement with Parr being preferred as a Right back option or midfield cover.

1 year deal with Oldham up now, and Mick knows him best.

Deal agreed. (n/t)
at 17:14 25 Jun 2015

Sky sports flash up on my iPhone.
[Post edited 25 Jun 17:15]
at 16:40 25 Jun 2015

With the Irish lad. The arsenal lad. This Bournemouth lad. Henshall.

We have wingers. Real wingers.

Just got to get the best out of them
mmmm 10k to £8mill
at 16:02 25 Jun 2015

if anyone moans about this sale, they need shooting.

Ambitious are we
at 14:50 23 Jun 2015

So Derby/QPR etc spend money on their signings, we get an unwanted freebie from cardiff, oh joy

This chairman stuff is easy
at 13:41 23 Jun 2015

No, it really isn't lol

But, got myself some affiliations going, partnership with a conference side in place, taking their under 18's & 21's for senior football experience through the season.

But, it's amazing how advertising has moved on through the years, ( the point really of my post), when i sold advertising space years ago, it was relatively easy to do, esp small local business to support local community projects, but 6 years on, what a difference.
" Word of mouth drives my business "

Now, that interested me, is this another way of saying, social networking drives my business. I mean not many conversations do i hear many days where you actually talk about companies you've dealt with, but you do see random retweets, likes etc on facebook.

anyway, no real point to this post, but thought i'd share
Can Giant_Ullaa be converted?
at 12:38 19 Jun 2015

Can Giant_Ullaa be converted?

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Dave Matteson
at 12:28 18 Jun 2015

Close to Joining, Hartlepool Right Back.
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