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at 21:16 14 Mar 2017

Who's going Saturday?

I'm there coincidentally for a mate's all-weekender birthday thing but wouldn't mind sodding them all off for a couple of hours on my jack jones. Could persuade some on the quality football on offer maybe...
FAO Callis
at 23:48 1 Sep 2014

I hope you appreciate my intimate 'like' and comment on FB. Don't usually put it out there for just any old person, but you're a luverly guy
Parr and Stewart
at 14:40 27 Aug 2014

Sorry if this has been done a million times by now, but could people give me their thoughts about these two? What we can expect when they start?

Is Stewart too lightweight to handle a full 90 when he's up and running?
McCarthy on Cheese
at 19:33 26 Aug 2014

There's little room in Mick McCarthy's fridge for cheeses which don't quite cut the mustard. "I've got it down to this vegetable drawer now, and that's the way I want to keep it. Believe it or not but this fridge used to be filled with every type of cheese you could imagine. When I was at Molineux, TC had to go out and buy a separate fridge just for milk- silly, really, thinking back."

So, what’s the boss’ current favourite? “I’d have to say cheddar; it’s a good cheese is that. You can have it in a sarnie, melted on toast, put it on a burger for all I care! It does a good job no matter where you put it, so I’m delighted to have it in the fridge.”

“I’ve got a good selection of hard and soft cheeses at the moment, and I’m not looking to add too much. If one or two of them start to give out a pong between now and January, that’ll do me. The last thing I want is a Roquefort in there, ruining all the other cheeses’ development. If we have to do with Red Leicester and a couple of Babybels, then so be it.”

The Blues boss clearly has strong memories of cheese, dating back to his childhood. "Back then, we'd make our own! It was a bit messy at first, but after a good solid week of churning you'd have the nucleus of a really good cheese."

Asked about adding to his current selection of cheeses, the boss said, "We'll have to wait and see. If Pellegrini's got a bit of pecorino left over, I'd take his arm off! I know Pardew's got a lot of French stuff knocking about too, so maybe there’s a deal to be done.”
Promotion Ideas
at 19:53 19 Dec 2013

Hello TWTDers,

Haven't posted for a while but I've been thinking and, yes, it did hurt.

Having signed Ebanks-Blake we're looking a much more challenging prospect for other clubs, especially when and if when he's fit and ready coming into the end of the season. I've read on here that many are enthusiastic about our current league position and our potential to push for a play-off place- so I got to thinking about us being promoted.

I don't think we're anywhere near ready to be promoted- at least another season with some clever acquisitions thrown in would make us contenders imo. But, as this is football, stranger things have happened.

So, what would happen if we won promotion this season? Thinking about the current squad, I'm not sure too many would be PL worthy either yet or at all. Who would you keep and who would you let go? How much would Marcus grab back, how much would we have to spend, and could we survive on such limited money?

As I said, I doubt it very much and tbh want the club to grow at an 'organic rate' over the next season or so to strengthen properly. Still, a penny for your thoughts! (Penny not redeemable)
Football Autobiographies
at 17:11 11 Sep 2013

Have been reading snippets of Ibra's today and wondered what others you would recommend? I've never actually read any footballer's autobiography and now want to expand my library.

As I'm only relatively young, it would probably be better if they were names I'd remember 80s/90s etc.
Prague Advice
at 21:04 9 Sep 2013

Evening all.

Off for my first holiday in 6 years next month and, as you've probably guessed, I'm off to Prague. So I thought I'd ask you lovely, well-travelled TWTDers for any insights as to what I should get up to over there.

Visiting a mate out there who's just taken a job- sure he'll have some ideas but has obviously been busy so may not have seen it all. Though he has told me that he's found an 'Honesty Bar' where you pay what you want for pints...

I'm obviously partial to a drink but want to avoid the stag-night scene. And I already shell out enough for the missus so paying for sex isn't on the cards either.

Any thoughts?
Ipswich Affiliations
at 20:27 28 Aug 2013

I'm not aware of Ipswich being affiliated with any historical/political/religious causes or ideologies but am curious as to whether we ever have been? Is there any 'deeper' point to our rivalry with Norwich (in a Celtic/Rangers sense) or is it all just due to locality?

A lot of clubs seem to have these affiliations and I've never heard of ours being that way, but wanted to ask you old, wise heads of TWTD if that's the case.

I expect we're not a team of closet Islamists.
Away Grounds This Season?
at 21:52 15 Aug 2013

Want to pencil in a few away fixtures this year, so want some input as to the best grounds to visit.

I've been to Turf Moor quite a bit as a mate of mine lives there and is a season ticket holder. Love the ground. Love the atmosphere. And that weird benedictine drink too.

Was thinking about Yeovil, possibly. Looks like a proper atmosphere although a bit of a trek.

Any raves or rants about championship grounds?
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