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Re: thread on ITFC highlights....
at 17:26 25 Jan 2015

This is the website of the company who own the rights to the ITFC highlights.

Few bizarre choices of DVDs on there (do they own the rights to anything in the 92-2000 period? And why is there nothing since 2006, except one on Roy Keanes first season?), but they have a few things which arent for sale on the ITFC shop, whilst all of them on this page are available to download and own digitally-

The most obvious ones to me are the 91/92 promotion season and the 00/01 Premier League season, neither of which are for sale on the ITFC website yet are the two greatest seasons of the last 25 years.
Didnt really understand the Derby COO comments...
at 11:32 12 Jan 2015

or those of Derby fans either, saying how ironic it was that they won with a long ball goal.

Surely thats not a positive? It doesnt really say much that having argued that we play long ball football, rather than their own more expansive game, the only way they could find to actually win the game was to use that style of play they criticise. Effectively, it suggests that system is more effective.
Trying to keep feet on the ground...
at 11:31 9 Jan 2015

if we draw on Saturday, thats a decent result and keeps the gap between us and Derby below us.
If we lose to Southampton, it will be no disaster to get beaten by the 4th best side in the country, particularly as we probably wont have played our strongest side.
If we draw at Millwall, its could be viewed that any draw away from home is decent enough.

That would represent a series of results that are reasonable enough on their own and yet we will be 4 games without a win and suddenly the Brighton game will carry some pressure. So, whilst looking ahead, be cautious.
FFP Changes...
at 17:06 6 Nov 2014

Losses that were decreasing from £8m to £6m and onwards to £3m suddenly shoot up again to £13m. So much for getting player wages down. The clubs have been cutting their running costs to the bone to try and maintain high wages for as long as possible. But now the wages will just go up, whilst the other stuff will probably stay where it is.

But it does seem to indicate that Marcus Evans might be able to start investing more in the playing squad if he chooses.

The last line of Phils report is perhaps the most revealing/disappointing- that clubs have effectively agreed to increase their spending because the Premier League are putting pressure on them to spend more, in order to ensure the PL keeps its appeal and competitiveness. So, in return, there is the hope that the parachute payments and solidarity payments can be increased (probably by a relatively low amount).
Here is why Paul Jewell was an idiot...
at 22:17 9 Oct 2014

1.) When appointed to the job, he was asked "what have you learnt from your experiences at Derby?". He said that he learnt that he probably tried to change too much too soon.
In his first summer at the club, he signed something like 15 new players and it ended in failure.
At Christmas, he was asked "what do you think went wrong?". Jewells answer? "I probably tried to change too much too soon".

2.) When Jewell was appointed, he was asked what type of side he was looking to play. He talked about how he had always liked to play attacking football, liked a traditional 4-4-2 with wingers. In his entire time as manager, he barely ever played a 4-4-2. In his first summer at the club, he signed Lee Bowyer, Jimmy Bullard and Keith Andrews, all central midfielders, to join Grant Leadbitter. He didnt sign a single winger in that time, nor in the rest of his ITFC career.

3.) In his first summer, he talked about taking time, building for the future, a long term plan. Then proceeded to sign a whole series of 30-something players, many on short term contracts, or loans. They team suffered some horrendous results, had a brief period of 6 games where a formation worked before it was horribly exposed and the club sunk towards the bottom of the table. We lost 4-0 at Burnley and Jewell asked fans for patience, reminding that it takes time to build a winning team (despite no evidence that he was building a long term strategy).
At Christmas, Jewell confessed that he had actually been working to a short term plan to win promotion, but it hadnt worked (quite spectacularly hadnt worked). Contradicting his requests for patience from supporters, which were simply with the aim of deflecting flak from a terrible team.

4.) We got injuries to almost every central midfielder and he played Hyam and Drury, both completely out of the pitcture at that point (Hyam said he was about to leave on loan at the time). They did well and he kept them in the team, suddenly professing that, this time, he really was building a long term plan. By the end of the season, Hyam had dropped out of the team and we were playing players like Leadbitter and Bowyer, both of whom were set to leave in the summer.

5.) He spent the entire sum of Connor Wickhams transfer fee on a series of players that had no future value, but were all about a big push for promotion. A push which went very wrong.

6.) He released many of our youth players, to the point that we had absolutely no youth system to speak of, something which hit us hard when the U21 league arrived and we had no players to fill it. Caolan Lavery was offered a risible contract and subsequently scored goals in the Championship with Sheffield Wednesday. Cody Cropper is at Southampton. When we failed our Academy audit this summer for Category 1, one of the main failings that they club could actually put their finger on was the lack of young players who had been given opportunities in the first team in recent years. Jewell didnt play them, nor keep them.

7.) Jewell spoke of building a team for the future once again, yet his last acts as manager were to sign a whole load of experience short term signings, including a goalkeeper to replace the goalkeeper he had signed only two months earlier. His argument for doing so? That we needed some experience to help us move forwards with a young team.

8.) He openly ridiculed Gunnar Thordarssons as being "boring" because he was so intent on learning the game.

9.) Jewell brought Bullard, Chopra, Taylor and N'Daw to the club, all of whom ended up creating enormous bad publicity for the club. He brought Lee Bowyer to the club, who already had enormous bad publicity. Carlos Edwards brought bad publicity to the club whilst Jewell was manager. His judge of player ability was poor, but his judgement of character wasnt much better.

Jewell was given the almost unprecedented opportunity to have two different projects at ITFC. He failed the first one spectacularly and failed the second one almost as spectacularly, leaving us at the bottom of the table. Worst Manager ever.

Please bookmark for future reference. It will save me having to write it out again. Ta.
Rosler comes across as a naive and inexperienced manager...
at 10:33 23 Sep 2014

by his comments.
I saw Mark Hughes interviewed after the QPR game where he answered comments about his players holding in the box by saying that the referees had made it clear that they wouldnt punish holding in the box unless it was on the player who the ball reached.

Hughes found out what is allowed and then told his players to work within those rules.

Rosler complains that the PL are applying different rules to the Championship and at the same time arguing that Ipswich were too aggressive. Evidently, one manager found out what would be allowed and what wouldnt. Comparing two leagues and saying "it isnt fair" makes you look foolish.
at 11:30 7 Sep 2014

I did wonder a few weeks ago that Fulham might show interest in Williams. For him, its only just up the road and I imagine they will be more likely to meet the terms of a loan.
Ipswich "International Membership"...
at 16:29 3 Sep 2014

A guy from Vancouver is asking the club how he claims his one match discount, as per the membership.
Apparently, the match is decided by the club. They will pick one game a year that presumably will, uniquely, suit the travelling habits of every single overseas fan.

What a daft idea.
Terry Butcher on Sky Fantasy Football Club...
at 16:18 2 Sep 2014

All Time Best XI that hes played with:
Burley Walker Beattie Pearce
Thijssen Wark Robson Waddle
Gascoigne Mariner

at 20:06 25 Aug 2014

McCarthy loves 4-4-2, we know that and, on the evidence so far, with two fairly defensive midfielders.
When McGoldrick was injured, we brought in Williams and played 4-2-3-1 (or a form of 4-3-3, depending on how you look at it). Williams was an attacking midfielder behind a lone forward, still with two fairly defensive midfielders.

I cant see how Mick would fit Williams AND McGoldrick in the same team, unless it means either a.) playing McGoldrick as a lone forward (unlikely) or b.) removing one of those defensive midfielders (unlikely).

Much as Id like him to fit them both in.
Talking about seats at Reading...
at 11:32 15 Aug 2014

Last season I had a ticket right in the corner. One of the steps is slightly higher than the rest, for some reason.
Pretty much everyone in the section spent half time watching people come out of the tunnel, look up as they started climbing the steps, working out where their seat is, only to trip on the step.
Every time.
England again....
at 12:02 20 Jun 2014

Read somewhere on saturday evening that we would stand a good chance of winning the world cup if we could pair the current attacking options with the 2006 defensive options.

It does highlight quite starkly just how big an issue the defence is. Luke Shaw may live up to the hype and become a natural successor to Ashley Cole. Certainly, in two tournament games, Leighton Baines has suggested that he isnt.
Kyle Walker is a far better full back than Glen Johnson and may well be enough to get us through a few tournaments.
But beyond that, things are pretty dire. Cahill and Jagielka are both decent centrebacks, but neither of them are good enough to lead the back four, to organise it or basically show the kind of quality that other countries have in this key position (see Godin for Uruguay). Its not just that we are lacking a Terry or Ferdinand, but in the past we have always taken someone like Keown, Carragher, Sol Campbell as backup options.

And there are no real options coming through to offer hope in this area either. Smalling and Jones represent the very same issue with England that they also represent at Man United- they arent the vision of the future that was perhaps expected. Its led United into the situation they are in.

Am I forgetting someone? Discussions this morning threw up Steven Caulker, but I dont think anyone is convinced. Its an area we have always been strong, but its really lacking.
Possibly more revealing stats on Championship...
at 12:56 23 Apr 2014

Only the two promoted teams have taken the lead more often than Ipswich this season.
No other team has conceded more equalisers than us.

50% of goals that gave us the lead were subsequently equalised. Only Blackpool, Yeovil and Watford have a higher percentage. Two of which look like being relegated.
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