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Rosler comes across as a naive and inexperienced manager...
at 10:33 23 Sep 2014

by his comments.
I saw Mark Hughes interviewed after the QPR game where he answered comments about his players holding in the box by saying that the referees had made it clear that they wouldnt punish holding in the box unless it was on the player who the ball reached.

Hughes found out what is allowed and then told his players to work within those rules.

Rosler complains that the PL are applying different rules to the Championship and at the same time arguing that Ipswich were too aggressive. Evidently, one manager found out what would be allowed and what wouldnt. Comparing two leagues and saying "it isnt fair" makes you look foolish.
at 11:30 7 Sep 2014

I did wonder a few weeks ago that Fulham might show interest in Williams. For him, its only just up the road and I imagine they will be more likely to meet the terms of a loan.
Ipswich "International Membership"...
at 16:29 3 Sep 2014

A guy from Vancouver is asking the club how he claims his one match discount, as per the membership.
Apparently, the match is decided by the club. They will pick one game a year that presumably will, uniquely, suit the travelling habits of every single overseas fan.

What a daft idea.
Terry Butcher on Sky Fantasy Football Club...
at 16:18 2 Sep 2014

All Time Best XI that hes played with:
Burley Walker Beattie Pearce
Thijssen Wark Robson Waddle
Gascoigne Mariner

at 20:06 25 Aug 2014

McCarthy loves 4-4-2, we know that and, on the evidence so far, with two fairly defensive midfielders.
When McGoldrick was injured, we brought in Williams and played 4-2-3-1 (or a form of 4-3-3, depending on how you look at it). Williams was an attacking midfielder behind a lone forward, still with two fairly defensive midfielders.

I cant see how Mick would fit Williams AND McGoldrick in the same team, unless it means either a.) playing McGoldrick as a lone forward (unlikely) or b.) removing one of those defensive midfielders (unlikely).

Much as Id like him to fit them both in.
Talking about seats at Reading...
at 11:32 15 Aug 2014

Last season I had a ticket right in the corner. One of the steps is slightly higher than the rest, for some reason.
Pretty much everyone in the section spent half time watching people come out of the tunnel, look up as they started climbing the steps, working out where their seat is, only to trip on the step.
Every time.
England again....
at 12:02 20 Jun 2014

Read somewhere on saturday evening that we would stand a good chance of winning the world cup if we could pair the current attacking options with the 2006 defensive options.

It does highlight quite starkly just how big an issue the defence is. Luke Shaw may live up to the hype and become a natural successor to Ashley Cole. Certainly, in two tournament games, Leighton Baines has suggested that he isnt.
Kyle Walker is a far better full back than Glen Johnson and may well be enough to get us through a few tournaments.
But beyond that, things are pretty dire. Cahill and Jagielka are both decent centrebacks, but neither of them are good enough to lead the back four, to organise it or basically show the kind of quality that other countries have in this key position (see Godin for Uruguay). Its not just that we are lacking a Terry or Ferdinand, but in the past we have always taken someone like Keown, Carragher, Sol Campbell as backup options.

And there are no real options coming through to offer hope in this area either. Smalling and Jones represent the very same issue with England that they also represent at Man United- they arent the vision of the future that was perhaps expected. Its led United into the situation they are in.

Am I forgetting someone? Discussions this morning threw up Steven Caulker, but I dont think anyone is convinced. Its an area we have always been strong, but its really lacking.
Possibly more revealing stats on Championship...
at 12:56 23 Apr 2014

Only the two promoted teams have taken the lead more often than Ipswich this season.
No other team has conceded more equalisers than us.

50% of goals that gave us the lead were subsequently equalised. Only Blackpool, Yeovil and Watford have a higher percentage. Two of which look like being relegated.
Gold Card Members...
at 21:08 24 Mar 2014

"That's not all either - ALL MEMBERS, including Season Ticket Holders will receive a 'Members Pack', offering more value than ever before - Again, Brand New for 2014/15 !"

Inside your members pack-
"Welcome Pack and Member Pin Badge"- thats right, not just an exclusive pin badge but a "Welcome Pack" too. Unclear what this is. Possibly a letter. Probably a letter.
Regular E-Newsletter. No expense spared. I already get one of these.
Shop Discount Events. As long as I spend money. They already have these too.
Membership Card or Season Card. I already get one of these.
Money cant buy experience- prize draw. Entry into a lottery.

In terms of "added value", this is all pretty low. A pin badge and entry into a lottery are the only actual extras.
Writing off the season...
at 14:07 18 Mar 2014

If we are out of the play-off picture, Im not sure I quite agree with the suggestion that we should send back Williams, recall our loanees and experiment between now and the end of the season.

A bit of experimentation, particularly in the last couple of games, is beneficial when no-one else is particularly putting much effort in either. But its still fundamentally in the interests of the club that we give ourselves the best chance of winning games. There is a clear pattern between teams who finish a season poorly and continue it into the next season.

You only have to look at our side in 2011/12- despite Jewells attempts to frame a specific part of the season as "play-off form", we only won a couple of our last 10 games and that just rolled over into the following season (admittedly with a few players dissapearing in between).

One of the strongest points about the current squad, from the comments that come out of the club anyway, is the team spirit between the players and something of a sense that, even if they arent as good as the other teams, that is giving them some sort of advantage. A run of winless games to finish off the season could undermine that and undermine MM.
Re: thread on away attendances at PR....
at 16:56 10 Mar 2014

some valid points about the external factors that affect attendance too and it seems that some of those are probably responsible for the drop in attendances at Portman Road.

As much as the price is expensive, I dont know that people arent just bored of seeing a team that for the best part of 10 years have generally won as many games as they have lost each season.

Teams get a boost in attendance with a really good season and relegated teams bring a larger attendance down with them. Eventually, attendances fall away in time in both cases, but its been falling away for nearly 10 years for us.
We need a good season to spike our attendances back up by a couple of thousand. The closest we got was appointing Keane.
Saturdays formation
at 11:47 14 Jan 2014

reading Phils report seems to suggest we started with a 4-3-3, but it looked more like a 4-5-1? Both Taylor and Anderson seemed to drift quite wide at times and I presumed we were matching up with QPRs 4-5-1? (which we seem to like doing).
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