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You judge a book by its cover
at 09:27 23 Oct 2016

You know how great a film is by watching five seconds. You judge a season by a handful of games whilst in the midst of an injury crisis. You judge how good you are by the last team you played. That's how it works. Isn't it?
It must be coz I read a handful of posts on TWTD.
Attack minded or defensive
at 10:06 2 Oct 2016

451 can either be attack minded or defensive. Away from home I would perhaps accept for some opposition we would think defensive but at home the other way round. Bru, Douglas and Skuse is the wrong combination. It isolates Bru. Replacing like for like when creating nothing is idiocy. And when a goal down is downright suicidal. As soon as we conceded Douglas should have come off. Or even go three at the back. No Game plan is what turns me against MM.
Manager over achieves with resources he is given
at 06:59 28 Sep 2016

What should his reward be?
It's not as simple as just replacing a manager
at 08:18 25 Sep 2016

Clubs that sack managers have to also think about structures. Back room staff, assistant coaches, scouting and so much else. Before MM we had basically dismantled all that. So be very careful what we wish for. Oh yes if we threw twenty five million at a season then we might indeed want a better manager, or would we?
MM would dearly love two decent wingers and a centre forward. But even twenty five million might not deliver those. We're tight, competitive and amongst the top half teams on the back of minimal investment compared to a dozen other clubs. On the money we spend we are where we deserve to be. No more no less.
Looking forward to lots of goals
at 07:40 10 Sep 2016

Now that referees are giving penalties for man making at corners I fully expect a hatful at most games. It'll last a month until there's another ref review. Teams will play for corners if this continues. Last night the annoying thing was the timing of them. We got undone by two incidents but there were a several others at times both ends.
Do some posters on here actually understand the term BUDGET
at 14:29 21 Jul 2016

Presumably with the income we get from ticket sales, some cash from the Prem and TV and other places, and our benevolent owner top ups we have a budget.
We then spend that budget on running the club.
If that then means there is no money for transfers or better players we make do with what we have.
The ONLY argument seems to be do we want a pragmatist for our manager - someone who understands the players and their limitations; who sets out a formation and plays a system. That strikes me as MM and TC.
Or do we want to "take a chance" on some unknown who just might be better at making silk purses out of sow's ears.
So please, please, please all make your minds up and simply stop posting all the vitriol. If you don't like ME, MM and TC for God's sake just leave. If you can stomach them for God's sake just support the team.
[Post edited 21 Jul 14:30]
Can we assume those who have stopped their season ticket...
at 21:36 23 Apr 2016

Will also stop posting on here?
God I hope so.
We're a top ten club with hopes
at 13:49 14 Apr 2016

We are a top ten club with hopes to make the top six. That clearly was the idea for this season and the fact we are likely to miss out is arguably down to some very unfortunate injuries to many players.
After three years and numerous other seasons watching MM teams from far and near we also KNOW what we will get - obdurate, energetic, in your face, hard-working teams that scrap for everything.
It isn't pretty but I am not yet with the fantasy football fans that think we can play pretty football AND get promoted...not without a £20 million war chest which we clearly don't have.
What we do have is an owner subsidising the "aim for sixth" ethos. Be careful what you wish for.. if Evans and MM walk away it might end up with us playing Coventry and Sheffield Utd.
Do most of the nob posters on here actually go to games?
at 00:00 10 Apr 2016

Hyam made a clean tackle. His follow through broke Judge's standing leg. Hyam was distraught. Chambers was looking after him during the stoppage. Hyam went to Judge on at least two occasions. The rest of the half he was very careful with tackles. Got wound up by Brentford players. Was subject to an awful tackle and reacted. Which he should not have done but was pretty logical. The referee was bad. Skuse was fouled for their goal. The rest was like watching a runaway truck.
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