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Can we assume those who have stopped their season ticket...
at 21:36 23 Apr 2016

Will also stop posting on here?
God I hope so.
We're a top ten club with hopes
at 13:49 14 Apr 2016

We are a top ten club with hopes to make the top six. That clearly was the idea for this season and the fact we are likely to miss out is arguably down to some very unfortunate injuries to many players.
After three years and numerous other seasons watching MM teams from far and near we also KNOW what we will get - obdurate, energetic, in your face, hard-working teams that scrap for everything.
It isn't pretty but I am not yet with the fantasy football fans that think we can play pretty football AND get promoted...not without a £20 million war chest which we clearly don't have.
What we do have is an owner subsidising the "aim for sixth" ethos. Be careful what you wish for.. if Evans and MM walk away it might end up with us playing Coventry and Sheffield Utd.
Do most of the nob posters on here actually go to games?
at 00:00 10 Apr 2016

Hyam made a clean tackle. His follow through broke Judge's standing leg. Hyam was distraught. Chambers was looking after him during the stoppage. Hyam went to Judge on at least two occasions. The rest of the half he was very careful with tackles. Got wound up by Brentford players. Was subject to an awful tackle and reacted. Which he should not have done but was pretty logical. The referee was bad. Skuse was fouled for their goal. The rest was like watching a runaway truck.
Lots of injuries do decimate small squads
at 09:11 14 Feb 2016

And we do have lots of injuries.

The whingers on here would not have any grounds to complain if we had gone out and spent some money on a permanent signing. But that would have been a gamble.

I remain critical of our style. I dislike players in wrong positions. But given what I think the club are doing with regards to budgets and expenditure I suspect we have to say that is where we are. But shutting up is not a human condition many sound off my fellow twtders. Sound off.
Need better players = FACT
at 13:42 26 Jan 2016

Relatively obvious that Douglas is not good enough; Gerkin is not good enough, Chambers is not a right back; Knudson is still learning; Berra has been poor this season.

So in some sort of logical order we should be seeking players who are better than these. And if we only can afford one - well heavens above let's get a decent midfielder. The last one we had when we were in this sort of limbo position was called Jim Magilton. Oh for someone to come and fetch it off the centre-half and drive us on....
Oh goodie a home FA Cup game to look forward to....
at 19:00 24 Jan 2016

or not!
Let's paly every game as though it is our last. Playb the team we have fit and available. At Pompey we could have decided there were five or six unfit and still put out a back four that had some semblance of first team; and won, and be looking forward to 25,000 at Portman Road on Saturday.
Instead we have no game.
Give me a Saturday with a football game to watch any division; any situation...but give me a game involving my team.
F£ck the Prem.
It's a sad day for the FA cup
at 06:48 20 Jan 2016

But then it's a sad decade or more for football. I remember going to every cup game in 1978. We started out with long haul trips to Wales and the West Country. We didn't imagine we might win it but we knew we'd play our best team and try.
I don't blame MM for what he has done. He's just chasing that pot of gold. But for me give me back my dreams. Fortunately I'm 57 so I can look back with good memories. For my children and their children the highest hopes would be to finish top half of the Prem.
Regrettably football at the moment has lost its way. It may never regain it. But ahh..... those were the days.
Pompey or Ipswich?
at 13:42 12 Jan 2016

Roller coaster ride or the gentle ride on the monorail?
Give me the roller coaster any day; FA Cup, relegation and promotion. Regular SATURDAY football. Anything has got to be better than the past umpteen years of "stuck in the doldrums". And before you ask yes I have seen most every home game since 1970
Round pegs in round holes
at 13:39 23 Oct 2015

or full backs at full back and midfielders in midfield and if our 17 year olds aren't big enough and good enough then nor are any one elses. Oh and let's play our "best" players when they are fit again - or got over their bereavements etc etc.
In other worlds £1million Mick try to manage!
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