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Biggest Dissapointing Release of "2016"
at 16:45 4 Oct 2015

After playing Fifa 15 for a few hours then 16 for a few to get the ultimate judgement on the changes I have to say im not qute as bitterly disapointed as I was with 14 to 15.

Last year in FM14 to FM15 I was really really disapointed in how similar they were.

I have had the opportunity to play with an Alpha version of FM16 for an hour and I have to say if there any fans of both who are humming and harring about which to get (assuming not both) I have to say FM16 is the stronger of the 2 for me in terms of most changed.

Also if you fo choose FM16 you'll be able to contribute much better in the winter transfer window with players we should be spending "Mings Money" on
A bitter taste... (Not Footie)
at 18:21 3 Oct 2015

With recent performance leaving fans feeling bitter, it seemed only right I mention the situation im in. I am single and live alone and travel a lot for work- so my cupboards and fridge look as cohesive as a jelly in an eathquake.

I did do bad things and get a take away tonight, however it got me thinking about batchelor food; those times when you JUST about have enough items in the house to make something sort of meal like.

I think the worst, but most tasty i ever did was a cheese and pringles wrap. Sour Cream pringles, wheat tortilla and Aldi's cheese slices with a blob of mayo.

Has anyone else ever had any foot combos that are so ridiculously shocking on paper, uyet actually tasted pretty good?
Are "Mick Out" posts/tweets at this stage...
at 17:02 3 Oct 2015

I give up, the poll system is broken for me, many appologies
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Batten down the hatches fellas...
at 16:52 3 Oct 2015

The next 2 weeks are gonna be painful around here
Forum Vacation
at 16:06 3 Oct 2015

I am scared about the next 2 weeks on here if the result doesn't Improve... where is another good place to waste time and Ignore Hoppy?
The first time I've been agitated at Micks words
at 07:45 3 Oct 2015

In the story about improving defense half way into the article he talks about players being happy and he doesn't want them to be happy if not playing. So far it all makes sense but then he goes on to mention wanting players to be content and to come in as needed.

I got a little disapointed here after making examples of players who are on the bench because it really does underline the idea he wants to play with as minimal change as possible. When you have loans in who are for cover as in last season that's great but I am worried that capable players are going to decline if they feel the only way into the first team is for emergencies as such. I thought he might rotate a few players to keep em match focused, I fear there could be harmony issues down the line if this is indeed the case. There are a few players who I feel should be starting on more occasions even if as part of a rotation - if training is as good as he mentions then some rotation isn't going to upset the team balance during games surely.

I'm not trying be negative here for the sake of it but did anyone get the feeling Micks pretty much resigned a lot of players to back up status?
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Social Clubs
at 17:53 2 Oct 2015

I have had a friend suggest that I should consider joining a particular social club on Foxhall Road, which I am certainly considering. I was curious if any of you folks are members of one and how it weighs up vs a regular Public House.
Ipswich Star does it again
at 11:32 2 Oct 2015

It almost bought a tear to my eye how wonderful their choice of picture is for this article... Apology after month long wait at martlesham to Ipswich bus stop went through my head
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3 days to go
at 07:50 2 Oct 2015

until we can complain about how much the 5p bag charge from supermarkets is making us poorer and the (insert country of choice) residents are getting richer!
Dodgy hip in my 30's
at 15:23 1 Oct 2015

Because I saw a headline in the Daily Mail that the NHS is doomed, I figured I would be sensible about this and ask on a football related forum.

I have an issue that just started in my left hip after playing squash. When i move my leg out mostly the inner section of my hip locks with a complimentary dose of sharp pain, and lethargy in the joint. Was curious if anyone else has had something similar and what it was.

I will make a Doctor appointment later, however the daily mail does suggest ill be on the waiting list until 2019.

Edited: I mixed up left and right again...
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Anyone close to/follows Newport County
at 19:46 30 Sep 2015

A name I keep seeing come up is a teenager Aaron Collins- Has anyone else here seen anything of him, he's certainly on the right end of some plaudits
if giving Hoppy away for Crishtmas is your thing...
at 13:34 30 Sep 2015

Edited: Spelling mistakes most likely
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Looks like Dave is rubbing off on Vlad
at 13:47 29 Sep 2015

Those who frequent music shops
at 08:00 29 Sep 2015

One of my favourite albums of all time is Eels Oh what a beautiful morning, a live show. Sadly my CD became knackered and I didn't digitally back it up. If any of you good folks go into these oldie but goodie music shops and see it, could you DM me as its my "J R Hartley" cd.

I may end up having to download off of Amazon, It was a limited release CD and some people are charing over £80 for it ><

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The Etiquette of the Victoria Sandwhich
at 08:40 28 Sep 2015

A good friend of mine is leaving the UK soon and she is a very fussy type, she likes traditional english cakes and puddings, as long as they're done right.

I am on cake duty and I thought what a great chance to make a Victoria Sandwhich- doesn't get more simple or "good old home than that"

I did however, assume wrong... it's not simple.

My whole life my thought was a Victoria Sponge was strawberry, but I have been informed rather it's Raspberry. The who informed me is making the sandwhices and is certainly the type to go for one uppery, so I am now confused... what is the right fruit for the sponge? Is the other person a Raspberry Reprobate commiting tea time subterfuge - or genuinely in the know.

I did consult The Google, however instead of getting the info I keep clicking on "Top Ten Sponge hacks that will change your life, shocking you've been doing it wrong your whole life, click to discover the forbiden sectrets" links (thanks BuzzFeed)

Oh Crumbs... any help would be very sweet.
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Players or Planning...
at 07:39 28 Sep 2015

We're no stranger to the emergency loan window and have had some hearty efforts from Johnny Williams, Defender from wolves Stearman and so on- It seems likely we won't be partaking in 90 day loans this season.

Do you feel there are positions we might do better with additional cover ( ie Left back; Center Mid etc) or do you feel that the current squad depth needs to be flexed a little more. It's not an unrealistic scenario to me that Parr and Knudsen could both become injured at the same time (although we've always got Tabb) and our best attacking center mid have been absent for some crucial games.

Tough one really as we do have a big squad now.

Edit: I recalled who Stearman was.
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Barclays ATP World Tour Finals
at 19:44 26 Sep 2015

Has anyone ever been to this event, one of my work contacts just offered me tickets (not sure which days yet- though I know he usually goes for the whole week) as he is going on holiday during this time. Naturally I said yes, because well... free sport.

I love Tennis, but usually its a have on while working/pottering about kind of deal. What is it like if you've been.
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