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In trouble with the old bill
at 12:32 2 Sep 2015

My one friend Montgomery from the bridge club was rather rude to me last night claiming my new found love for Salted caramel is a disgrace to Britain and everything we stand for.

Whilst sipping on a rather delightful directors bitter, I maintained a diplomatic decorum to the pleasure of everyone. Monty decided not to take my silence as a sign he should give up with his disgraceful slander and went one further by having the recourse to suggest lemon curd was the answer to Britain being great again.

The red mist set in and I felt obligated to give the old grumpy so-en-so a slap with my driving glove. Needless to say the authorities swarmed the social club quicker than lightening and I now have one of those there ABBAs like the younguns in their dub wub music.

Lemon curd, I mean really.
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Whoops... Birds are trouble I tell ya
at 14:05 1 Sep 2015
Nathan Byrne to Wolves...
at 13:18 1 Sep 2015

That is one of the only ones I am somewhat jealous about.
And people say we have a beard fetish...
at 13:16 1 Sep 2015

Surely Joe Ledley would fit in better (aesthetically) here than he would Cardiff...
Deadline Wish List
at 10:17 1 Sep 2015

So you're in charge for the day and can make one transfer in... what realistic player do you make a bid for and why?

Jake Butterfield fee £4m
at 08:59 1 Sep 2015

Derby are so screwed if next term if they don't go up
Spare ticket for Brentford?
at 22:43 31 Aug 2015

Long shot I know but now the hub bub has died down, I was wandering if anyone possibly has a spare ticket for the Brentford game. x Cheers
They think Corbyn is bad...
at 12:01 31 Aug 2015

Kanye West announced he want to run for office in 2020... what's shocking is the amount of influence he and his famous for nothing wife have on younger voters could make it some what of a possibility

(Did not make this up)
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The one thing I did find odd about Piotr...
at 12:47 30 Aug 2015

I am sure this is entirely down to him hot knowing how we play, his kicks seemed tame. I am guessing he is used to playing quite short passes to the midfield through the air rather than trying to loft them for the wingers/strikers to run on to. Does anyone know much of the Polish league and how they typically tend to pass?
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Is it me or does Tony Blair...
at 11:51 30 Aug 2015

Start to look more and more like the love child of Dubya (George Bush) and Paul Daniels the older he gets... You wait until the tinfoil helmets start to think that too.

A few honest observations
at 17:56 29 Aug 2015

I think today was far too big a test for Emanuel, Especially given his game at Donny mid week; he looked rather lost and think he was pretty tired

Gerken did little to inspire his position as wanting to be #1 goal keeper in the first half, I feel the 2nd goal was not one he will want to recall too soon.

Poitr - It's to early to judge him, I don't think he's trained with us enough or is quite over the upheaval of the move. I don't think he was ever supposed to be in the plans today, particularly not for a full half at least

What could we have done different? I did mention in a post before the match maybe Chambers on the right and Yorwerth in the middle with Josh on the bench would have been more successful - But even Chambers had issues keeping tabs on Lua Lua.

Douglas and Skuse are 2 similar players, so getting a creative attack together looked a tall order today. Douglas is still handy, but for me he is a player I think belongs more as tactical sub, god speed the recovery of Bru and Bish.


Giles coke actually put in a decent effort, he did look a bit clumsy at times going for balls at the same time as others but he actually put in some decent tackles and considering the stick I have given him, left me satisfied.

Panic Stations?
No, Certainly not, this is a game we want to forget and fast. Berra missing from defense and lack of creativity from Bishop and Bru being missing were key factors. The only way Brighton would have been beaten today was quick passes on the floor and clever runs, and being Sh&gged from a cup game with Extra time restricted our ability to do this. Also the referee missed some shocking calls. The denied penalty looked much more convincing than the one he gave us- possibly a case of he knew he screwed up the first call; did a very poor job controlling the game and at least blew up at Knudsen twice for being too far up the touch line to take a throw, when he was merely drying the ball.

The result was fair, a point would have been the most we deserved. I hope once Piotr beds in he will puts in a true show for himself,

The international break came at the right time to help our recovering players get fit again.

There was a boo on the refs whistle at half time, I would like to think it was aimed at the ref, but i cant be so sure- it was really discouraging to think that even with a half so poor as the first we would be booing our own.
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Ian Milne on BBC Radio Suffolk
at 12:42 29 Aug 2015

So wonderful hearing how in touch the fella is with the club, players and fans. How great it is to be a blue
Mick McCarthy is a bit of a fibber
at 10:44 29 Aug 2015

He once said MM doesn't stand for Merlin the Magician... I disagree.
A predictions thread
at 09:46 29 Aug 2015

Score Line 3-1 Town
To Score First: Sam Baldock

William Hill odds of that 300/1 - That's my cheeky quid for the day
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