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This horrible question again
at 05:07 20 Nov 2016

First of all, I am back for a few weeks, working away again, and I hope all who know me from here are well, and those who don't know me, well just make sure your comment isnt the last one on the page ;) (I hope you're well too)

Disclaimer: This is not a post saying Mick should stay or go (I don't feel qualified to make that statement one way or the other as my time working away has left me limited as to the Important stuff like Town)
It is merely a question of "Fantasy Football - Managers Edition"

The question (bloody hell you still take forever to get to the point)

Should MM be given his P45; Who availible should replace him and why?

For me it would be Ryan Giggs; In an interview recently (and im paraphrasing a little) He would consider anything as long as the club matched his ambitions and philosophies- that being youth development.

I think he has the ability, I think we match his statement, Is it realistic? We are pretty far away from Salford City FC and not Premiership, also lack any real funds so i would lean on the side of slightly unlikely.

I am sorry all you folks have had to go through this horrible throw back to the Dark Lord and PJ era of worrying about relegation more than promotion; but one thing we do know is E wont likely sack MM very soon as he tends to dwell on sacking managers; we shall see

With love, with Care WKJ

Edit: (I realise this is in the general section, not football - which is odd as its usually the other way round, however I don't feel safe in the football section right now )
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
at 15:51 28 Nov 2015

Just a quick message to you fine ladies and gents I've not been around for a little while and thought I would make sure and say good tidings as I won't get another chance to do so before going abroad again

My work sees me travel far and wide and some times in not so technology blessed locations. I am going to be spending the next few months working in South America.

I wanted to wish you all good tidings as when I'm in charming suffolk talking with all of you and TWTD is a massive part of what makes home ... home.

Coyb and peace be with you this Christmas

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why do hurricanes have such timid names
at 14:29 23 Oct 2015

Patricia is a name were going to hear a lot about in the up coming months but it always mystifies me why they have such sweet names. Surely Hurricane Hardasnails would be more fitting given the ferocity of the storms
Why McGoldrick isn't starting
at 08:22 22 Oct 2015

I am also of the beliefe that David McGoldrick is our best player over all; However I have noticed on many games when he starts he can get lost a bit in the second half especially if things don't transpire well or we remain in a deadlock.

Looking beyond his obvious injury prone nature I believe Mick trusts McGoldrick to be the player we need to make a later impact in the game, which is all good and well, but the way we've been (especially at home) in the first half of late, his introductions are not working that way.

If this is the case I would rather see him play the first 45-60, make an impact in the game to give us momentum which the team will build on later.

McG and Murphy need to start together, that is my honest opinion, then Freddy Sears is there to replace McG later on, with Pitman apt to come on for Muphy.

This philosophy of starting slow and going strong to end with just isnt working. If we could go in half time 1-2 up then play our midfield bog fest (as the first half of Bristol and Huddersfield was) we might actually be able to kill games better.
Maybe Evans has a 4 year plan?
at 08:09 22 Oct 2015

Maybe Marcus Evans was inspired by Paul Jewell's long term strategy so much he didn't give Mick as much financial backing as he did RK and PJ for 3 years to save his pennies for a do or die season once he trusted Mick and he got the wage budget under control?

In a way we have a stable squad as such, that many (including myself) have resigned ourselfs into doubting the chances for promotion this season. I am not irate about "Ming's Millions" as I can see how it's being reinvested, and respect it's not in the way many wanted it to be done.

Truth is I very much doubt RK or PJ had a wage structure in place, there were a few players I expect on massive wages, which meant Clegg had to try and get many in on a pittance and often failed.

I would not be suprised if next season, provided management stays the same and we still have a decent number of players in who reduce the need to loan, if ME digs a bit deeper and lets Mick bring in a Marquee signing or 2: and at the end of this season we will have a clearer idea on what spots those are.

I may be dreaming here, but I think it's very possible ME is waiting until the time is right to make an RK/PJ financial investment in the team again.
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£3750 pa in Burnley? You're doing it wrong...
at 17:36 21 Oct 2015

This guy clearly knows how to live
Best Christmas snack in October
at 10:31 21 Oct 2015

Best Christmas snack in october

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bless those who went tonight...
at 21:42 20 Oct 2015

There is something really worrying about the way the team are playing right now regardless of poor results. Such a shame being in this dark corner after such a bright start. C'est la vie however - hopefully something will change soon
clubs that fell from grace
at 16:18 19 Oct 2015

I was in a chat at the pub on a weekend about clubs that have taken a massive fall from grace below the championship. I came up with

Coventry; Portsmouth and Sheffield United

I also remember the promotion chasing years where Grimsby were in the same league as us (and usually stubborn to beat) Bury and Bradford

Any clubs you remember used to give us a good match that have pretty much fell off the radar
Will fifa ever really change?
at 16:34 12 Oct 2015

Assuming Penfold (Sepp) and Danger mouse (Platini) don't manage to pull some amazing bit of magic (they likely will) do you think the new reformed fifa will do anything better for the game. I have to think it would be a long shot - after all they kept voting for Penfold.

What would a better fifa do? (Other than sell the world cup to the highest bidder and continue using a wacky world rankings system)
God's Country
at 10:57 12 Oct 2015

I just got in from my long weekender to Tromso/Oslo. Im not a spiritual person in any way, but I must say some of the fjords, night skies, countryside and sheer natural beauty of Northern Norway did leave me thinking surely science couldnt have done all this alone.

I truely recommend this experience to anyone- not your average weekend in the sun, but it is a cyclist/kayaker's paradise.

Hopefully you're all well
USA ain't Japan
at 18:51 7 Oct 2015

Looks like South Africa are giving the Americans a bit of a lesson in the grown up version of their national game. 64-0 offt
I'm off to Norway
at 15:00 7 Oct 2015

I'm setting off soon to the airport to go kayaking and looking for green glitter dust in the sky. I'm going to be in the Tromso region so if anyone has any experience around that part of places worth visiting that would be really interesting.

After this trip I won't be able to afford any more bags for life l; salted caramel; or half and half scarfs but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

Anyway I'm posting this on here as I don't really have any friends any more since I defriended anyone on Facebook for being the 25th poster in my feed and I thought I really could do with raising my profile on the boards by disclosing I'm going to be on a choo choo plane
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The 5p Bag thing...
at 08:49 7 Oct 2015

Sainsburys have actually made this work quite well, they have increased the sturdyness of the bags, and opperate it like a bag for life scheme, When it gets knackered they replace it for free. I cant imagine the others do it much different. Pretty good method of making it worth it.
The best milk...
at 08:17 7 Oct 2015

So seems as my week has been a mix of emotions in regards to etiquette, the conversation came up about putting milk in one's tea. Apparently those who drink white tea are subject to quite a different experince based on the colour of the top.

I was told silver top is an ideal milk for those who have no sugar as sweetness of the milk is the perfect balance, red top is the way to go for sugar users, and blue top is what people who have sweetners use as it's best for those who don't really like anything real in life- arguably grass clippings are used for teabags too.

I personally go with red top for everything as I like to enjoy the milk experience but not feel guilty about it- though now I am very confused in light of the discussion had.
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Update: I went with Strawberry
at 08:11 7 Oct 2015

and it kicked the bottom out of the Raspberry man's sandwhiches.

Victoria Sandwhich victory for TWTD
Stick the kettle on Benters...
at 05:38 7 Oct 2015

It's that time of day again innit.
Sunderland laying the carrot out for Fat Sam
at 08:50 6 Oct 2015

Surely not even fat Sam would jump on board that train wreck...
Nato gets the hump with Russia
at 16:59 5 Oct 2015

Look like nato are making stern warnings to Russia to stop the Air Strikes in Syria. I must say I am becoming quite increasingly worried about how this is all playing out now.
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