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Saturday Survival Guide
at 08:10 30 Mar 2017

I realise I have been in the camp huffing and puffing about not getting a ST next season, I was on the fence for a while despite claiming the above. That is until the catchphrase "One of our own" on the renewal literature actually rubbed me the wrong way considering Evans and Milne are very much not fitting of the phrase "One of out own" when a lot of the changes to the club ticketing policies seems to alienate "Our own"

But hush now, that has been talked about across many posts and many posts more interesting than I could ever make about it.

The real issue is I have just realised my Saturdays next year will be inhibited in a huge way, no real way I can avoid my family. At first I considered getting a burrito every saturday and I was set, until recent posts highlighte din Ipswich I dont have this as an option either.

For others who are planning to take a break from their loved ones at portman road, what do you plan on doing to fill a saturday afternoon to escape the weekly grind? Any inspiration is welcome as I can only visit B&Q so often before the novelty expires.
Town's biggest asset
at 07:09 20 Mar 2017

It seems most of the Town players have drawn a degree of ire from us lot during the course of the season- so in contrast to that I am kind of curious who would people say are their top three town assets as players this year? (not including loanees)

For me it would have to be

1. Bialkowski - If Mick got a Mill for keeping us up, then surely Bialkowski is due a similar payday, without him, we would have been further up the creek

2. Webster - Stepped up the leagues really well, shame he didn't get chance to pair up with Smith most of the season as I think they will work well together

3. McGoldrick - Although he's not scoring a whole lot, he has really be decent in the creating chances department- the odd few chances we create.

[Post edited 20 Mar 7:11]
Juventus took 9 Months, I took 9 Minutes
at 05:06 3 Mar 2017

Behold our new club logo to rival those of Juventus, ours is every bit as good, and only took me 9 minutes

I respect this new logo of theres is not exactly new news, however I didn't want to be too quick revealing our new logo and be accused of piggy backing on their brilliance.
Is the BBC website now just a Buzzfeed spin off?
at 12:24 24 Feb 2017

I understand that times change, and so does the way we consume media, but one thing that really has irked me is the rise of trashy news sources like Buzzfeed; basically sites that start as click bait grabbers to get ad revenue, then suddenly come out as a “legitimate news agency”

Now before you think “Woah there Trump Jr” I am not a supporter of his philosophies or him, quite frankly I find him vile and dangerous; though I do despise this kind of media and news agency. After spending a lot of time on the BBC website as my go to for “impartial news” I have noticed that more and more the website's look, regular quizzes, repulsive “things we love” features, and most horrible- anything under the BBC 3 banner, rise of using animated gifs as story reactions, and not to mention a few instances when BBC and Buzzfeed have investigated issues together.

Long story short, I really don't trust the BBC website or its reporting anymore, and was curious if anyone else feels they look to be devolving more and more into a sort of Tabloid style of journalism. -KJ
Is there movement at Ipswich?
at 21:50 23 Feb 2017

All of a sudden has odds for next Ipswich Manager profiled. Im not used to seeing championship teams with betting odds with a manager still involved...

I am probably jumping to conclusion, but my heart did sink when I saw that market open when nosing about LCFC manager odds.
Now we all like Mick again...
at 20:24 11 Feb 2017

Who else is a little worried about summer...
That Goal Celebration...
at 20:00 11 Feb 2017

If you have not seen the highlights yet, Tom Lawrence looks a good bet for a career in the WWE once he retires... he about took Huws' head off!

Huws: Sign him up... cheers (n/t)
at 18:46 11 Feb 2017

Rules for Rulers
at 18:51 6 Feb 2017

I thought I would share this as many of us seem to have the rose tinted specs on when it comes to politics. It is a little depressing, but really entertaining and relevant

at 05:20 5 Feb 2017

Cracking game for the young lad yesterday, but I cant help but think he is on the way out, much like Marriott left us (I still think we could have done better by him)

What do you lot think, Do you think he is being considered for the future, or do you think Mick is giving him a run on loan before sending him down stream.
BBC Radio Suffolk
at 17:34 4 Feb 2017

Billy ... always brightens up a Saturday afternoon
A lovely breath of fresh air... but
at 19:22 3 Feb 2017

I have noticed a real swell of support for the boys ahead of our game against Reading tomorrow, and it is really nice to see, however make no mistake that people who opt not to turn up to the game aren't necessarily being childish and disloyal, but rather really disappointed.

I detest the notion that the FA cup is a distraction, I love the FA cup and everything it stands for (the same sentiment is not shared for the League Cup however) And the fact we lost to Lincoln wasn't so bad, but it was the manner in which we played and lost which kind of makes it easy to feel like the club took the piss a bit. Granted Lincoln have done really well to get past Brighton as well, however we had a warning shot at home, and failed to make that warning shot count in the second tie.

I do not feel "entitled" as I feel the club has performed above and beyond it's level of investment for a while. It is the torrent of disappointing communication from the club which has me disappointed and not wanting to go. The sense of togetherness and community should always begin from the top, and I just cant buy into what is coming from the top of the pyramid any more; let's face it, the most interaction we've had from ME is basically a few words in the program here and there, as well as a video of him teeing off.

I do not boo the players, the only player I have ever booed was Chopra as he openly disrespected the club and fans. I have booed the performance of the team many times, but have tried to reign in my dislike for MM as much as possible; despite some almighty blubs on the forums.

The point is I do not reject the notion of letting go of pride and showing support to the team to shake off the staleness that has crept in on the club, but I also cant blame people for not wanting to show support to the administration of the club either, sadly times are way beyond "Stop being childish and support the team" until the higher ups grow up and start treating the fans with more respect.
Sin Bins could actually be coming...
at 13:47 1 Feb 2017
The worst thing is
at 22:54 31 Jan 2017

We have nowhere to complain to; I have mentioned this point a couple of times in different ways on here, but the results on the pitch aren't what pizz me off the most, it is the fact there is no realistic way of being heard. The only way ME can ever remain being this anonymous is if either he has someone in the public eye who knows business and football, or if the club is successful - and we have either.

I will never support another club over Ipswich Town, but I just cant support the club in it's current state. ME doesn't deserve to own the club (sadly its about having money rather than deserving it) MM doesn't deserve to manage the club, and quite frankly a swaft of the players barely deserve to play professional football at this level, let alone for the club.

How are Ipswich Wanderers doing this season? that might be the safest escape I can aim for on a Saturday now, and I am sure they would appreciate the money more than just expect it like ITFC seems to now
9AM On the day before Deadline day
at 09:05 30 Jan 2017

Still nothing.......................................................................................................
Posted by Phil saying "Town expecting a quiet deadline day"

(sorry about the dots, had to make sure the last bit couldn't be seen on the preview)
[Post edited 30 Jan 9:21]
Lets start the sweepstakes early on Deadline Day Headlines
at 15:01 20 Jan 2017

Who wants to put the books together for odds on Phil having to get out the old' "Town expecting a quiet deadline day" headline?
Nice article phil
at 14:44 20 Jan 2017

i really enjoyed the part you echoed Terry Butcher- expecially given the few so-en-sos questioning you of late
Back on Terra Firma
at 07:07 19 Jan 2017

I have taken library of my senses now. Yesterday was a poor day for me, and I apologise for going off on the deep end as I try to remain composed every step of the way.

I was devastated by the two Lincoln games, utterly devastated; as I am sure most were. I could have accepted the result if they beat us with a run against the play kind of flukey goal, but just seeing the way the team performed was a travesty. As such i went into total meltdown resembling a doom sayer on the forums.

I still feel no better in regards to what happened, but have come to accept that if the people who are paid at the top to have emotion toward Ipswich Town continue to neglect that, then there is no reason I should feel as emotionally (and financially) vested in the club as a supporter.

So, I am all good now, Just had a coffee and feel middle aged and merry once more
[Post edited 19 Jan 10:25]
So... how do we communicate our rejection of Milne's call for faith
at 11:52 18 Jan 2017

People have thrown around email addresses... emails are easily unread and can be deleted

We aren't a club of protesters so I doubt very seriously we could pull that off even if we wanted to

We could cancel our standing orders for season tickets/ not renew/ stop going - but there are still plenty of brave souls who would never turn coat on Town (which I admire, as I can't do that any more)

The supporter club spokes person isn't exactly endeared to the supporters (I will leave that one be)

I am genuinely at a loss as to what we can do to tell the club, no, we won't accept your call for support any more- it is the worst feeling in the world, being stuck in a nightmare and no matter how hard we try and call out, we cant make a sound.
This post is comical...
at 10:57 18 Jan 2017

In a statement to BBC Suffolk, Milne said: "Over the two matches Lincoln City were clearly the better organised team. That resulted in them deserving to win and we should, and have, congratulated them."

...Over the two matches Lincoln City were clearly the better organised team

What do you pay MM for again?
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