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Yet More Town Tinkering By Mick the Man Still Required
Written by Pessimistic on Wednesday, 30th Jan 2013 15:52

"Every man has a wild beast within him," according to Frederick the Great; who is perhaps best known for his excellence in military campaigning and the the organisation of Prussian armies.

'Old Fritz' as he was known to his friends and foes certainly knew a thing or two about philosophy and more precisely what makes a man a man?

After Saturday's disastrous defeat at the hands of basement buddies Bristol City we must be grateful that in Mick McCarthy we have a man who has grey hair for a very good reason and that is because he cares. He worries. He gets angry. He hurts.

Paul Jewell may have recommended him to Marcus Evans and they may well be friends but this is largely where the connection ends. Where Paul Jewell wanted success badly Mick McCarthy DEMANDS it!

Never content with second best, what is happening to him at this moment equates to his greatest challenge to date. We know it. He knows it. And most importantly of all, the players know it!

Mick The Man is a straight-talking gritty Yorkshire man, who to this day, is the only man to put Roy Keane back in his box and this is no mean achievement. In managerial terms he is probably falls into the old school category of an ex-player who can relate to players in a forthright manner. He can understand the frailties that attach themselves to the modern day pro - but is ruthless in his quest for consistency and woe betide anyone who dares to cross his path or does not heed his words of wisdom.

With the addition of Anthony Wordsworth from Colchester on a permanent deal and a season-long loan agreed for Richard Stearman, Town will have used close to 40 players this season! How football has changed over the last 40 years. In Town's golden age of the seventies, it was normal for Town to use much fewer than half that amount and in the top flight of English football!

Loan deals are now the norm of course and with a 24-hour recall for most loaned keepers, this makes the whole process even more farcical in my view. Gone are the days when you could expect a player to sign on the dotted line for five years or more. Football these days is nothing more than a vehicle for the journeyman - or more brutally conveyed, the football mercenary.

Exceptions thankfully still exist however and I have heard from a little bird that the return of DJ Campbell is still a REAL possibility although it is understandable that the club are still playing this down. Mick McCarthy has been trying to persuade Simon Clegg and ultimately Marcus Evans to give DJ a three-and-a-half-year deal. They have hit stalemate at this moment in time but Mick is still testing the water here and if all fails, then this could in the end influence his relationship with the men who pull the purse strings at Portman Road.

I have good reason to believe that my contact is on sound ground here because it was he who informed me about the departure of Connor Wickham and quoted in advance the price that he would be sold for. His information was also spot-on a few years earlier with the Roy Keane appointment so I have very reason to think there is some substance behind his remarks.

Town are in deep trouble again now and let us not fool ourselves into thinking otherwise. Barnsley's win last night, with the second scored by Jason Scotland, just rubs further salt in the wound.

What we need most of all is to pick up a few points and if we had have gleaned more than a paltry one against relegation threatened Barnsley and Bristol City, then we could be clear of drop by now but this was sadly not the case.

Our infuriating tendency to give away sloppy late goals is nothing new though, as we all know. It has been a re-occurring theme many times already this season, and throughout the Jewell era and to some extent, the Keane era, it was also very apparent.

What then causes us to self-destruct? Is it defensive naivety or nerves or the inability of our players to concentrate at the most critical moments that lead to our downfall? Whatever the causes, we are in urgent need of a speedy remedy or otherwise we will fall ever closer to that dreaded trapdoor.

Having supported Town for more than 40 years these are some of the darkest days I can ever recall. Our inability to score more than a solitary goal per game is bad enough, without looking too closely at our horrendous defensive record.

These are the hallmarks of abstract failure of the lowest order and they will not improve until we can rekindle some confidence and start winning games once more. At least against Middlesbrough we will not be expecting too much and this might help us to kick-start our season once more. We badly need a win though and given our current form this seems to be decidedly unlikely.

I was never a fan of Mick McCarthy. He was never my preferred target. Now, however, I am more convinced than ever that ONLY Mick the Man can pull us clear of trouble and his no-nonsense approach to football management is just what is needed.

Mick is a proud man and for good reason. His record speaks for itself. He is hurting, make no mistake. Anger they say is the last thing to grow old. With this in mind, let us all hope that Mick McCarthy has a long and prosperous life at Portman Road.

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will09 added 21:19 - Jan 30
Good blog, agree with your thoughts apart from not wanting Mick. I felt that he was the ideal replacement for Jewell who, as we've heard, was far too soft. Mick takes no prisoners and I feel has done little wrong so far.

Pip50 added 07:17 - Jan 31
Spot on.i don't think DJ is the long term answer but who cares if his goals pull us clear.
Our current run coincides with his absence!

blueherts added 12:07 - Jan 31
I don t think we should underestimate the role TC plays in the MM partnership
We have been crying out for a decent Manager/Coach partnership for years - Burley and Roberts were our last - good team at the helm.
MM has inherited a mess - that has been laid over the past 7-8 years of mis management , owner/CEO learning the ropes and falling thru and off the ropes at times ( KEANE!!) and some of the poorest players we have had in many a long time .
The rebuilding has started but will be a long process - I am , like you a supporter since the mid 70s and seen it all - come and go , good and bad .
But the game we fell in love with and the team we follow has changed beyond recognition - Change is great and we should embrace it But we still need to live in a REAL WORLD
We live in an 'Instant success' - no accountability society now - it is always someone elses fault , Younger fans are our life blood for the future but sometimes expectations need to tempered with REAL WORLD . not REALITY TV WORLD
Spending for sake of spending big will not guarantee success - just look at QPR and countless other big spending teams .If this latest 'gamble' by Redknapp fails QPR will be in a BAD WAY - eg A PORTSMOUTH BAD WAY
Financial Fair Play is happening and we as a club need to adhere .
Mick n Tery will get us back up the league - I honestly believe within 2/3 years we will be up there fighting it out at the top of the Championship
We needed OLD SCHOOL in a MODERN WORLD and we have it in MM
No tweeting , No Facebook and No BS from him ( bye bye MC and JET)

hancockingoal added 12:58 - Jan 31
Excellent blog Pessimistic, MM wasn't my first choice but if pushed I didn't really have a first choice as I don't think Ferguson, Wenger or Moyse were available? This is my 50th season watching the Blues although I was 'fickle' during the Duncan era as I was involved with the game locally. Without doubt the game has changed beyond all recognition, some things for the best ie fitness levels, some exciting foreign players although the numbers should be restricted. However overall, if you look at the downside - ridiculous high wages, prima donnas, so called stars who are not fit to lace the boots of the Crawfords, Mills's, Warks' etc and the cheating both on and off the pitch, the game that I fell in love with in 1962 is now bordering on a disgrace! I am sorry to say that I don't think it will ever get any better? once the can is opened you can never get it back! At least I watched some wonderful football, played by wonderful players and in most cases real gentleman!

Pessimistic added 14:24 - Jan 31
Yes folks you are right. The modern games brings with it many downsides and although the quality of football may have arguably improved - due mainly to increased fitness levels, the reality is that football mercenaries now dictate what happens both on and off the field.

I feel especially sorry for our younger supporters of the blues who have not experienced the good times. Sadly, the fickle nature of the modern football fan means that patience is no longer much of a virtue and the impatience of supporters ultimately leads to more managers falling by the wayside before they have time to grow their managerial wisdom teeth. Thankfully the good times live long in the memory though.
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