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Bru 18:43 - May 19 with 1786 viewsGarv

'Expected to go back to France'

Hope not. Decent player in there somewhere and it'd be good if a club was willing to take a punt on him. At the very least he'd be a top end league one player.

Any ideas as to what sort of wage he's on with us?

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Bru on 19:21 - May 19 with 1719 viewsbluesym

He really isnt very good and part of a real substandard collection of CM options over the past 3 years.We wont miss him at all.

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Bru on 19:26 - May 19 with 1700 viewsjas0999

My guess is he isn't on mega money. Signed as a free on cheap wages I would have said. Could be wrong.

He's not good enough. Not sure he'd even fit into a top division one side. Odd decent game. Goes missing too much.

Bru on 19:41 - May 19 with 1675 viewsSmithy

He's pony

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Bru on 19:59 - May 19 with 1639 viewshoppy

I'm being serious when I say I think Tabby would've been a better option over the last couple of years than Bru.

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Bru on 20:04 - May 19 with 1625 viewsSwansea_Blue

Take a punt? What do you think we've been doing for the last few years?

Sadly not lived up to the short flashes of potential he's shown. We need better imo.

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Bru on 20:08 - May 19 with 1618 viewsblueislander

Bru on 19:59 - May 19 by hoppy

I'm being serious when I say I think Tabby would've been a better option over the last couple of years than Bru.

'Ee's great is Tabby.
Bru on 20:16 - May 19 with 1599 viewsWarkystache

Bru on 19:59 - May 19 by hoppy

I'm being serious when I say I think Tabby would've been a better option over the last couple of years than Bru.

See now, I liked Bru when he first arrived. He was something different.

Shame it never lasted. He's never more than a squad player at this level.

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Bru on 20:27 - May 19 with 1571 viewsGuthrum

Bru on 19:59 - May 19 by hoppy

I'm being serious when I say I think Tabby would've been a better option over the last couple of years than Bru.

If Tabb could keep up the fitness levels he had in 14/15, I'd agree with you. I'd love it if we could get the Stephen Hunt from that season back again, too.

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Bru on 20:28 - May 19 with 1570 viewsLower_North

Bru on 19:41 - May 19 by Smithy

He's pony


Can't even beat the first man at freekicks or a corner yet they still get him to take them.

Truly shocking..
Bru on 20:53 - May 19 with 1516 viewsfactual_blue

Bru on 20:08 - May 19 by blueislander

'Ee's great is Tabby.

Too good for any club, it would seem.

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Bru on 21:04 - May 19 with 1468 viewsbournemouthblue

There's definitely a player in there but has never quite done it for us consistently

If it means a playmaker is being eyed up, it may not be a bad thing

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Bru on 21:29 - May 19 with 1436 viewsJ2BLUE

Garv has a thing for average midfielders.

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Bru on 00:30 - May 20 with 1317 viewsCurrie10

" Decent player in there somewhere " - that's the issue, it doesn't often emerge for us.

The main question with Bru is what does he offer? Goals? Not really. Assists? Very few. Positional sense? Absolutely not. Headless chicken who wastes his energy.

However, I'd imagine in 8 aside, training or other forms of the game he would be a good player. A good technician who is completely unsuited ( in my opinion ) to the pace of the championship.

Far far better suited to the topflight of Eastern Europe or Sweden.

Also, our aim is top 6. What other championship sides would he get into their 11? None chasing the premier league.

As a guess as to his wage, Osman revealed our wage bill last season was 16.5 mill which is laughable. Absolutely spiraling out of control. When I met Ian Milne 18 months ago or so, a lot of first team players ( minus bonuses ) were £8-£12k so I'd imagine £9k ish basic.

Good luck Bru wherever your future does lie, you have tried and given your all so to that I salute you.

Bru on 05:22 - May 20 with 1259 viewsLibero

Not sure why any club would want a bloke that has proven to struggle to complete 90 minutes again and again.

Bru on 07:17 - May 20 with 1217 viewsC_HealyIsAPleasure

Seriously? He's crap

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Bru on 16:31 - May 20 with 1040 viewsEdmunds5

A bit too lightweight, agree with others that he fades in and out too much. I wonder how he would do as more of a number 10 though with 2 strong players behind him so he has license to find space.

We haven't exactly played too his strengths, but even if we did, I'd have doubts over whether he'd ever be good enough.

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Bru on 23:28 - May 20 with 908 viewsWestcountryblue

Decent player, but we should be phasing out the likes of Bru and Skuse. We actually have some decent players in central positions coming through our academy...Dozzer, Bish and Benyu. We need to work on developing these players.
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