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Maitland-Niles best position 12:09 - Sep 28 with 2693 viewsrosseden

"Maitland-Niles' best position is central defensive midfielder," the Frenchman continued.
"He has great quality, he can steal the ball without making fouls. I believe he is ready to play. He has a great future."

Was he very good at getting the ball / tackling etc when he was here, i dont recall it?

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Maitland-Niles best position on 12:11 - Sep 28 with 2672 viewshype313

Better off asking his Mum to be honest, safer bet.

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Maitland-Niles best position on 12:11 - Sep 28 with 2677 viewsElderGrizzly

I think criticism of him when he was here was largely unwarranted.

We took a 17 year old in his first season in professional football, who started off well and faded.

Surprised about the DM position mentioned here, but he has been playing fullback/wingback for Arsenal this season in some games so Wenger must see some defensive qualities to his game.

Maitland-Niles best position on 12:59 - Sep 28 with 2557 viewsitfcjoe

He has played there for England but I always find he's too static on the ball to do it well - is better suited as a wing back for me as is blisteringly fast and carries the ball so well

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Maitland-Niles best position on 13:20 - Sep 28 with 2492 viewsTerry_Nutkins

He was always very game at defending. I remember he was another put in the bracket of "Mick ruining him and making him defensive". Seen him play it for Aresnal a few times and doesnt look out of place. He actually switched mid game to that role and i remember the commentator actually saying he was much more comfortable there and played very well.

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Maitland-Niles best position on 14:06 - Sep 28 with 2379 viewsbluehook

I don’t care really, he doesn’t play for us anymore. 😂

Maitland-Niles best position on 17:27 - Sep 28 with 2276 viewsEireannach_gorm

What does Wenger know about defending?

Maitland-Niles best position on 22:50 - Sep 28 with 2135 viewsBluefish

Comparing the 2 I would say nydam looks a better prospect from what i have seen

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Maitland-Niles best position on 00:19 - Sep 29 with 2088 viewsCurrie10

Very good at doing his upmost to prevent us winning at Huddersfield away 15/16. Came on as sub when they were down to 10 men and had less energy / desire to be out on that pitch than me with a hangover on a Sunday morning kick off. Absolute disgrace that day, would have loved to have met him after the game and had a word.
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Maitland-Niles best position on 08:31 - Sep 29 with 2015 viewsTractorWood

Buckets of talent, it just needs pointing in the right direction. Arsenal is not the place to do that any more.

I know that was then, but it could be again..
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