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Forest vs Norwich- Match review 01:06 - Nov 22 with 1177 viewsRobbie12345

After posting saying I was going to the City ground tonight, I thought I would share my experience with Forest being only a few games away for us and a update on the Scum. I have tried to stay as unbiased as possible... If you don’t have time to read my life story then please skip to the paragraph starting ‘Forest Summary’, I got carried away.

I arrived at the stadium which was some walk from the nearest tram stop, got my programme as I didn’t know who half the players were, not by their numbers anyway. Ipswich shirt on underneath my hoodie as I queued up for a burger with people in yellow and green sandwiching me in, which I never thought would happen. Seemed a fair amount of people in Norwich colours by just walking around the ground an hour in advance.

When in the ground it looked similar to Portman Road, but more of a modern stadium which is my preference. I spoke to the people behind me who said they were happy enough with the line-up, that Murphy and Vaughan were back in and that they were content with where they were in the league. The ground filled up to just under 24k, with Norwich bringing what looked a similar number that we brought to Hull, maybe a few hundred more.

Anyways, on to the game. As they kicked off they started singing their song, half pirate half Irish is the only explanation I can give. Forest started the game the worse I have ever seen a team start. They were as shaky at the back as I have ever seen a team play in a good 200+ games, they were dire. I think 45 seconds in their last man passed the ball straight to Olivera who messed up his shot. A freekick just on the edge of the box 1m 40s in, wasted by Maddison. 3 mins in straight to Olivera again! Norwich could and should have definitely been 2 or 3-0 up, a team as clinical as Hull were to our defensive errors or someone like Cardiff or Wolves would have found themselves 3-0 up, even we would have been ahead. Nothing more of note in the first half. The same theme continued. Forest dire at the back, giving the ball away time after time from their last man, not clearing the ball out of play, not hitting the ball up the field when needed, miss-placed pass every 2/3 passes. I would say Forest tried to base their style on Reading of last season (not seen this year) trying to play out of the back but the difference being they had no idea how and no players able to. Norwich however were dire up top, and missed countless chances, they could have easily been 6/7-0 up. Half ended with some boos but mostly claps, 0-0.

During half time a U11 local football team did some penalties which got the second biggest cheer of the night. The half time entertainment was dire, as was the man on the mic which made me appreciate the good job Rob Chandler does at PR.

The second half started much the same as the first. Norwich showing quality but never finishing anything. Forest being shaky at the back but always managing to dig their way out or rely on Norwich to miss it. A man a few rows behind me started chanting about Norwich having six fingers and he only has five which I was able to join in with. In the 80thish min a different man stood up in front of me and shouted ‘THIS GAME IS F**KING S**T!’ which summed the whole game up. From this moment it seemed Forest decided they might decide to have an attack or two. Murphy had a shot saved. Norwich went clean through and Joe Worrall came to the rescue with a fantastic last ditch challenge from behind on the slide to stop a guaranteed goal. This gave deserved ‘Joe Worrall, he’s one of our own’ chant, the second actual chant from Forest all game. Then Forest did a counter attack, a player ran down the wing, put the ball into the box and Murphy attacked it, for the first time all game. He managed to poke it in at the near post and ultimately won the game. What I had come to see had actually happened! 5 minutes added on which seemed far too many but the game ended 1-0.

Forest summary- Forest were very poor at the back but had some players worth mentioning. Joe Worrall firstly for his arguably game winning defensive tackle even though he didn’t do a lot else, at the age of 20 he has a long career ahead. Their GK did everything asked of him but wasn’t great, you never felt confident he would stop anything, his kicking was poor. Ben Osborn played mostly on the wings but floated about, he was creative and offered a little bit of pace. Kieran Dowell was impressive. He reminded me of Downes but is a little more assured and physical, hopefully that will be him next year. Murphy was sadly terrible. He had lost all his pace and literally just stood there all game not offering himself to be passed to and not making runs. He won some headers and was a presence but nothing that Garner or even Waghorn doesn’t offer. I was still feeling I missed him in a Ipswich shirt, but it would be more the concept of him in the past, not him presently, even if he did score the winner, it hides his bad performance.

Norwich summary- Norwich were decent in most areas. They never really looked like conceding but just could not find the back of the net even with so many chances. Gunn made 1 Murphy save and was beaten for the 2nd shot on target. Olivera was terrible and missed 6 or 7 chances most strikers would have scored. Their defence was solid. They played some nice stuff. However they played extremely dirty, by exaggerating injury and fouls as any moment they could, showing very bad sportsmanship, throwing the ball away much further than acceptable, not giving the ball back to Forest to a fair place when they had kicked the ball out for an injury. I have explained these things badly, but little things that most other clubs would not do. It makes you wander how anyone can support them or look up to them as humans. Don’t get me started on Maddison. I hate him more than any player, in line with Holt who had a 4 pages in the programme! They were obviously desperate to fill pages. Their fans were as tin pot as ever and chanted 4/5 times all games, with half singing green army, with the other half singing yellow army at the same time, ‘grellow army!’.

Overall- Forest need to be more decisive at the back and try and link their defence with their attack better. They felt disjointed. Norwich were decent but need to buy a 20/25 goal a season striker, or maybe even two if they want to reach the playoffs. Coming from a season ticket holder at PR, Forest were terrible and I would not rush back to see them again, even for a fiver. I was bored more than watching Ipswich, and the atmosphere was much worse even with 14k. I can see Forest finishing lower half of the table but not near the relegation zone, definitely not in the playoffs. I can see Norwich finishing around 7-9th unless they buy a big striker in Jan who can find the net regularly.
It was enjoyable seeing Norwich lose, something that as an Ipswich fan is long overdue.

If you have read this all you clearly have too much time on your hands but respect to you and hopefully Forest play as badly in a few weeks as I am confident we can beat them! Maybe things aren't so bad at Ipswich after all?
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Forest vs Norwich- Match review on 01:45 - Nov 22 with 1113 viewsSwansea_Blue

Good stuff. It's always weird watching games where you don't support either team. I think if anything it shows how blinkered and irrational we can be when watching our own side. And perversely it can also be more enjoyable or certainly less tense.

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Forest vs Norwich- Match review on 02:31 - Nov 22 with 1080 viewsSpruceMoose

Forest vs Norwich- Match review on 01:45 - Nov 22 by Swansea_Blue

Good stuff. It's always weird watching games where you don't support either team. I think if anything it shows how blinkered and irrational we can be when watching our own side. And perversely it can also be more enjoyable or certainly less tense.

Certainly agree. I often think we are to quick to hail teams far superior to us, based on seeing them once a season at PR, and maybe once in the road.

I really don't think there us a lot between most sides in thus division.

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Forest vs Norwich- Match review on 07:39 - Nov 22 with 922 viewsSteve_M

Cheers, that's a really interesting summary.

Telling on Murphy, I thought Newcastle suited him last season becuase he didn't have to play every match, we would have carried on running him into the ground. He still has a decent number of goals this season though I think.

On the Norwich gamesmanship, they definitely push that although some fans thought pointing it out after they played us was just sour grapes it's a level up from most sides in this division.

Pleased to see that gobsh1te Olivera doing well too.

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