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Match thoughts 00:15 - Dec 24 with 1164 viewsMach_foreignBlue

The final outcome is a right reflection of the match. 90 plus minutes of the few real chances for Wolves and none for us. Yes none from us as Ruddy wasn't properly tested even once.

Not surprisingly our approach was bang defensive. Our sole intention (until we conceded the goal) was to contain them and stop them from playing. Unfortunately too much pointless hoofing which was annoying and disappointing.

That approach may have worked for the first 40 minutes as below par Wolves barely caused a havoc among our defence. Below par according to one Wolves fan I've spoken to after the game on the way back. We were too respectful for my liking. Kenlock at times struggled with Cavaleiro's inroads on his side but what is worth noticing he had a help in Celina.

People are quick to say that we are having a long injury list and it's being used as an automatic 'excuse' for the defeat. Yes we have but would we have been set up differently if we had had more available midfielders? No we wouldn't. We had been using similar tactics in the majority of away matches. Our approach would have been the same just to sit back and stop opposition from playing.

There is a tinge of disappointment for me as:
1. We haven't created a real opportunity to score.
2. Chronic lack of pace therefore no ability to hit them on the break.
3. We weren't able to beat their defenders when one on one.
4. Long balls towards Garner as taller than him Wolves central backs had no problems to deal with that

We certainly were more active in the 2nd half but no ability to cause a real trouble. Again if other midfielders had been available I'm not sure if it'd made any difference as our deeply sitting central midfield doesn't provide forward passes.

Two tame free-kicks from Waghorn and Celina in the first half from strikeable distances never caused them problems. Second half? A few corners but nothing came out of it. Any time we were receiving the ball in our half we never committed the players forward. It was laborious, slow and Wolves defenders always had a time to come back and regroup.

But I cannot say we were disastrous as we were far from it. Equally though there won't be much to remember from the match. Wolves didn't play like a top team but they won't care at all as they got 3 points and they are getting closer to the elite.

The biggest positive is that we haven't been hammered. Kevin Bru in our central midfield in compare to 15m Ruben Neves for example so there was a little hope. I firmly expected a hiding given the quality Wolves possess and our injury list so all in all not a disaster but I would have loved us to have caused them problems.

Full ground today but very quiet throughout. Nevertheless good things come to those who wait so one day in a years time we might be in their position. For the time being though to beat poor travellers QPR on Tuesday is a must.
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Match thoughts on 00:30 - Dec 24 with 1122 viewsGuthrum

I thought Kenlock did pretty well against their very lively player. Especially given he was constantly tested down that flank. Yes he made a few errors, but pro rata not that many.

Agree completely about our slowness in getting the ball forward. I wish they would at least sometimes break into a run for more than half-a-dozen yards. We weren't getting the bodies forward today, either, so attackers lacked support.

Good Lord! Whatever is it?
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Match thoughts on 06:33 - Dec 24 with 987 viewsBenters2

We have seen this approach before,we are bound to lose this one so
It's like a damage limitation exercise from Mick Mac and team.

Still 10th now everybody is happy!

Happy Christmas Mach.

Match thoughts on 06:37 - Dec 24 with 983 viewsbrogansnose

Always appreciate your reports Mach.

Jenki jenki.

Might even see you in the New Year, so Happy christmas to you and the family.

Match thoughts on 07:23 - Dec 24 with 956 viewspowinswitch

I thought we did well to curb their attacking strengths and I did feel we should have closed down their goal scorer quicker. My concen is that having come to nullify Wolves (fair enough on this occasion away from home t9 the league leaders), it’s the inability to then change things and step up to take a threat to the opposition. We couldn’t, and can’t do it. We are effective at stopping the opposition, but when that defence is breached, we’ll we have very littl. Even if we do score so often.

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