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One positive from today 20:25 - Oct 20 with 356 viewsthebooks

The left hand drier in the Legends Bar men's toilet has been fixed.

Thank you, Mr Evans.

One positive from today on 20:33 - Oct 20 with 340 viewsRonFearonsHair

That explains all the people I saw wandering around with just their right hands dripping wet.

One positive from today on 20:34 - Oct 20 with 334 viewsjeera

Every cloud...

Well it looks like a duck, it sounds like a duck. Nope, dunno what it is.
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One positive from today on 20:42 - Oct 20 with 322 viewsSitfcB

But the right hand one in SBRL doesn’t work...(Far end toilets)

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One positive from today on 20:44 - Oct 20 with 306 viewshoppy

So you no longer have to hope the right hand one is free because the left one is so poor?

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One positive from today on 21:04 - Oct 20 with 262 viewsJubba1975

That bald fellas header was pretty special 😂
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