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Mings/Cresswell e.t.c. 13:14 - Oct 28 with 711 viewsTexaco73

I can't remember, but how long was it before Mings and Cresswell became first term regulars after signing from the lower leagues?

Although undoubtedly both quality players, my point is I suppose, they were added to an existing stable squads when ready and could be carried/supported by the rest of the team.
Hurst has brought in too many new players and expected them to adjust too quickly.

Hurst's signings are our players. Although they have not performed for us yet, I think we should not write them all off. One or two of them many be able to adjust and improve given the support and inclusion into a stronger core team.
Hopefully PL will be able to get the most out of them with further time and coaching.

Mings/Cresswell e.t.c. on 13:28 - Oct 28 with 645 viewsGuthrum

After signing, Mings spent half a season with just one senior appearance, in the final game. Then the whole of 2013-14 he was understudy to Cresswell (4 starts, 12 sub appearances in the League), before taking over as the primary LB.

Cresswell went pretty much straight into the team.

Good Lord! Whatever is it?
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on 13:31 - Oct 28 with 634 views_


Mings/Cresswell e.t.c. on 13:34 - Oct 28 with 619 viewsGarv

Cresswell was too good, went straight in. Mings was a good understudy and waited his turn until Cressy was sold.

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Mings/Cresswell e.t.c. on 13:44 - Oct 28 with 604 viewsTexaco73

Thanks. That's what I thought.

There is hope for Nolan, Jackson e.t.c. they just have to introduced appropriately if they show they can do the job, rather than sink or swim forced on them by Hurst's naivety.

I'm sure I remember Mogga commenting before the season started that we were being linked with good players.

I think 'we' the fans need to cut them some slack and not tar them with Hurst's ineptitude.
Perhaps in time, one or two of them will come good.

It all comes down to what PL can now do to fill in with additional signings and get us out of the mire.

I'm hoping for a few free agents to bolster till Jan and grind out results. Perhaps with the pressure off the new signings and some stability/direction, the squad might not be a p1ss poor as we fear.

Here's hoping anyway..

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