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passports. 12:06 - Oct 31 with 2976 viewsjaykay

had to renew mine. so did it online friday ,posted old passports of sat. had e-mail back monday saying they had received everything and being processed. today it was delivered by DX delivery service. that all done with no fast track etc service. i could have done their
1 week Fast Track service at £145 instead of the £75.5 which i paid
oh its still the old colour not blue.

bring back callis

passports. on 13:33 - Nov 1 with 389 viewsBLUEBEAT

passports. on 09:53 - Nov 1 by GeoffSentence

I wonder if you will be counted as an immigrant now that you are Irish.

Northern Irish.

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passports. on 13:36 - Nov 1 with 384 viewsBLUEBEAT

passports. on 09:57 - Nov 1 by footers

Níl muid ag fágáil.


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passports. on 13:39 - Nov 1 with 377 viewsThe_Last_Baron

passports. on 23:26 - Oct 31 by BLUEBEAT

I renewed mine a couple of months ago to ensure I didn’t get a blue passport 🇪🇺

I also applied for (and received) an Irish passport in case things go massively tits up 🇮🇪
[Post edited 31 Oct 2018 23:26]

My passport runs out in June next year but I'll wait until October to get the blue one.

Apparently the passport office are expecting huge demand when the blue passports are released, unprecedented my spies tell me. The patriots are magnificent!

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passports. on 13:41 - Nov 1 with 374 viewshoppy

passports. on 22:55 - Oct 31 by jeera

Isn't that annoying, having your passport written in French?

Probably not. He probably just gave a shrug and got on with it.

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