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Oh Boris... 14:30 - Jan 18 with 1868 viewsSpruceMoose

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Oh Boris... on 23:10 - Jan 18 with 217 viewswkj

Oh Boris... on 23:04 - Jan 18 by m14_blue

I consider myself whooshed....

there are plenty around who genuinely feel that way about our politicians at the moment though, unfairly I think. They may mostly be useless but I still believe most of them are being useless by accident.

I appreciate that politics is really difficult, and there is a lot going on that we don't necessarily see. That is to say that they have to appease their key supporters, then translate this into ways in which the public will vote for them. Sounds like conspiracy stuff, but its like a public traded company really where you are at the liberty of the largest shareholders and have to convince your customers the product is for them.

I think the problem is with brexit, the senior MPs have been so stretched and fraught with this distraction, their efforts to please the key supporters have become more obvious, and will of the citizens has been easier to see as secondary.

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Oh Boris... on 00:24 - Jan 19 with 198 viewsStNeotsBlue

Oh Boris... on 14:33 - Jan 18 by No9

Another clue as to where this is going-
JCB= made in India

JCB's are also made in Brazil, China and the US but mainly in the UK.

More than a few years ago I worked for a large engineering firm who were looking to relocate to Eastern Europe, JCB were our main customer and on their insistence that some UK base was kept about 150 jobs were saved, mainly in assembly and warehousing. Didn't help me but I got a decent drink out of my redundancy, so every cloud and that.

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