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There's only one Boris Johnson 21:58 - Jun 12 with 1298 viewsMoulton

Labour defeated again. Ha Ha
This was Moulton's other attempt at stirring on 08:52 - Jun 13 with 182 viewsDefault_User

This was Moulton's other attempt at stirring on 23:14 - Jun 12 by Nthsuffolkblue

If you are unsure about his history on posting just click his username and take a look.

What are his arguments? How many of his posts are purely inflammatory posts with no basis of evidence to support any stance. He even simply dismisses GB's evidence for BoJo being incompetent. He is not here to present any argument but simply to provoke and wind up.

He's in good company then...

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There's only one Boris Johnson on 09:20 - Jun 13 with 159 viewsBlueBadger

There's only one Boris Johnson on 22:16 - Jun 12 by SitfcB

You stir it up as well

You always seem to be involved!

Be fair, Sprucey stays round to fight his corner. This one is essentially pulled the TB Manouver of 'post something like 'The Labour party, what?' and then run away'.

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This was Moulton's other attempt at stirring on 10:56 - Jun 13 with 116 viewsRyorry

This was Moulton's other attempt at stirring on 23:54 - Jun 12 by SpruceMoose

Well that's a fine opinion to have. But if you're not going to voice a complaint I hope you enjoy a forum overrun with illiterate trolls starting threads with the intention of winding folk up.

Speaking of which, it was also really appreciated how a lot of posters looked the other way while Grimboy was following me around the forum posting that he'd like to physically assault me. Didn't see much pearl clutching going on then. Clearly what I've posted in this thread is way more deserving of criticism than threats.
[Post edited 13 Jun 0:03]

Something I've noticed over the years, but is a truth probably not universally accepted, is that bullying of posters, unless containing obvious name-calling and/or "isms", tends to go under the radar of most people unless it's aimed directly at them.

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There's only one Boris Johnson on 11:13 - Jun 13 with 94 viewsNo9

There's only one Boris Johnson on 22:26 - Jun 12 by Moulton


Simple, you only have one point of view everyone else is wrong.
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