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Hospitality 21:57 - Jul 21 with 1101 viewsWeekender

Has anyone any experience of hospitality at PR? Thinking of purchasing for a present so any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Hospitality on 22:12 - Jul 21 with 1061 viewsxrayspecs

A couple of time albeit not for a good few years. Food in South Stand hospitality with seat in Churchmans.

Food was pretty good, were looked after really well on both occasions (man of the match sponsor and regular punter for England v Croatia). Pretty relaxed, easy to get served at the bar, no queue etc.

Have enjoyed CH at other clubs a few times (Spurs, Chelsea, Col U, BHA) and Town do this as well as them.

Hospitality on 22:42 - Jul 21 with 1022 viewsBasuco

The Center Spot restaurant, good food and a talk and quiz when I went and sat next to Micky Stockwell at dinner as well. You do need to purchase a match ticket or use existing ST.

Hospitality on 22:47 - Jul 21 with 1014 viewsFreddies_Ears

I've done the SIr Bobby Robson Suite (used to be the Galleria) in the SAR Stand. The food is excellent, the service really good, and you get to meet a legend, usually John Wark, plus the MotM comes up afterwards. You do have to sit behind the goal, but it's not a bad view, and you're straight inside at ht so it's far more practical than many grounds. It is as good as anywhere I've done similar (incl Man City & Liverpool).

Hospitality on 05:41 - Jul 22 with 837 viewsSWGF

What I'd recommend is maybe waiting to see how the close-season staff changes affect the service. They've laid off a lot of people. Hope this doesn't affect the experience as it's not cheap.

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Hospitality on 07:30 - Jul 22 with 745 viewsPippin1970

No unfortunately not. I've done Preston a few times as neighbour huge fan . Went on fair number of years when they played there. The portions size for food were tiny and all presentation . Half time I was starving and had the cakes. Fulltime didn't realise they brought more food out lol. I learnt my lesson.

Hospitality on 07:34 - Jul 22 with 735 viewsTractorWood

The suites in the co-op stand are really good. Usually have a mini fridge with beer, a 3 course meal and seats on a balcony. Always been invited to them so not sure how much they are, I think they are eye wateringly expensive.

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Hospitality on 07:58 - Jul 22 with 694 viewsLeaky

My son paid for CH package in the South Stand for my 60th birthday. It was against Hull a few years ago, expensive but very enjoyable. Meet Jimmy Bullard he's a character, good laugh & met John Wark, Simon Milton & Carlos Edwards all good guy's. Three course meal was excellent.

Hospitality on 08:10 - Jul 22 with 676 viewsitfcjoe

I think as a one off guest, the best package is the one in the Sir Bobby Suite, where you get the 3 course dinner, Warky hosting etc.

They don't advertise it that heavily but for a few games (prob more this year) they do a Portman Pie and Programme deal in there for about half the price. You don't get as much obviously but still get all the same atmosphere, quiz, host, etc.

I'd personally say better off doing that twice than the full one once!

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Hospitality on 08:51 - Jul 22 with 621 viewsMrTown

We had directors box as a gift for Forest last year. Just free coffee and tea, but the seating is outrageously good.

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