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Film recommendation 18:57 - Oct 28 with 884 viewsGlasgowBlue

The wife wants to go to the flicks to watch a scary movie over Halloween. Not really my bag but what’s out at the moment that will scare the Bejesus out of her?

I fancied watching the Joker but she wants out and out horror.

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Film recommendation on 18:58 - Oct 28 with 873 viewsMullet

Dr Sleep is the sequel to the Shining. It's supposedly worthy of it too, but I've not seen it yet.

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Film recommendation on 19:19 - Oct 28 with 828 viewsBanksterDebtSlave

Bloody scary!
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Film recommendation on 19:29 - Oct 28 with 806 viewsWarhurst

The remake of Evil dead (2013) was quite intense.

Film recommendation on 19:35 - Oct 28 with 799 viewsIllinoisblue

Save money, stay home, and watch a replay of Ipswich v Reading from last season. Guaranteed nightmares.

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Film recommendation on 21:52 - Oct 28 with 737 viewsTangledupin_Blue

Has "Brexit: The Movie" been released yet?

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Film recommendation on 23:22 - Oct 28 with 681 viewsGuthrum

Film recommendation on 21:52 - Oct 28 by Tangledupin_Blue

Has "Brexit: The Movie" been released yet?

Release date put back by three months due to disputes between the cast and crew.

Good Lord! Whatever is it?
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Film recommendation on 07:28 - Oct 29 with 617 viewsJohnny_Boy

Not gory horror, per se....but it has its moments of unsettling scenes. Beautifully shot.
Check out Midsommar.

Alternatively, the directors previous film, Hereditary, is perhaps a bit more Halloween-friendly.
Film recommendation on 08:33 - Oct 29 with 577 viewsagravenor

Film recommendation on 21:52 - Oct 28 by Tangledupin_Blue

Has "Brexit: The Movie" been released yet?

Yes, it actually has been earlier this year and it's very interesting and insightful. It's called "Brexit: The Uncivil War" & stars Benedict Cumberbatch... haha
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Film recommendation on 10:12 - Oct 29 with 529 viewsSikamikanico

Unless there is a local cinema showing a classic I think Dr Sleep would be your best bet of the current crop.

There is a film out called Countdown I have not heard of which seems to be a horror film but I have not seen it and its Rotten Tomato and Metacritic scores are low (not that that is an indication of whether your Mrs would enjoy it).

I would be tempted to suggest a classic film at home on DVD/Blu Ray. Failing that there is a channel on Amazon Prime called Shudder which offers a 7 day free trial with loads on.

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