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Labour's plans for the trains. 17:03 - Dec 2 with 11147 viewsmonytowbray

✂️Cut rail fares by 33% from Jan 2020
👍Save the average commuter £1097/yr
✔️Fair fares for part-time workers
🎫Deliver a simple, London-style ticketing system nationwide
👛Free rail travel for under 16s


Backed, I think a 3rd off is fair for investment back if public owned. At the minute they charge double the cost of transporting commuters on a sh1te service to line the pockets of shareholders. Part time tickets have also needed to be a thing for far too long, as well as a simplier ticket/price structure.

I'd actually happily pay for trains knowing it was for the greater good of the nation.

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
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Labour's plans for the trains. on 10:47 - Dec 6 with 383 viewsitfcjoe

Labour's plans for the trains. on 14:05 - Dec 5 by Funge

Fam, you do this from time to time.

You don't appear to know very much at all about rural living. That's fair enough, London is bigger than Hoxne.

Buses in Suffolk are pretty weak, unless you live in Ipswich (urban, quite good) or near to the A14, or the bottom end of the A12 (N). Buses to Woodbridge, Bury, Stow or Fuluxstoo aren't great, but, at least, are serviceable.

If you want to go onto the Shotley peninsula (a good example, as it is both rural, and relatively close to Ipswich), the last bus leaves town at 5.45. I suppose one could get a bus to Langer Road in Fuluxstoo, and swim, mind....

There is a very real argument to be made for subsidising bus services in rural areas, but, of course, austerity doesn't sit too comfortably with that one.

Frankly, there is no way that you can live in rural Suffolk without a car.

As pointed out elsewhere, the above applies to the majority of rural dwellers; 'for the many, not the few', indeed.

Good post, you don't need to get far out of Ipswich for everything to collapse public transport wise - and it has got much worse in a not too significant time frame.

Friends who sued to be able to get the bus back from a night out at 10pm now, have the last pus at about 6pm to villages like Blakenham which isn't even that far.

Town is dead on a Friday after work, and it is only anecdotal but the lack of transport options was a big reason why a lot of some of 'my lot' I used to do it with stopped going for a beer or two. Can't afford to miss the last bus.

I live on the 66 route so am pretty well covered, but will have to get a taxi tonight after train home as not even that runs all through the night like it did not that many years ago.

But I need a vehicle for my job, and my wife needs one to ferry the kids around - today she is going down to Clacton to see the in laws, public transport would make that a 2 hour journey (at least) from Rushmere when it is a 40 minute drive

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Labour's plans for the trains. on 12:16 - Dec 6 with 360 viewsRyorry

Labour's plans for the trains. on 06:03 - Dec 6 by TractorWood

Drinkstone in Suffolk is like this. Its biggest amenities are a post box and a bus stop.

Bus stop? *Bus* stop? Eee lad, tha doesn't know tha was born. When I was at me last 'ouse, t'nearest bus stop were 5 miles away for a bus that went once a week. *And we 'ad to kip in a pot 'ole in t'road overnight to be there for 5 o'clock in t'morning in case it were early, like. Eee ba gum, you young 'uns these days, spoilt you are with your bus-stops right in your villages!

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Labour's plans for the trains. on 12:57 - Dec 6 with 351 viewsTractorWood

Labour's plans for the trains. on 10:18 - Dec 6 by jeera

It's pretty around there though.

I like Rattlesden next door- that is one nice place and is hogging all the pubs.

Lovely part of the world.

The 5 bells in Rattlesden is up there with the best pubs in Suffolk. Don't think any beer is over £3.

I know that was then, but it could be again..
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Labour's plans for the trains. on 13:09 - Dec 6 with 344 viewsperiwinkleblue

Perhaps operators could generate revenue by making some ‘Fake Taxi’ style videos on their trains.

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