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Didn't see this coming.... 18:28 - Dec 6 with 482 viewshampstead_blue


Good to see a British manager back in the hot seat.

Assumption is to make an ass out of you and me. Those who assume they know you, when they don't are just guessing. Those who assume and insist they know are daft and in denial. Those who assume, insist, and deny the truth are plain stupid. Those who assume, insist, deny the truth and tell YOU they know you (when they don't) have an IQ in the range of 35-49.
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Didn't see this coming.... on 19:27 - Dec 6 with 373 viewsMattinLondon

I never really understand why, in a footballing context, people use the term British.

Footballing wise, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish players/managers are as foreign as for example, Italian and Icelandic players.

Saying that I didn’t expect Watford to appoint him.

Didn't see this coming.... on 19:29 - Dec 6 with 365 viewsC_HealyIsAPleasure

Not sure why you’re putting emphasis on British there, seeing as British managers have been 6 of the last 8 permanent appointments in the PL

Highlighting crass stupidity since sometime around 2010
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