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de Bruyne 17:17 - Jan 12 with 419 viewsHerbivore

What a player. That ball for Jesus just now has me flying at half mast, I'm not gonna lie.

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de Bruyne on 17:23 - Jan 12 with 397 viewsm14_blue

Ridiculously good.

He does it all the time too, sees passes that no other players would.

Brilliant to watch.

de Bruyne on 17:27 - Jan 12 with 383 viewsTRUE_BLUE123

Best midfielder in the world. Incredible player

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de Bruyne on 17:33 - Jan 12 with 360 viewsBackToRussia

Zidane was a better goal scorer but he is at that level for me.

TWTD CP. Evans Out.
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de Bruyne on 17:46 - Jan 12 with 334 viewsGarv

Yep. Outrageous.

On quality/delivery he is the best the Premier League has seen by some way. On a plate every time.

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de Bruyne on 17:49 - Jan 12 with 323 viewsBanksterDebtSlave

....but does he do candles?

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de Bruyne on 18:02 - Jan 12 with 303 viewsKeaneish

First pick in my fantasy league draft this season - absolute class.

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