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7 Up 21:07 - Feb 5 with 480 viewsfooters

The programme, not the drink.

Hadn't seen it before this week but spent the last few days watching through them. Must say it was pretty interesting following the lives of the children involved as they matured into adulthood. Given that the first programme wasn't that long ago in real terms, it's incredible to think how much this country's changed in such a short space of time. Some of the kids' attitudes on race, gender roles and class were especially eye-opening to a more modern audience.

Comforting to see that no matter your age, class or background that we all share the similar fears, hopes, anxieties and bumps along the way. Trite as that sounds!

Wish more telly could be like this :)

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7 Up on 21:14 - Feb 5 with 441 viewsHARRY10

I thought at first it was a scandal involving Snow White

7 Up on 21:17 - Feb 5 with 434 viewsitfcjoe

One of my parents close friends was very close to being on this, I think his parents pulled him out at last minute.

Wonder how that would have changed his life

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7 Up on 22:42 - Feb 5 with 338 viewsLankHenners

Agree, it's very very interesting.

Michael Apted getting shown up quite a bit in the last one when he's challenged on his views on gender roles by a couple of the women was good as I thought his questioning of them when they were young was the sort of thing you 'wouldn't get away with' these days.

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