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Bonfire lighters 21:26 - May 19 with 653 viewsWestStanderLaLaLa

Complete wànkers.

Bonfire lighters on 21:34 - May 19 with 627 viewsfooters

Look, these tyres need getting rid of. Just close your windows.

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Bonfire lighters on 21:37 - May 19 with 618 viewsMelford

Especially at he moment when there's loads of people stuck at home sat in their gardens due to a virus that causes extreme breathing difficulties. I don't have a lot of trouble with my asthma but I always suffer from it when there's a bonfire about, even more so when it's a boiling hot windless day like today.

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Bonfire lighters on 22:42 - May 19 with 524 viewsbritbiker

Also fire pit users. Thought they were a good idea but boy do they stink. Glad I decided not to buy one. Just one alight stinks out the whole cul de sac.

Thought the government were going to tighten up the regulations on log burners in the home. They look nice but are becoming very common. I know the logs used are cleaner than the old coal fire places but just when we are finally rid of smoky chimneys, everyone is converting to burning logs.
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Bonfire lighters on 07:24 - May 20 with 388 viewsBlueBadger

Scum, subhuman scum.

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