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Seb is far too excited 09:27 - Oct 10 with 306 viewsNewcyBlue

There’s a bit of a delay with Michael getting out of Special Care Baby Unit, he’s just not put on enough weight.

So MrsN is coming home with Madeleine. She needs to come home really. She’s been in hospital barring the week or less that she was kicked out of Sunderland hospital after the twins were born.

So they’re home for the next two nights. Seb is so excited to meet his sister.

He’s currently trying to find “the right pair of jeans” to wear...

I said to him “Mate, she’s not even 4 weeks old. You don’t have to make that much of an effort”

“I want to” was his reply.

God help him when he is older.

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Seb is far too excited on 09:41 - Oct 10 with 262 viewsBlueBadger

Great news.

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Seb is far too excited on 10:15 - Oct 10 with 221 viewsBanksterDebtSlave

The correct answer is the scruffiest pair.....preferably wipe clean!

"They break our legs and tell us to be grateful when they offer us crutches."
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Seb is far too excited on 10:27 - Oct 10 with 207 viewsfactual_blue

Get him a pair of bespoke jeans from Rabbie Denim in Glasgow.

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