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The rollercoaster continues 21:02 - Nov 8 with 477 viewsNewcyBlue

I don’t really know where to start.

The twins are breastfed with bottle top ups of expressed bottle milk. This is an important detail in our life right now, and important detail for what’s to come.

We sort of found a routine, MrsN tries to do what she can by herself from around 2200-0100, feeds, nappy changes, winding, settling etc, then we do it as a team until 0500ish, whereupon I take the twins downstairs for some time with them and give them expressed breast milk by bottle.

Usually between 2200-0100 I will wake up at every feed and ask if help is needed, do some nappies, etc.

I’ve been redecorating two of the bedrooms this last week. When I have had time.

During the week MrsN had a bit of shock when she went to express and there was very little milk came out. This became an unhealthy focus.

What happened before this was that the twins went on a growth spurt and started marathon feeding. Long feeds. They also started cluster feeding. Where they started doing lots of little feeds over a short space of time.

This drained the breast milk.

Unfortunately, MrsN went from being able to express 130ml of milk to around 30ml of milk. She was then convinced that her supply had gone, and it was her fault due to the bottle supplementation when she was tired.

A few days of intermittent crying and angst ensued. I suggested a breastfeeding expert or lactation consultant. Luckily she got an appointment with one she knows at her hospital.

On the day of the appointment, she wanted to cancel. I wouldn’t allow it.

Breastfeeding has been an extremely frustrating experience for MrsN. She’s been using nipple shields because the twins are so small. The nursing team said the babies were too small to not use them. I suggested we work on getting away from the shields anyway. MrsN wasn’t in the right frame of mind so said no.

The twins would get frustrated due to the extra work required with the shields. They would knock the shields off. MrsN would get frustrated. This was a vicious circle. The babies picked up on MrsN’s frustration. It was horrible to watch.

The breastfeeding pillow was another frustration. She just couldn’t get the right position on the bed. Too high, wrong angle, wrong feeling. It’s a £90 twin breastfeeding pillow.

I ended up buying another, barely used, second hand. Pulled out the insides and butchered it. It was a win. It worked. We now have one for the bed and one for the sofa downstairs.

After the appointment, she got home and breastfed the twins without the shields. And has done so ever since. She’s happier during the breastfeeding. She talks to the twins with a different tone, instead of pleading with them, instead of being frustrated, she talks encouragingly.

She’s starting to enjoy it all. It’s been a hard week. I’m cooking, cleaning, redecorating and moving furniture. Doing Dad stuff like nappies and bottles. Having time with Seb.

I keep telling MrsN her job is to feed the babies and make the milk. Anything else is a bonus.

The twins suffer badly with reflux. Michael especially. Sometimes a feed will come right back up.

The hard work and the sleeplessness is all worth it for the moments I get holding them in my arms and they fall asleep whilst I hold them tight and tell them how much I love them.

The twins due date was Friday, they were born 14th September. That’s how early they were. Crazy early.

At the last weigh, Michael was 1.9kgs, Madeleine was 2.47kgs. Still tiny. Teamwork is getting us there, MrsN, Seb, the twins, and me, all working together as unit.

Seb has really taken to the twins. I’ve redecorated the small bedroom and moved him in there, putting a small TV at the end of his bed. He’s delighted. I want him to have his own space. As time goes on, that’s going to be important to him.

As always TWTD, be good to each other.

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The rollercoaster continues on 21:05 - Nov 8 with 456 viewsm14_blue

Sounds like you’re all doing brilliantly.

Enjoy your lovely family NB, you all deserve it!

The rollercoaster continues on 21:35 - Nov 8 with 410 viewsPendejo

I am in a difficult position with all this, I asked the wife to say a prayer or two for you all. Thankfully, it appears they worked, once lockdown is over I have to go to her church as penance.

All the best to you all.
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uberima fides
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