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Norwood off 20:36 - Nov 24 with 325 viewsDyland


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Norwood off on 20:37 - Nov 24 with 310 viewsTown_Boy

He’s a tactical genius

At the end of the day... It is night
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Norwood off on 20:38 - Nov 24 with 291 viewsDubtractor

By far our best player.

Depressing though that on a couple of occasions when he has got onto through balls in wide positions, that there has been no one else near the box and he has had to take on a pretty ambitious shot.

I was born underwater, I dried out in the sun. I started humping volcanoes baby, when I was too young.
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Norwood off on 20:38 - Nov 24 with 288 viewsDanTheMan

Good job we kept Judge on, he'll be the one to save us.

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Norwood off on 20:38 - Nov 24 with 271 viewsportmanroadblue

shocking decision, and Bennett was doing fine too.

Norwood off on 20:42 - Nov 24 with 212 viewsSwansea_Blue

I loved Mick's rueful sigh when he went off. How to communicate utter contempt for a decision without saying anything.

And as Mick said at the start "He can't continue to bluff his way through".

He shouldn't be allowed to. For once, Marcus needs to wake the fk up. I'm not holding my breath though, as non-action is Evans' trademark.

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Norwood off on 20:43 - Nov 24 with 190 viewsWallingford_Boy

He was done, can’t blame him either.

Bennett’s off was weird though.

RIP Sir Bobby


Norwood off on 20:45 - Nov 24 with 138 viewsericclacton

What on earth is going on Mr Lambert?

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