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Nigel Pearson 12:54 - Dec 2 with 972 viewsBlueBlood90

I'm not quite sure how but this story appeared on my Google homepage this morning.


An article from 2012 of Nigel Pearson talking about how disappointed he was not to be given the Ipswich job back in 2006 when Jim got the job.

Talks about how it's a lovely club and area with links to his wife's family. Not sure if that is still the case all these years later but it got me thinking that he's very much a Marcus Evans 'type' of manager. He's experienced with a decent CV.

Recently did brilliant at Watford and the team he pretty much assembled at Leicester won the Premier League the year after he left.

What do we think? Is he somebody we could get behind? (All hypothetical of course).

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Nigel Pearson on 13:25 - Dec 2 with 815 viewsCrayonKing

Wouldn't be my first choice (I think Cowley is a better fit all round) but certainly wouldn't be disappointed.

I reckon he'll get a big Championship job, or even another Premier League firefighting job though so doubt we could attract him anyway.

Nigel Pearson on 13:39 - Dec 2 with 740 viewsGarv

Don't particularly like him but he's good on paper.

Doubt we'd get him.

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Nigel Pearson on 13:41 - Dec 2 with 720 viewsm14_blue

Can’t we just have a manager who isn’t a total bellend for once?*

*MM being the exception that proves the rule

Nigel Pearson on 13:42 - Dec 2 with 713 viewsitfcpaul

It's unlikley, I think we will end up with KD in charge if anything for this season with TB etc helping him out. Would be nice to think we could get one of Paul Cook, Cowleys, Pearson or Nigel Clough (yes I know he has a job and we wont pay compensation) but we wont

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Nigel Pearson on 14:41 - Dec 2 with 615 viewsmonty_radio

Nigel Pearson on 13:41 - Dec 2 by m14_blue

Can’t we just have a manager who isn’t a total bellend for once?*

*MM being the exception that proves the rule

Although, when questioned about his regard for past managers and who was the rudest or least cooperative, Phil did put him at the top of his list so it wasn't just "snowflakes" who found his attitude unpleasant.

Many who now raise the issue of club management of communal and relational aspects were (and would be happy) to put up with MM because he kept us just about afloat. But some of those now seem to find P.L.'s behaviour an issue in part perhaps because it comes linked with poor results i.e. he has no slack to be cut

It would help to restore us in terms of our accessibility as a club if the next manager wasn't yet another cut from the cloth of old-school autocrat, though that's what you so often get if you turn to a manager purely because of their past acts of success or salvation.
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Nigel Pearson on 17:11 - Dec 2 with 359 viewsBluespeed225

A matter of finance at the time, Jim just retired, dropped straight in, happy to get a job straight away, knew the Club and what he had to play with money wise, and a lot cheaper I would imagine than Pearson.Of course, this was pre Evans, and now the matters of finance are still there, just different!

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