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Whilst I dont agree with most of ME's statement.. 11:45 - Dec 4 with 235 viewsMarshalls_Mullet

...I can understand why he was trying to trot some of his side of the story out. What kills it for me is to troll the fans in a passive aggressive manner. The old 'neatly summed up by the term BCWYWF'.

That just beggars belief, and shows his true character and feeling towards the club and fans.

How that wasn't edited out god only knows.

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Whilst I dont agree with most of ME's statement.. on 11:55 - Dec 4 with 192 viewsMalcolmBlue

He's sanctioned this dire style of football thinking it's what the fans wanted. His main problem is he's not a football man and he's, unfortunately for the future of the club, put too much faith in the fans' wishes (or at least his/Lambert's interpretation of what the fans' wishes were).

In reality, I do believe that had he financially backed Mick I don't think we'd be in the mess we're in now.
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Whilst I dont agree with most of ME's statement.. on 12:01 - Dec 4 with 169 viewsTieDyedIn95

He hung Mick out to dry by forcing him to work with the 5th or 6th lowest budget in that league year on year. Mick had more than proven himself by 2015 that he knew how to spot decent players and characters and make it work, but the best players were sold underneath him and he wasn't given a fraction of that back. He got freebies, loans and kids to keep us up. Even in his last season he brought players in who delivered. Had we kept our best and brightest and was given a little cash to bring in say 2 or 3 star players that could work alongside the decent players we had we'd have made the playoffs year on year. Just look how close we were in 2015-16 as well. But Marcus CHOSE not to invest and now it's our fault Mick has moved on (after his contract wasn't renewed by EVANS!!) and things haven taken an even bigger slide since he's had even more involvement with the club.

Are there any mirrors in Marcus's mansion?
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