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What is it with these goons? 19:51 - Jan 16 with 575 viewsSmithy

Do they think we all walk around with a white stick, or are that stupid that we are going to buy into their verbal diarrhoea. If that was a fantastic performance its little wonder we do not improve if that is put over to the players that that is acceptable. Why would they up their performance if they are told that was fantastic and just going through the motions each week and having one attempt on goal is good enough to earn their thousands of pounds a week, it simply defies logic. Say it as it is, you may even gain an ounce of respect from the supporters, that was not good enough and we should be a whole lot better than that end of.

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What is it with these goons? on 20:04 - Jan 16 with 497 viewsOldsmoker

Maybe the other teams drag us down to their level and then when we meet a top 6 decent side we can't raise our game.
Or is it that we're not very good 'cos the manager hasn't got a clue.
Or is it that the manager is scottish and no-one can understand a word he's saying?

I think it's the last one.

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What is it with these goons? on 21:23 - Jan 16 with 395 viewsBlueBadger

In all fairness, we spent most of a season losing limply and people not only lapped it ups they rushed out to buy season tickets.

They're probably still wondering why its not like that anymore.

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