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All these Cornish shows on TV 13:19 - Jan 26 with 357 viewshype313

The past few weeks it seems like we have been hit with about 4 different shows about Cornwall, Julia Bradbury, Simon Reeve, Devon and Cornwall and the Fishing one, add Rick Stein's show it seems we are getting hit from all angles!

I didn't realise that Cornwall is one of , if not, the most deprived area of the UK, and Northern Europe if you look at the below.

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All these Cornish shows on TV on 13:48 - Jan 26 with 282 viewstractorboyjames

I was trying to find the underlying statistics, to decipher what I'm actually looking at.

Is this just regional GDP, or is it GDP PPP?

GDP per capita is a fairly blunt measure as it doesn't take into account living costs. I.e. most of the places under poorest are fairly rural areas, clearly agricultural and associated industries do not pay as high salaries as for example financial services which will make up a high percentage of Inner London incomes.

Contrastingly the cost of living in Cornwall is much lower than Vienna!

Perhaps GDP PPP or the number of people living in poverty would be more relevant?

All these Cornish shows on TV on 14:35 - Jan 26 with 243 viewsNthQldITFC

Cornwall is rich in many of the things that matter most, which doesn't necessarily include the things that Worldwide Financial Planning thinks are important.

The only thing I know is that I might be wrong about everything else.
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