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BELIEVE! 18:29 - Feb 27 with 658 viewsThe_Romford_Blue

I know nothing has happened yet.. I know that. But this is genuinely the most enthusiastic and excited I’ve been about the club in years.

EvansOut! and to a lesser extent Lambert going are two huge things for us as a football club. I woke up this morning and genuinely wanted to be at the stadium. Still didn’t pay for a stream though as part of my season long protest. But it’s nice to be excited about the club again.

Up the Town!

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BELIEVE! on 18:34 - Feb 27 with 557 viewsNthsuffolkblue

It's about as excited as I have been about the club since we signed Chopra ... or since we signed Priskin ... or since we first heard Evans was going to steamroll us to the Premier League and Europe.

Sorry to put that dampener on it but it is the hope that kills you.

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BELIEVE! on 18:38 - Feb 27 with 493 viewsblueprint

This is the most enthusiastic I’ve been since Evans took over.

BELIEVE! on 18:42 - Feb 27 with 441 viewsChurchman

Exactly the same for me.

BELIEVE! on 18:42 - Feb 27 with 423 viewsIllinoisblue

Cautiously optimistic but this being the banter era, plenty of time for the deal to go all tits up.

62 - 78 - 81


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