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Connecting IPad to TV 18:05 - Mar 4 with 843 viewsThe_Snake

Do any of you clever people know if it’s possible to watch iFollow by connecting iPad to tv via hdmi cable?
Connecting IPad to TV on 18:10 - Mar 4 with 816 viewsIllinoisblue

In theory yes, but I always have audio issues when doing it

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Connecting IPad to TV on 18:19 - Mar 4 with 780 viewsLord_Lucan

Not sure about ipad but I bought an app for my Macbook that lets you mirror your screen to the tele

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Connecting IPad to TV on 18:20 - Mar 4 with 767 viewsbluefunk

It’s possible using an expensive adaptor from Apple

Connecting IPad to TV on 18:24 - Mar 4 with 749 viewsyoungy288

I use an app called Fire TV from my iPhone

Connecting IPad to TV on 18:26 - Mar 4 with 743 viewsMetal_Hacker

Yeah we do it but it’s via the apple tv thingy

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Connecting IPad to TV on 18:28 - Mar 4 with 739 viewsBasuco

Basuco jnr told me you can put press conferences and highlights on to TV with an HDMI to IPad converter cable, but not the match, you have to use a laptop with the screens mirrored to watch on TV. Unless anyone known's better.

Connecting IPad to TV on 18:31 - Mar 4 with 734 viewsyoungy288

Do you have a smart tv?

If so can you just open the website on the tv?

Connecting IPad to TV on 18:33 - Mar 4 with 728 viewsITFCed

Yes we do this, bought a cable for around £12 to connect the iPad and tv

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Connecting IPad to TV on 19:12 - Mar 4 with 640 viewsITFCMonk

I know you can connect a laptop to a TV through HD lead, but don't know about that.

Connecting IPad to TV on 19:15 - Mar 4 with 616 viewsThe_Snake

Thanks for the advice!

Connecting IPad to TV on 20:12 - Mar 4 with 533 viewsearlsgreenblue

Yes you can buy an hdmi connector dongle & it also allows charging through it at the same time, can be useful, but I use the Apple TV box &“ swipe down from the top right corner” it opens a screen with volume, brightness etc.
Now on that screen it has a screen mirroring Tab as well, hit that & what’s on the iPad appears on the screen along with the audio.
When it drops out & trust me it will, I find I have to go to the audio listen tab on ifollow connect to that then go back & if resets its self & the picture is normally good, I connect via a high speed VPN server in Lisbon for my best service, but that’s the penalty for living in the sun.🌞

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