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Existing shareholders 13:11 - Apr 7 with 1438 viewsnodge_blue

I never thought Id see a penny back from the shares I bought at the time. I just saw it as a way of keeping the football club afloat when we could have gone bust.

However......now that it looks like we will be made an offer I assume that the roughly 10% of shareholders will get offered roughly 10% of the 40 mil sale price?

Better than the piece of paper that I currently have in the lounge in a frame!

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Existing shareholders on 22:16 - Apr 8 with 128 viewsnodge_blue

Existing shareholders on 20:45 - Apr 8 by noggin

Have the new owners said they want to buy supporters shares? I won't be selling unless it's at least 10 x face value.
[Post edited 8 Apr 21:40]

It was part of the deal that they have to offer shareholders the same pro rata rate they are buying Evans out for

Poll: best attacking central midfielder?

Existing shareholders on 02:06 - Apr 9 with 78 viewsEireannach_gorm

Existing shareholders on 13:34 - Apr 7 by WeWereZombies

I think it depends on what offer they make, and I suspect they will offer a small premium on their actual worth so that they can mop up minority shareholdings that could become problematic should the already complex arrangements get even more convoluted and the minority somehow have a power to tip things one way or another. Also the removal of a maximum number of minority shareholders will reduce administration costs. Off the top of my head I would say that anything less than fifty quid will not be enough to make me part with the shareholding, just for the sentimental value.

Totally agree on the sentiment front. I have shares in a company I used to work for who got me out of a hole in my life and they are practically worthless. I won't be selling them anyway for the same reason. Some things money can't buy.........

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