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Geordie (Ipswich punk legend) RIP 22:38 - Apr 9 with 697 viewsstringy

Alas an Ipswich legend has left us - Peter McGlen Davison, aka Geordie (despite being a massive Sunderland fan), father of Pete and Kid of The Adicts, whom he managed from 1976-1989, and the man who put on the first punk gig in Ipswich (and many thereafter, and was a regular behind the bar at Murrayside YC in those heady days).

He was my 'in' to the scene, as our English class had all written short pieces for submission to the Star's junior reporter page in the early 80's and my small music scene blurb had been picked up (despite my teacher trying to 'correct' the spelling to Addicts). One day in class the school secretary came to our classroom to get me as there was a phone call to the school for me; it was Geordie who was chuffed with the coverage and hoped I could get more stuff on the band into the paper. He invited me to join them on a coach trip down to London the next weekend when The Adicts were supporting Gary Glitter at the Lyceum.

So I brought a couple of mates along and nervously got on the coach with all the colourful haired and fishnet stockinged crew I'd seen at distance at gigs in the Gaumont, PO stairs etc. To my red-faced mortification Geordie got me to stand up on the bus on the way down ton introduce me to everyone. No going back after that and saw The Adicts a ton of times thereafter, often going down in the van or coach with Geordie.

Lovely fellow. RIP

Geordie (Ipswich punk legend) RIP on 23:06 - Apr 9 with 609 viewsSmithersJones

Remember him well. As a dad, what a cool thing to manage your two sons in a punk band. RIP Geordie.

Geordie (Ipswich punk legend) RIP on 23:12 - Apr 9 with 599 viewsGaryCooper

Huge part of my teenage years, band bus and minibus to gigs with the promise of free entry next time, the Lyceum Adicts gig was a night to remember. RIP

Geordie (Ipswich punk legend) RIP on 01:49 - Apr 10 with 461 viewsfloridablue

Should've been an up vote! Nice story and memories.

Geordie (Ipswich punk legend) RIP on 07:51 - Apr 10 with 360 viewsGeoffSentence

As a school kid heading to a Gary Glitter concert, you were right to be nervous.

Out damned scot Out I say
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