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Rivals talking about us.... 23:52 - Jul 5 with 1857 viewsgtsb1966

Rivals talking about us.... on 07:17 - Jul 6 with 1245 viewsVic

Interesting to get other supporters perspective. Not overly taken with us and our business so far are they! But it’s a very small sample and several sound as if they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Pretty typical forum really and shows that TWTD is a cut above the rest - full of unbiased, knowledgeable insight

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Rivals talking about us.... on 07:32 - Jul 6 with 1154 viewsOldboy

The Witch (supposed Ipswich fan) reckons "loads of Ipswich fans aren't sure of him either" ? I know a few have expressed a doubt or 2, but not loads. They don't seem to confident of their chances, which is good news. Crap site and more moaners than here.

Rivals talking about us.... on 10:18 - Jul 6 with 743 viewsfarkenhell

Off-topic, but I particularly like this comment:

"Managing Ipswich was a footnote in [Jackie] Milburn’s illustrious career.
And managing Newcastle was to Robson’s."

Nothing beats a bit of local rivalry bias!

Rivals talking about us.... on 10:30 - Jul 6 with 661 viewsArnieM

I cant see that we are doing anything wrong! Were not overstepping the FFP rules as far as I can see. We've sacked just about every player we had from previous what's the issue with them , unless its the little green man of jealousy taking over? Which i get to a degree, but frankly I don't care ...its OUR TURN to be successful now . I think 20 years in the doldrums is enough for our fans , don't you ?

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Rivals talking about us.... on 10:33 - Jul 6 with 644 viewsJuggsy

I live up here. Believe me, their knowledge outside of Sunderland is pretty poor!

Rivals talking about us.... on 10:38 - Jul 6 with 620 viewsclive_baker

Bit of a mixed bag that thread isn't it? Some fair comments amongst some absolute dross.

Cook clearly has a good record at this level, but that doesn't guarantee him success here. We're pulling together a very nice looking squad though IMO, and getting a few of those signings we're linked with over the line might just take us to that next level. Having said that, if I were sat here looking at Sunderland's business and they had signed Penney, Harper, Hladky and Bonne on loan I don't think I would be shaking with envy. Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased we've got them and look forward to seeing what they can do, but it's funny how you can get more excited about players once they arrive, as you perhaps learn a little more about them. I think a lot of us probably haven't seen much of Harper for example, but he's one that I think could really make a difference.

As it stands today, if you were being ultra cynical we've probably got a cheaper squad now than the one that finished last season. We've reinvested the Dozzell fee in Hladky, Burns and Harper, and the salaries of the joiners will be far outweighed by the massive list of departures.

To move the needle from good / top 6 to very good / top 2 I would like to see us signing players like Crooks, Celina, perhaps Appiah. Who knows, we might even find ourselves with Downes still here. If we start the season with 3 or 4 of those players in the squad, or of that ilk, I'll be very excited. The noises are really promising in terms of the level of ambition we're showing.


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