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Off topic: eBay advice. 15:03 - Jul 16 with 761 viewsNthQldITFC

I have put an car on eBay as a classified ad. I didn't really know what the right price was as it is a bit of a special case, so I picked a number and allowed 'Best Offers'. Now I find I am inundated with offers including quite a few at the full asking price. It looks like I have undervalued it probably.

Is it acceptable (morally or as far as eBay are concerned) to ask those interested if they would pay a little more? If not do I just pick the first one who offered the full amount and invite them to come and have a look at it?

Thanks in advance for any advice from more seasoned eBayers!

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Off topic: eBay advice. on 15:39 - Jul 16 with 685 viewsZx1988

I've had a similar situation selling things on Facebook Marketplace where the level of interest I've received has suggested I've underpriced the item.

Can you cancel the listing and re-list it at a higher price?

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Off topic: eBay advice. on 15:41 - Jul 16 with 678 viewsMedwayTractor

I've sold quite a lot of other stuff as well as three cars on ebay, but by auction. My guess is that if your listing asks for best offers, you are free to go back to all bidders, stating the position (ie multiple offers at the initial asking price) and ask for best bids. Your problem is that the car hasn't been inspected yet, so perhaps your first step should be to invite inspections, then go to best bids.

The alternative, as it seems that you might have an idea of the true value now, and if ebay allows it (I'm not sure about that), would be to withdraw the car from sale and re-list it for auction, with a good, but realistic, reserve.

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Off topic: eBay advice. on 15:44 - Jul 16 with 670 viewsCoastalblue

But this car has a small fault that you need to fix for piece of mind before you sell it doesn't it?

There must be an option to cancel the listing while you get the chromework polished, you've not agreed to sell anything to anybody at this point?

Maybe relist as an auction in a few days with the starting prrice a little under what you listed it at currently? Fault free by now of course.

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Off topic: eBay advice. on 17:15 - Jul 16 with 595 viewsfactual_blue

Torch it and claim the insurance.

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Off topic: eBay advice. on 19:01 - Jul 16 with 535 viewsSouperJim

Just cancel the listing (item no longer available for sale or similar) and then relist in a few days.

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Off topic: eBay advice. on 22:42 - Jul 16 with 448 viewsThe_Last_Baron

When it comes to selling cars on the internet, I would advise you to not be greedy. It is more important to sell to someone who is honest, reliable and will keep their side of the deal, as opposed to a chancer who offers you £200 more but who ends up messing you about.

I sold a car recently on Gumtree. 5 mins after listing it I got a call from a man who offered me 90% of the asking price. He seemed genuine and I did the deal verbally and said he could pick it up three days later. the car was worth 20% more than what I was selling it for so I knew he was getting a good deal but so what.

I was then plagued by people wanting to buy it - most offering me more than the asking price, one by 50%.

I kept my word and sold it to the first man and it couldn't have went any smoother. Not a problem.

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Off topic: eBay advice. on 10:22 - Jul 17 with 331 viewsfabian_illness

Use ‘we buy any car’ for a rough online valuation to see whether your asking price is somewhere in the region. That will be base trade.

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