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Relegation six-pointer Tuesday 16:33 - Sep 25 with 364 viewsIllinoisblue

These are the days

62 - 78 - 81

Relegation six-pointer Tuesday on 16:34 - Sep 25 with 343 viewsBlueBadger

The Match Day Experience is OFF THE SCALE, right now.

Mullet Gtsb Blue badger Bloots N2 Blue ITFC Joe …and the rest. Do you not understand that these forums have massive sway these days? You’ve killed it. We may go on to bigger better things, who knows? Your bitching and whining on here is picked up and has a massive ripple effect. Fking knobs the lot of you. For weeks you’ve been stamping your feet like little girls and it gets picked up when all you needed to do was ride it out for a bit. Pathetic. Cook always comes good, he always has done, talk to any Pompey, Wigan or Chesterfield fan. I’m in Pompey tonight and they’re all shaking their heads. Dkheads the lot of you. Happy to get banned on the back of this. You’re ridiculous. The ramifications are massive which may be placated with money but fk me; learn to kick a ball and know what you’re talking about before you lash out in anger. A massive shame and a massive shame on you. Cook is working hard. What are you doing other than idly pointing fingers and drawing on nonsense stats. Nothing but contempt for you lot and your baseless insights into football when you’ve never even kicked a ball.
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Relegation six-pointer Tuesday on 16:53 - Sep 25 with 207 viewsgiant_ullaa

At least you lot have some points.

Has anyone ever looked at their own postings for last day or so? Oh my... so sorry.
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