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A New Season, A New Reason To Sing
A New Season, A New Reason To Sing
Friday, 14th Aug 2009 16:10

CaughtInTheBrambles says Section 6 will be back at Portman Road as the new season starts with increased numbers, more banners and the same enthusiasm for singing in support of Ipswich Town.

Section 6 will be in the North Stand Lower every game this season, the proposed trial of situating ourserlves in the South Stand (or Churchmans for us die-hards) is a non-starter, it is opposed by the police and club safety officials, so the North Stand it is.

Section 6 is a fans group aiming to bring the atmosphere back to Portman Road and add colour to the ground, we sing ALL game and our repertoire of songs is expanding. We currently have the support of the club as they realise how important an effect atmosphere has on team performance on the pitch.

Where is Section 6?

Section 6 is in the lower North Stand, right at the end next to the Cobbold Stand, you should hear us before you see us during a game. There is usually lots of room there, so if the incessant griping and endless misery of the fans around you start to annoy you and you would rather sing than listen to their inane drivel, come and join us.

If you want to book a match ticket in Section 6.

Please do so, book a seat as far towards the wall as possible and towards the back.

I just moved my ticket to the South Stand for tomorrows game, what do I do now?

Go onto the Section 6 forum and PM markyitfc, he will email the names to the club and you will be able to swap back.

Go to our forum at for more information.

Sing your hearts out for the lads!

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dobbie73 added 16:21 - Aug 14
Hopefully the new Keane era means that fans will be more up for it than last season and not need prompting to sing, but nevertheless all noise is welcome, so well done S6! Looking forward to a good atmosphere at Portman Road tomorrow, which would be helped by shipping the away fans up the North end of the Cobbold Stand ... <RESTART DEBATE HERE>

haynes_is_a_ledgend added 16:36 - Aug 14
yh a bit of atmosphere would be nice

noggin added 16:42 - Aug 14
Keep up the good work lads and ignore the pricks who slate you. I'll come and join you on my rare visits to the UK.

BlueBagel added 17:10 - Aug 14
You boys are brilliant - keep it up - there are 3 of us with season tickets in S6 who'll be singing along every game.


byronitfc added 17:32 - Aug 14
good work S6

Back_The_Boss added 18:06 - Aug 14
The atmosphere this year will be the best for a long while

MCGOODERZ added 18:08 - Aug 14
What's section 6?

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 18:48 - Aug 14
Tried to post this on your S6 web site, but it didn't work, so I'll post it here: We really need to get the noise and atmosphere back, and I support your efforts all the way. Never mind about the S. Stand. Maybe later, if they see what you can do in the North, they may join in. (A particularly Swedish phenomenon is for two opposite stands (i.e. both supporting the same team) to egg on each other by exchanging chants, or singing alternate verses etc.) Try to get some flags and banners going (obviously with the required floppy plastic handles or whatever, so they are not a "safety issue.") Try to come up with some original material, not just the usual neanderthal level of abusing the opposition. That way, some of the more conservative areas of the ground are more likely to join in. Keep up the good work and good luck! :)

Notts_tractor added 19:24 - Aug 14
All the best to you. We really need S6 to take off this season, and you should be given every encouragement. Let's show Keano PR is no prawn sandwich ground!

MarkITFC added 20:33 - Aug 14
Be good to get the songs going, me and my m8 r sitting In north upper so hope we sign there dnt wanna be the only ones.

BrightBlue added 22:20 - Aug 14

Really looking forward to tomorrows game, lets hope its the start of something special!

Roy Keanes Barmy Army!

rory293 added 06:28 - Aug 15
*wishes he was old enough to sit with the big boys :(* lol.
Last years support (bar S6) was DIRE. Definately looking forward to having a good sing along today, although i think the fact we're a 'family club' with children sat more or less everywhere limits that in some areas of the ground. I know real support isn't all F's and C's, but nevertheless its frustrating not being able to go mad for fear of p*ssing someones daddy off.
I think moving the away fans would be a great idea if im honest, but i dont know how the police and safety staff at the ground will feel about that one.

wark_on_water added 08:18 - Aug 15

wark_on_water added 08:28 - Aug 15
rory293 - good point about away fans. I can't see a problem with moving them too. Obviously it's easier for police to have them up in cobbled stand out of the way, but it doesn't lend itself to good atmosphere. Also, lots of clubs have segregation within the same stand and divide them by police or stewards and that plastic netting. It would limit the capacity a little, but a small price for a better atmosphere!

rory293 added 08:45 - Aug 15
It was dobbies point, not mine. And if they were moved to our corner of Cobbold stand then we wouldnt need any more of a barrier than we already have. They'd still be sat by the Cobbold stand fans as they are now, and would be seperated from North stand by the gap between the two.
Only problem is if we see sides like Millwall or Leeds, because i dont want to be down there when it starts raining coins and golfballs.
Also there are now ALOT of younger kids that sit with parents and grandparents upper north stand, and I dont know how they'd react to any 'heated' close up confrontations with away fans. Though really, if they want to shelter their children they should sit in Brittania.

mattyblue added 11:28 - Aug 15
Well done lads. Make some noise! However, everyone else must remember this doesn't mean you just rely on S6. There's plenty everybody else can do as well. I'm in Block 5 near the back and there are probably 20-30 of us that sing, however there are lots of grumpy people around us who look at us like we're idiots.
WAKE UP PEOPLE! We are a big club, we need big support! we need the team to be enthusiastic and get stuck in so we as the 12th man must do likewise!


Havit_Blue added 11:49 - Aug 17
We need a big Drum......One guy at Whiteheart lane works well. No bands like they tried before. COYB. and no taking the pi%% out of warnock tomoz night about the Goal / No goal.............

MCGOODERZ added 00:59 - Aug 19
What's section 6?

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