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Keane: Press Reaction Over the Top
Keane: Press Reaction Over the Top
Tuesday, 23rd Mar 2010 08:31

Boss Roy Keane says the press reaction to him keeping the squad behind in the dressing room after the Watford game was over the top. Keane was less than impressed with the display at Vicarage Road last Tuesday and shut his players in the dressing room for 90 minutes after the match.

Keane said: “I think there’s been a reaction over the last few days - as there always is regarding myself - really over the top stuff about me locking players in dressing rooms, as if other players haven’t done it.

“Me pressing panic buttons, a load of nonsense, certain players will never play for the club again, really negative stuff the last few days which has really disappointed me from certain parts of the media, but then again that shouldn’t surprise me.”

The Blues boss says that while he was tough on his team at Watford, that isn’t always his approach to man-management: “We have put our arms around a lot of the players, particularly at the start of the season, but the other night needed something a bit different.

“I’ve been a player myself, sometimes I needed an arm put around me, I very rarely got it, and other times I was given what I deserved and I took it on board.

“When I was a young player I made a mistake at Crystal Palace and Brian Clough smacked me in the mouth and he was dead right. It was the best thing he ever did to me.

“People think I’m always over the top with my players. I don’t think I am. I think I’ve always been very, very fair with them.”

Keane says that last Thursday’s aside about punching his players was taken out of context by some sections of the media: “Last week I said that about me throwing punches tongue in cheek, and all of a sudden I want to be punching my players. It’s crazy, obviously you can’t be doing that.”

The former Forest midfielder revealed more about the incident with Clough: “He did it because he felt I shouldn’t have backpassed it to the goalkeeper and he was probably right.

“It was a replay in the FA Cup, John Salako scored with the last kick of the game. It was the goal which made John Salako when he scored from 45 yards out.

“I still haven’t forgiven Mark Crossley because he took about 40 seconds to run back about 20 yards, but ‘Norm’ was quite a big lad.

“[With Brian Clough] that was a situation that happened and I think it was right, but obviously you can’t be doing that.

“Brian Clough went on the pitch against QPR and smacked a few fans! That was Brian Clough's way, he was a genius and he was able to get away with it, but obviously you can’t be doing that, I know that!”

Keane says players don't all react the same way to various styles of managment: “You have to treat every player differently. Some players will respond to it depending on their personality, but I still think the good players and the good characters will react in a positive way no matter which way you have a go at them.

“A good character will just stick his chest out and say ‘I can take that no problem, I’ll show you in the next game’, and that’s what the players did on Saturday.

“But that’s history. We won a game of football [on Saturday], we’ve not won enough of them this season and it’s about winning football matches, particularly the close matches. We’ve come up short in a lot of the close games. We’re nearly a good team, so we’ve got a bit to go as yet.”

The Blues boss says that it’s not just the games on which his players are judged: “The media and fans will focus on what goes on on match day, but we train most days of the week as well and it’s about their attitude and mentality in training, attitude to the staff, attitude to wanting to improve as a player. You generally get the rewards on a match day.

“We’re always looking at the overall package, particularly with the players who have been left out of the team. I know they’re disappointed, but you still have to come in, you’re a professional, you get well paid and you have to have that hunger to want to do well. That’s the key area, I need to work with hungry players.”

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bennyblue added 10:00 - Mar 23
its a pity someone didnt keep roy in the dressing room at the start of the season where would we be now if roy had been locked up in the broom closet for the bulk of the season

jabberjackson added 10:27 - Mar 23
Love him or dislike him (I think i love him), his honesty is SOOOO refreshing.
Carry on Keano, we aren't a good team yet...but we will be...

TractorRoyNo1 added 10:31 - Mar 23
Read his book, then you will know more about the guy.

Roosta added 11:42 - Mar 23
Similarly I'm still not decided on Keane either way (though I think I dislike him), but for me I personally find his comments tedious, but so widely reported that I find them equally inescapable.

If he said what he thought and then stuck to it, I'd have more respect for what he says, but he seems to change his mind at a whim. It's a managers right to do so of course, but probably better not to discuss it with the World before you've quite made your mind up?

I wonder if the players feel the same way? I would suggest that we all value consistency from our managers (whatever our jobs), and I think I'd feel really uncertain under Keane to know quite what was coming next.

I respect his honesty when he says he's new and still learning, but from a fans perspective it makes me nervous to see the wholesale changes being done under his leadership. I'm not saying changes aren't needed, but I'd rather they were done by someone who had done it before.

Maybe that person isn't out there, or our Towns reach and we have to be happy with what we've got.

bluelass7 added 13:43 - Mar 23
bennyblue = twot!

ChambersM added 14:59 - Mar 23
"that was a situation that happened and I think it was right, but obviously you can’t be doing that."

Care to contradict yourself anymore roy?

Skip73 added 15:18 - Mar 23
Bennyblue you are a TW@T

ReydonBlue added 16:25 - Mar 23
IS BENNYBLUE!!!!!!!!!!!! Captain Canary....... Tw@t..................blah blah blah

jamesy_itfc_keano added 16:35 - Mar 23

mightytown added 18:03 - Mar 23
All this Keane out nonsense has to stop, its ridiculous!

Bennyblue, you are a massive tw@t.

i am ashamed to say, i posted an anti-keane message after the peterborough loss because i was p****d off, despite having been in support of the gaffer all season and rightly so, i was slated for it.

give the man a chance, he is the first to admit his failings and is always honest and open with the supporters. I bet those keane haters out there wouldnt dare say some of the muck they post on here to his face if they actually met him.

I am fully in support of the manager and i will feel the same even if we lose to plymouth tonight.

yes, he has made mistakes but name me a manager that hasn't!

basically, if we could be as consistent on the pitch as bennyblue is at posting douchebag comments then we'd certainly be getting promoted this season.

sick of the keane out rubbish, everyones entitled to their opinion and here's mine - keane haters like it up the wrong un!


ReydonBlue added 18:28 - Mar 23
Totally agree.....COYB

blueherts added 21:30 - Mar 23
Look em in all night !!!

blueherts added 21:30 - Mar 23
Look em in all night !!!

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