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Town Topic: Wem-Burley 10 Years On
Town Topic: Wem-Burley 10 Years On
Saturday, 29th May 2010 09:03

Unbelievably, today marks the 10th anniversary of Town’s glorious 4-2 play-off final victory over Barnsley at Wembley. What are your memories of that great day?

Add your recollections and favourite moments to the Comments section below.

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brockleyblueboy added 10:11 - May 28
Probably the best day of my life. My dad got given a ticket and gave it up to me so I could go. He has spent a fortune through my childhood and sat next to me in paly off after playoff so to give that up for me to go was amazing. MAde it double special.

Those days will come again. I don't care what fans say I "Keep the faith" because of days like this!

I fcking Love Ipswich Town Football Club


itfc1981 added 10:12 - May 28
I am normally a complete wreck at big games. But on that day even when we went one nil down I was so confident in our ability to come from behind back then that it never botherd me. Mogga's header, was superb. great sunny day of course! generally the best day I have had as a town fan.

itfcst added 10:14 - May 28
I got sunburnt then drunk, all I remember was getting back to Ipswich and being in the back of a car with a whole lot of people beeping and shouting around the town

Harwich_Blue added 10:18 - May 28
I was in Holland for a foortball Tournament with the intention of travelling back on the fast ship that morning arriving in Harwich at 11.00 with onward travel to Wembley, high winds meant the ferry crossing was threatened as it did not travel well in heavy swell. I arranged with a mate to get on the freight ship which left at Midnight, fortuntalely the weather died down by some miracle with 1/2 to go and the rest was history, the gods were shining on everything town that day. Remember that there were several Town fans on the boat that morning.

Another memory is how easy it was to park around Wembley (Think I parked in Tescos and walked!)

A wonderful day.............................once a BLUE always a BLUE

Allez la blue !

Liverpool_blu added 10:24 - May 28
I watched in the Pub. Threw my Pint into the Air when Reuser scored. Got Covered.

Best Match Ever

Roll on 2011.

superblueflude added 10:33 - May 28
Best moment Wrights Penalty Save and Follow up!

GlobalBlue added 10:43 - May 28
Best day if my life. Came down from Leeds the night before and stayed at mate's in Kingston where we got the party started.

Met up with others at various pubs en route to Wembley. Seem to recall hundreds of Town fans outside a pub by Bakers Street station. An awesome sight. The tube was rocking as we arrived so much noise felt as if we were going to derail.

Such a good atmosphere on Wembley way. Saw a young boy and his dad hoping to get tickets, the lad was crying and my heart really went out to him. Really hope they got in somehow.

Spent the evening celebrating in London and missed the last train back to Leeds. Made it up somehow the next day and ran into a load of Barnsley fans at Doncaster who'd had the same trouble. They were a good bunch of lads though.

It will happen again. And we'll all be there.

guildford_blue added 10:45 - May 28
Such a wonderful day. Nothing before or after have come close. I was 19 at the time and had dreamed of seeing us win there. Still gets me emotional when I watch the DVD now. Great before, during and after the game. Best day of my life.

naa added 10:49 - May 28
Had a few too many before the game, but that meant that the first goal didn't bother me at all. Those Bolton games had me in the mind-set that it was our year. That and the fact that we were excellent that year, and in the final. No nerves at all it seemed.

The game was excellent too, I'm sure neutrals would have enjoyed it too - ah those were the days when we played skillful attacking football.

Was so wrecked with emotion, sun and hangover that I went straight home from the train at about 9.


But the atmosphere at the home Bolton game was still the most electric I've ever known. And truly amazing after the final whistle.

kerryblue added 10:52 - May 28
What a day,was up at 3am that morning as I had to drive form my home in Killarney to catch the first plane to Stanstead from Shannon.Always ever going to be one result that day after our dissapointments of recent years.Reusers goal was the icing on the cake for a day of every emotion and every type of Weather.Will never forget it.

itfc101 added 10:52 - May 28
Absolutely fantastic! I remember the penalty and everyone around was saying that they were going to score, I just had a feeling that Wrighty would save it and when he did I knew we'd win. When Reuser scored his goal I was hugging total strangers as if they were life long friends. Brilliant day, one of the best of my life.

blueblood66 added 10:54 - May 28
next to the 78 cup final the best football day ever, surpassing the UEFA final as I didn't make the second leg of that.
Elation, relief and what a season the next one was!

hollywoodginge added 10:57 - May 28
Being sick with nervs in the morning, walking to the supporters coaches with the masses, silly wigs and capes adorned, the sight of the twin towers, off licence, wembely way, the glorious sunshine, best match ever, gracious in defeat Barnsley fans, banners on bridges down the a12, beeping horns, party on st.Matthews street roundabout, kartouche, drinking with rueser and fans til silly o'clock, getting home when it was light, going to the parade! Is it really 10 years? We must be due another day like it.

BlueBoots added 10:58 - May 28
I was too young to have seen the F.A. Cup win in '78, so I thought I'd missed my chance to see Ipswich play at the "old" Wembley - luckily we just sneaked in before the bulldozers!

Memories of the day? From the match itself, Mogga turning in one final blinding performance of a great career, Bam Bam getting stuck in as usual, and Reuser's belter which killed the game off. From the occasion, walking up the steps to my seat and seeing the blue and red halves of Wembley was an awesome sight, and enjoying the post-match celebrations in the stadium.

My overriding memory of the day however is just how magnificent the Barnsley fans were in defeat - we ended up chatting to quite a few while making our way home, and to a man they were all PROPER footie fans who knew the struggles that Ipswich had been through (for several seasons) in the play-offs, didn't begrudge us our victory, and wished us good luck in the top flight.

bradforblues added 11:04 - May 28
i remember pretending to be my mates assistant ( a sports journalist) to get into the press area. on walking up to the twin towers it was just a sea of red and blue and then the excitement of the game began. we didn't start too well but mowbray got the equaliser and second half we outplayed them. After the game i got to go to the press conference and shook Burley's hand, and Richard Wright.
Best story of the day though was talking to a bloke in the press area and i just couldn't name him but recognised him, as we talked by the window a load of Ipswich fans began looking up at us and chanting "there's only one Kevin Beattie" OMG i was talking to the legend that is !!! what a day, what a day !!!

Moisha added 11:08 - May 28
One of the more bizarre memories I have, apart from the whole build-up, the match and post match celebration in Oxford Street. There was a horse running that day called Celebration Town, I think it was 7-1, and won..... I never had any money on it though. Doh!!

TheoClarke added 11:10 - May 28
We lived in London then so we met our family and friends inside the ground. The excitement as we surged up Wembley Was just the beginning. This was the game where I finally 'got' football. For the previous thirty years my interest had been intellectual but standing there knowing how inportant was the result and riding an emotional switchback I finally connected viscerally. It was a truly amazing day.

BerlinBlue added 11:14 - May 28
10 years?! i was sitting high up behind one of the goals... remember fearing the worst when johnno went off injured early on but somehow knew that we'd be OK... it was a great day, very sunny, totally ecstatic at the end... of course we had no idea then that the next season would be arguably even better by finishing 5th and nearly getting into the CL... great days! let's all get behind RK now as i'm sure we'll come good...

Daleyitfc added 11:30 - May 28
None of this really happened : we Ipswich Town fans suffered a mass hallucination, that lasted for 2 years, before we came round to the reality of being stuck in Division 2 (or worse) forever. Or is it the last 9 years that have been the nightmare? Starting with 2 boys let loose in the sweetshop in the summer of 2001, and culminating in the team being managed by the anti-Christ. Dreams are nothing more than wishes.

MVBlue added 11:42 - May 28
Stood in Arboretum park bar in Nottingham having finished my degree. The last few years I had listened and watched, even attended play-off matches which ultimately failed. This year (2000) was special. The sun was shining all round the country. I remember chatting to a girl who happened to be from Suffolk too. My friends watched on as the team battled through, the Mowbray headers heading-off doubts that another play-off campaign was going to fail. Naylor burst through, Stewart headed in, Reuser ran the pitch. The team were special and they stormed the Premiership. Truly one of the best Ipswich sides ever.

osborne1nil added 11:47 - May 28
Shouted so much that could talk for a couple of days. Fantastic day out and have to say the Barnsley fans were great too. Probably Naylor's best day in a Town shirt. We had bad luck in loss of players leading into the final, but the display on the day, superb. Well George Burley and the team (who played as a Team in every sense), what a great day out. The play offs against Bolton home and away with Magilton scoring a hatrick at home gave this a good run for its money. What a great team GB had put together.

bleedblue added 11:49 - May 28
When Naylor scored and ripped his shirt off, all the passion that man had for Town showed across his face as he roared towards the fans swirling his shirt around his head, I have never had a feeling of such joy and excitement like that very moment in football, let alone the pure skill of Stewart and then their was the legend Reuser - Oh my days!! - not even England winning the World Cup could better that day for me, fcking love the town!!

N1_Blue added 11:53 - May 28
I had a frantic scramble for a ticket to begin with. I was working for Sky Sports News at the time so assumed I'd be given a ticket no bother. Big mistake. I was given no ticket and I was so furious I had made up my mind to resign from my job on the Tuesday morning if I didn't get to the game! My brother actually had a ticket but gave it to a Town-supporting friend because he, like me, assumed I'd get one via Sky! I missed a ticket on eBay by a matter of minutes, then I tried to get one off somebody on the TWTD Board, but they wanted to sell it to someone local so I was stuck. Then, the night before the match, one of the lads at work mentioned that Russell Osman, who at the time did the odd bit of work for Sky, might have a spare ticket. I rang Russell straight away and bless his his heart he did indeed have a spare. So, having had no ticket the night before the game, here's how my day at Wembley panned out:

1) I sat with Russell Osman (one of my boyhood heroes) and his family to watch the game.
2) We won, which was the main thing.
3) Russell got us into the players' bar after the game so we had a few drinks with the lads.
4) I had a tenner at 50/1 on us to win 4-2 !!!

Pretty much the perfect day.


alex12345 added 12:06 - May 28
I remember watching the players coaches arrive, So many people there Chanting and singing made me proud to be a town fan. When Hignett scored that first goal, which admittedly was an absolute cracker, i still knew we were going to win it after knowing it was our year from the Bolton matches. When Reuser went through in a straight race between him and that defender, won the ball and went one on one with the keeper, slotted that ball away and paraded in front of the blue army, you could tell every single player was playing for the shirt and for the town. We will be back at Wembley in that play off final very soon with some belief and heart from the town fans,


cheeseboy added 12:15 - May 28
i think that i have the distinction of being the furtherest Town fan from the actually event. somehow i was in Hawaii. gutted. i got out of bed at 4am and phoned a friend in the Uk who had to go out but put the phone next to a radio and i pumped about $50 into the slot whilst listening to the match in dead of night. i especially remember shouting with delight at the penalty save and scarring the chickens next to the phonebox. great match.

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