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Town Set to Play Irish Friendly
Town Set to Play Irish Friendly
Tuesday, 13th Jul 2010 22:46

TWTD understands that Town are set to add a friendly in the Republic of Ireland to their pre-season programme. The as yet unconfirmed match against unnamed League of Ireland opposition will be played some time next week after the squad returns from Holland.

The Blues had hoped to play three matches as part of a Dutch tour, but in the end were only able to arrange Saturday’s game at PSV, a fixture against 1981 UEFA Cup final opponents AZ Alkmaar amongst those to fall through. The friendly in Ireland has been organised in place of those games.

Last season Town played three games in Ireland losing 2-1 to Finn Harps, beating Waterford United 3-0 and falling to a 2-0 defeat against Roy Keane’s home town side Cork City.

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shoopdelang added 22:58 - Jul 13

martleshamitfc added 22:58 - Jul 13
cue the irish link negativity....

generalpublic added 23:50 - Jul 13
say hi to me granny

arc added 00:03 - Jul 14
So much for the "less hectic" pre-season!

ozzydog added 05:21 - Jul 14
Well there`s a surprise

The remark about negavity,unfortuantly Beano gives us so much to be negative about.

When was the last time something good happened to this Club?

yorkshire added 06:38 - Jul 14
Why does a trip to Ireland make the pre-season "hectic" and why is a trip to Ireland not good for the club

Honestly some people will whine at anything - we could be signing Forlan and people would be moaning that he was no Suarez !!

nthstd added 06:43 - Jul 14
It's all about Fitness and RK wants the boys to have a run out against players in the middle of their season and therefore fitter.

Personally I was moaning last night about the lack of pre season, admittedly this was to the wife who was not in the slightest bit interested.

"When's the last time something good happened to this club?" Lots of good things happen it is just that they don't make good press or dramatic press. Mr Cevilli (spelling) seems welll again. John Walters is having a nice family life, We all at least know with the current crop of players what to expect next season. TWTD have yet to master marketing in the Britannia stand. oh We got our Derby back!

So chin up chaps it's not the blitz..........roll out the barrel (come on join in!) we'll have a barrel of fun!

Oh I'm not being sarcastic either.

tractorboyz82 added 07:59 - Jul 14
mite lead to are first signing.we got b.murphy mite find a decent player out there lets be positive for once.coyb

Suffolk_n_Good added 08:44 - Jul 14
Lets hope it doesn't lead to another Colin Healy!!! What a discovery he was on our last trip to Ireland!!!

ITFCHollywoodGT added 08:57 - Jul 14
Wouldn't mind unearthing another gem like Brian Murphy!

blues1 added 09:00 - Jul 14
of course people will put negative comments abt this & so they should. this preseason is turning in2 a joke. ok the southend situation was out of itfcs hands, but, they un able 2 arrange 2 more games in holland, then they trying 2 get game against league opposition, & wot do we end up with? a game in ireland against poor opposition, no help wotsoeva at a time when we need 2 b playing tougher games in preparation 4 a tough season. lets remember we were told our preseason programme wld b sorted well in advance,& herer we r scratching around 4 whoeva willing 2 play us, & struggling 2 find ne1. jst lyk we streuggling 2 sign ne1, unlyk ne other team in this division

brian_a_mul added 09:08 - Jul 14
Dont forget that Reading picked up Kevin Doyle a few years back from Cork City, now Arsenal are interested! Murphy was a great signing on a free too! How much will he be worth in a few seasons when he breaks in to the Ireland team??

In fairness to Healy, he did play for Celtic, he played in the Premier League and played international football before injury took him out of the game for a while. Cork gave him a contract and he looked a good player again. I wouldnt say Healy was discovered in Ireland. He was a well known player before that!!
Keane took a chance (for half nothing) but unfortunately it hasnt worked out for Colin. Last years pre-season set him back in terms of injury and fitness but dont be too harsh on the lad. I dont think he is able for this level anymore so a drop down to League 1 or 2 would probably suit him. What ever happens I wish him all the best.


Blueknight85 added 09:16 - Jul 14
£50 says we get waghorn on loan :D

generalpublic added 09:26 - Jul 14
hope its galway !!!!!!!! yahoooooooooooooooo thisssssssss isssssss gonnaaaaaa beeeeee sooooooooooooo coolllllllllllllll on ya roy

StowTractorBoy added 09:35 - Jul 14
Disappointed that people get on the backs of Colin Healy. I didn't see too much of him last season but what I did see does not deserve the negativity we get on here. At Shrewsbury he was by far the best passer of the ball on the pitch - yes it was against Shrewsbury but he also played very well for Falkirk from the games seen on the box. No he is not a world beater but still useful to have around at a very cheap price. Why are we so hard on our players Priskin being another example - for heaven sake give them support this season instead of givng them stick when something goes wrong.

blues1 added 10:00 - Jul 14
stow, while i can agree 2 a certain extent with u regarding healey, when it comes 2 priskin, im afraid he gets wot he deserves. not only is he not gud enuf, he doesnt even try. his workrate is zero.mayb if he worked harder people wld give him more support. ne1 who was at histon fri nite will tell u how poor he is. doubt hed even get in their side based on that performance. fact is, we prob paid abt £1.6m 2 much 4 him

forensic_bloo added 10:05 - Jul 14
Anyone else get the feeling that pre-season is a bit chaotic? Three dutch games, then one, now off to Ireland at the last minute. I thought the one thing this current regime would demand was organisation, but it seems to be quite the opposite

corshamblue added 10:31 - Jul 14

Mossy added 10:48 - Jul 14
Blues1. Do we get your post in English. As i don't understand a word you have just typed?

BseaBlue added 10:52 - Jul 14
Blues1. Wat dyo tink we shud do 4 preseason den?

svendust added 10:52 - Jul 14
So was anyone that has posted negative comments actually part of the team at ITFC that tried to arrange friendlies in Holland? If not shut up as you don't know the facts, just be grateful we're playing such a great club as PSV in a few days, it will no doubt bring the squad together and we may even get the best out of Martin, Priskin, Edwards etc. and they may get confidence from it, on the other hand we may get thrashed!

blues1 added 10:53 - Jul 14
thats it greektractor, another reasoned response. mossy, go bck 2 school if u not understand english, ok, may b a couple of typing errors but not illegible

BlueBadger added 11:08 - Jul 14
I think you should all go easy on Blues1. His first language clearly isn't English.

blues1 added 11:37 - Jul 14
actually bluebadger, i am english, jst not grt at typing. yer, guess i shld check wot ive written b4 posting it, b4 u say it.

Greektractor added 12:21 - Jul 14

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