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Jewell: Slate Wiped Clean For Everyone
Jewell: Slate Wiped Clean For Everyone
Tuesday, 11th Jan 2011 08:37

Blues boss Paul Jewell says the slate has been wiped clean for everyone at Portman Road. The new manager takes over on Thursday, incumbent coaches Ian McParland and Tony Loughlan taking charge of the team for the Carling Cup semi-final at home to Arsenal on Wednesday.

Jewell says it’s up to the players to win him over: “I’m going to give everyone a chance, I know we’ve got quite a biggish squad, although it’s top-heavy with a lot of youngsters.

“Training’s important, players can impress me at training with their attitude. Everybody makes mistakes, we all make mistakes. I want them to make honest mistakes, if they do make mistakes.”

Midfielder Alan Quinn, who has missed all the season so far with a groin injury, is the only member of the squad to have played for Jewell before, at Sheffield Wednesday, although the new Town manager was close to signing keeper Brian Murphy from Bohemians when he was at Derby.

Jewell says that the squad have nothing to fear from him: “The vast majority of the players, they don’t know me, I don’t know them. I have no preconceived ideas about any of them, no doubt they will have of me, but what they’ll find from me is someone that’s honest and straight and wants to help them improve and get them out of the situation they’re in.

“I’ve no preconceived ideas of any players here, I know every manager says that, but there is a blank piece of paper from Thursday."

He says not to read too much into Saturday's team at Millwall and hints that even the players currently on loan, Pablo Couñago, Lee Martin and Kevin Lisbie, have a chance of breaking into his plans: “I can only pick 11 players for Saturday but that doesn’t mean those that don’t play are out of the picture.

"It’s a long-term thing, I’ll have to take a view on the players who are out on loan, the loan players that we have here and the players that are here full-time. No one’s out of the door, no one’s in the door.”

Defender Gareth McAuley suggested over the weekend that one or two players might not have been too unhappy at Roy Keane’s exit, something Jewell says is inevitable with any manager at any club, however he aims to make Portman Road and Playford Road more cheerful places: “If there is disharmony, and I’m not saying there is, I want to try and bring a smile to the football club.

“My experience of Derby is maybe that I tried to change things too quickly, to change the world overnight. Maybe I’ve got to be a bit more relaxed and let people express themselves.

“I want to be fair with people and I want people to show me what they are good at. We want to stop talking about disharmony, stop talking about managers, we want to start talking about how good our team is on the pitch.”

The new manager says a happy squad is a successful squad: “If you’ve got people who are enjoying their football and the work, they’re normally doing a decent job. If we can marry the two together, enjoyment and enthusiasm, we’ve got a good start there.”

Jewell says no hard and fast decisions have yet been made on the current coaching staff with moves being made towards bringing in his own assistants. Chris Hutchings, who was sacked by Walsall last week, has been his deputy at three of his previous clubs: “It’s always a difficult time in football when this happens because people do have their own staff, but because all this has come about very quickly, I’ve only made very tentative enquiries about people that I’d like to bring with me.

“That doesn’t mean to say that anybody who is here at the moment is going to be leaving the club. That might well happen, I don’t know. We have to give respect to the staff that are here at the moment to let them take the game on Wednesday and we will make decisions and move forward from there.”

Having spent two years out of the game, the new manager says he believes football is often overcomplicated: “The thing I’ve really learnt is that you don’t re-invent the wheel. I’ve watched Milan train, I’ve watched Barcelona train expecting something different, but it doesn’t happen. It’s a simple game.

“A lot of coaches can talk and use big words, but I don’t understand what they mean. One coach was talking to me the other day about ‘recycling the ball’? What’s that? What he meant was switching the play from one side of the pitch to the other. You can dress it up and use fancy words, but it’s a simple game.”

The 46-year-old missed the Chelsea game as he was driving down to sign his contract at Hintlesham Hall and won’t be in charge on Wednesday when Arsenal visit for the Carling Cup semi-final first leg: “It might be too much disruption, I don’t know the players and their strengths and weaknesses.

“But the players won’t be judged on what happens against Chelsea or what happens against Arsenal, it’s the league games that are the bread and butter.

“I’ve got an awful lot of watching of DVDs and reading of reports. I don’t want to put too much emphasis on the Arsenal game. It’s a big game because it’s the next one, but it should really take care of itself. The league games are of paramount importance to me.”

Jewell says he isn’t going to make the mistake of setting himself unrealistic targets: “We’ve all made mistakes in the past of saying ‘I’m going to do this’ or ‘I’m going to do that’. I’ve got two-and-a-half years on my contract, hopefully I can be here a lot longer than that, but the only thing I can guarantee is that I’ll do my best. I’ve done it before, and hopefully I can do it again.”

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yorkshire added 08:57 - Jan 11
I'm warming to the guy. He is saying the right sort of things and i really don't think that there is a lot wrong with the squad that he's inherited (apart from the lack of a RB).

If we can get a few wins under our belts and move further up the table then I think the majority of fans will be happy.

Marcus added 08:59 - Jan 11
I'd forgotten about Alan Quinn!

Marcus added 09:02 - Jan 11
The lack of RB is a common criticism, in addition the lack of goals mean people look at the strikers although personally I think they should be looking more at the creative, attacking midfielders... if we have any...

Surco72 added 09:07 - Jan 11
I fancy what Jewell did at Derby was a major issue where Keane failed .He took over a side that needed minor tinkering and tryed to change the whole picture to quickly staff ,players ,coaches all going .
I like what i am hearing from Jewell and most of all for the players to enjoy playing and us fans to enjoy going to Portman Road again win or lose

Hunter added 09:07 - Jan 11
Paul you talk the talk can you walk the walk???? 100% behind you we need someone who can help!

dobbie73 added 09:10 - Jan 11
If the slate is going to be wiped clean, does that mean I'm let off the tenner I still owe my mate? I like the sound of that.


southcoastblue added 09:13 - Jan 11
I thought it was a sound appointment in the first place but like you also Yorkshire the more I read the more I am liking Paul Jewell.

Heres to a fun ITFC

slippery added 09:23 - Jan 11
Please not lisbie he can rot at milwall

Wickets added 09:25 - Jan 11
MarcusSg i've been saying that for 6 months, creative midfielder,who is comfortable on the ball. Right back,with a good engine and we have a team.

bobble added 09:33 - Jan 11
even lisbie will be reborn and who knows could score more than keanes duds...... nobody told me he was a scouse but i'll start with a clean slate

bobble added 09:35 - Jan 11
looking back at his photo now i see scouse all over him ..i will need a very big clean slate

deliasplums added 09:44 - Jan 11
I like the tone here; non combative and positive.
Let's see where we are in a few months, but I'm hopeful.

joe9087 added 09:53 - Jan 11
He's talking a lot of sense, positive to read and hear so far.

HealysBackPocket added 09:56 - Jan 11
I like everything I've read about him so far. I hope our fans will give him the time he needs to rebuild the squad and backroom staff, and realise it isn't going to be instant success.

blue1986 added 10:02 - Jan 11
think town have made the right choice here with jewell. we might not need to buy a proven striker as i think he will get the best out of priskin (even though priskin was playing well when he was in the side) and score more goals

8ashblue added 10:20 - Jan 11
Clean slate will mean PJ will be given player profiles and stats so it shouldnt take him long to se that the squad is short of goals and no right back! No doubt he'll reassess Civeli and Quinn but i cant seee Pabs returning as he hasnt exactly shone at Palace. Maybe Martin will be given another chance but i guess it will all depend on PJ's style as to who will fit in and who will be surplus. i can see O'Dea going back as thats one area that we have plenty of cover and Fallon not making it either unless other forwards are off-loaded. I'm sure he'll want to create some space to sign new players before end of january.
He'll definitely be getting an assistant so expect main changes in the backroom!

urbanblue added 10:35 - Jan 11
Really like what i am hearing from PJ ..... So, if he can start the players on a a clean slate, can we as well ?

Lets do it ..... COYB !

bluelady added 10:36 - Jan 11
this must mean Priskens prayers have all been answered (and Fallons probably not!)... I think Prisken will thrive under Jewell, and i cant see him being off loaded in Jan as i believe he would have been under Keane. Quinn i expect to be given a chance as i understand they have worked together before, wont set the world on fire but for me a really good back up for the centre mid, so Healy can go!! Basically anyone with anything about them who has pride in the shirt but just didnt feel the love under Keane can prove to Jewell they are up to the job, if not then they can toddle off thank you!

Papa added 10:36 - Jan 11
‘recycling the ball’? What’s that? What he meant was switching the play from one side of the pitch to the other. You can dress it up and use fancy words, but it’s a simple game.'

Genius comment, people do talk some balls to try to look like they know what they’re talking about.

More comments like that please!


Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 10:46 - Jan 11
I don't think PJ is "talking the talk." He has to say SOMETHING, and what he is saying sounds low-key and makes a lot of good sense. He seems a pretty "no-nonsense" kind of guy, but is respectful of others, while appearing quietly confident at the same time. Much more like the old "Ipswich Way" if you want to see it like that. Good luck to you PJ!

naa added 10:56 - Jan 11
To be honest, as long as we start playing football and stop worrying about only stopping the opposition I'll be happy.

I'm hoping that Priskin is given a fair crack. No idea why he was dropped recently, he'd had some good games and showed that he has skill. Admittedly his finishing wasn't up there, but then neither was Scotland's and he kept his place.

A RB is an obvious requirement as is some creativity in midfield. Don't think we have anyone in the squad capable of that, so he'll have to try and get someone in.

Other than that I suspect he'll have to keep it low-key this season and just hope he can get results to pick up enough to keep us up.

It's next season where I'll be hoping for some proper football.

Lightningboy added 11:05 - Jan 11
"incumbent coaches"?...shouldn't that read "inept coaches"?.

Garv added 11:07 - Jan 11
Bring back Pablo!!

onlybluesandhorses added 12:01 - Jan 11
DVDs Paul?

stinkiusminkius added 13:17 - Jan 11
Garvan and D Wright for the creative midfielder and RB? Oh no, the buffoon let them go.

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