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Fülöp Sad to See Keane Leave
Fülöp Sad to See Keane Leave
Tuesday, 11th Jan 2011 10:59

Keeper Márton Fülöp says he’s sad to see former manager Roy Keane depart but admits that the Irishman sometimes had harsh words for his players after defeats. Fülöp was signed by Keane at both Sunderland and Town.

The Hungarian international said: "I'm sad about Roy Keane's departure and about the fact that he couldn't be successful. He has two sides. One is a very kind man, but after the games sometimes he said things that he maybe shouldn't have. But this is true for all managers.

"He signed me for two clubs, so I can't say any bad words about him. I've never had problems with him."

Fülöp conceded seven goals at Stamford Bridge for the second time in his career on Sunday – he was in goal when Sunderland lost 7-2 a year ago next Sunday – but feels he didn't play too badly: "I don't think I can be blamed for any of the seven goals we conceded, what's more I made some great saves which prevented an even bigger loss.”

The 27-year-old says he has a better record against Wednesday’s Carling Cup semi-final opponents: "I've had three games in my career against Arsenal and I’ve conceded only one goal, so this is a completely different situation for me if I compare it to Chelsea.

"What's more, when I made my Premier League debut, we won 1-0 against Arsenal, so I have great memories."

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trueblue added 11:03 - Jan 11
oh he's the one is he

SouperJim added 11:04 - Jan 11
Chin up Marton, you're the best keeper at the club by a mile and it won't take Jewell long to reach that conclusion too.

truckertractorboy added 11:08 - Jan 11
Please keep your record going against arsenal then marton would b good ill b there home and away think it might b a cricket score lol but would take a loss and town to win there next few league games

Lightningboy added 11:09 - Jan 11
Roy who?

cornishblu added 11:25 - Jan 11
.....its all too late now for players to come out and say bad things against anyone.......thats what the captian is for at the time and if there were any issues these should have been brought up then......all talk afterwards is too little to late.....I think MF is the best player we have got and he is hardly a small man....amd sure he could have made his presence felt if there were things going wrong by standing alongside Norris.......too little too just tells me that many are to blame not just one.......have the courage to make this team now work as a unit not a group of people frightened by a dictatorship!!!...Make Town great again!!

Garv added 11:57 - Jan 11
Players (everywhere) need to start thinking about who they sign for when they do, Roy Keane? Or Ipswich town? Just a thought.

Keep up the good work Marton and keep a clean sheet Wednesday!

Dolly2.0 added 11:58 - Jan 11
Cornish, you don't come out and knock the manager when he's still here, especially a fiery one like Roy Keane.

BlooooCD added 12:22 - Jan 11
I imagine a lot of players have real mixed emotions about Keano going and Paul coming in! Personally I think great appointment...
But does anybody else notice when you look on the back of programmes how long our squad is? Some I have never heard of or seen... Be great if TWTD could run a poll for supporters to acknowledge and rate players who should stay/go? There are some shockers in there and I think with a clear out and some consolodation these wages could be better spent on quality players - Journeymen, poor loan players 'and Healy' for instance must be got rid of and as Paul said let's rebuild on solid foundations! COYB's!

Town_Boy added 12:22 - Jan 11
Its looking very nice with all these players and managers who have had good luck against arsenal...

Paulc added 12:24 - Jan 11
You don't knock your manager in public full stop!

You have issues as a player, as with any other walk of life you keep it private and take it up with the club.

clive_baker added 12:31 - Jan 11
To be fair to Keane after some of the performances we have seen from individuals this season he has had every right to give them what for. It was his job to motivate them and get the best out of them but ultimately when they cross that white line some of the elementary mistakes should not have been made by professional footballers. Also if Keane was such a monster Fulup wouldn't have come here having worked with him before.

Keane had to go but lets not kid ourselves that the players weren't partly to blame. Some of them have been an absolute disgrace and aren't fit to wear the badge of this Football Club.

itfc1981 added 13:07 - Jan 11
please play well against Arsenal

poringlandblue added 13:13 - Jan 11
clive-baker, totally agree with your comments, whether keanes orders were to hoof from the back every time doesnt deflect from the fact that they are well paid professionals who i hope are practising their skills everyday and therefore should be able to put a couple of quick incisive passes together, maybe move off the ball a little bit, maybe heaven forbid run with the ball in a forward direction and attempt to take someone on, just a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JewellinDenial added 13:34 - Jan 11
What has Fulops physical appearance and frame got to do with standing up to someone? He wasn't dealing with a bully but his boss. I'm sure if your employer was a 4 foot tall man and you didn't agree with him you wouldn't just stand over him and appear threatening!

Keep that record against the Arsenal up Marton and we'll have half a chance.

Jim added 13:35 - Jan 11
We need a lot more to come from Fulop. Looked decent at the start of the season but far too suspect from crosses at the moment. With his height and build he should command his box much better.

Bergholtblue added 18:42 - Jan 11
TheVoiceod Reason - Love the picture!!!! here's hoping that he is the new messiah.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 18:55 - Jan 11
Good, solid keeper overall, and I hope he sticks around to take us on to greater things. Appreciate too the fact he usually seems to acknowledge the Bobby R stand crowd. Good shot-stopper, but seems to have been a bit shakey on crosses of late, as "Jim" has also noted above. I think he will get over that, however, in a more confident set up. As regards the comment, "I don't think I can be blamed for any of the seven goals we conceded," I'm not 100% convinced with respect to the first one, but agree about the six others. Just keep out the A*** tomorrow, Márton, and all will be well. if you can keep them down to 3, that will probably be viewed as a success. But hey: COYB!

cornishblu added 21:37 - Jan 11
TheVoiceofreason.....the idea of a forum is to debate what has actually been said.....not make some half ar$d comment about a half truth..if you reread what I actually put I said stand alongside...RK was a bully and needed to be approached by players backing each other up and the intention was to suggets that MF would hardly be a erson that could be pushed more stupid replies please!!

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