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Jewell: Four or Five Offers But Town Was the Right One
Jewell: Four or Five Offers But Town Was the Right One
Tuesday, 11th Jan 2011 11:54

New boss Paul Jewell says he has been offered four or five jobs since leaving Derby County in December 2008 but none of them took his fancy until he received last week’s phone call from Town owner Marcus Evans.

Jewell said: “I’ve been offered four or five positions in football but they didn’t seem right for me. I was flattered by all of them, but the one that stuck out was this one and I’m ready for it.

“I was quite enjoying taking time out reflecting on the things I’d done, both good and bad. That time has not been misused, I’ve been working in the media, watching training at different teams and thinking that it’s not rocket science, you just have to have really good players - it’s a simple game. I always hoped that I’d get another chance and Ipswich is a great opportunity for me.”

The 46-year-old says he was taking nothing for granted when he held meetings with Evans and chief executive Simon Clegg on Friday and over the weekend: “I think there were a few people in the frame. When I met the owner I just said it as I saw it. I met Simon late afternoon on Friday and again on Saturday, and things happened very quickly.

“I was aware that Ipswich were speaking to other managers, I knew that I wasn’t the only one in the frame. I thought that all I’ve got to do is be myself and tell them how I see it and if they like what they hear and I like what I hear from them, then maybe they’ll pick me and luckily enough they did.”

The new boss is yet to talk to one of Town’s old bosses, Joe Royle, someone he has a lot of time for, while a couple of his other friends have played for the Blues: “I know Joe well. Every time we beat Joe we were always lucky! I don’t think he’s ever said to me ‘Well done’! He’s a proper football man Joe.

“He had great things to say about Ipswich when he was a manager here. There are not many better places to be successful than here.

“I know a lot of people who have played here, Eddie Youds is a mate of mine, a larger than life character. David Lowe, I played with and had on my coaching staff at Wigan and Derby. I’ve got an awful lot of people I know who have been involved at Ipswich who I will be calling.”

Jewell, who has been promised money to spend but doesn't appear to be in a rush to spend it, is realistic about Town’s task this season: “I don’t want to be negative, but I think it’s about building. I was looking at some figures last night and to get sixth in the league you’ve needed something 74 points. We’re 46 points behind that, so that’s a lot of points out of not too many games.

“I think as long as we see progress and we consolidate [I’ll be happy], although you never know what happens. I remember Iain Dowie taking over at Crystal Palace and they went on an unbelievable run and got in the play-offs, but those things happen very rarely.

“I think it’s important that we consolidate, we build confidence and we have a vision to go forward for the rest of my contract, and hopefully beyond that.”

Like George Burley before him, the new manager believes it’s important to develop a side over time: “My contract is for two and a half years, looking to improve steadily. We all want to be in the Premier League. But if you go into the Premier League and you’re not ready for it, it’ll eat you alive, I’ve experienced that.

“Everyone’s impatient in football, but my experience in football, with the success we’ve had, is that if you gain momentum and develop things slowly, then you become a strong core rather than all of a sudden being cast into something that really you’re not quite ready for.

“This club - the facilities, the fanbase and history-wise - ticks a lot of boxes and has a lot of advantages over other clubs.”

Asked about his style of football, Jewell says the first battle is to get the players confident enough to play to the best of their abilities: “The brand of football that everyone loves is winning football. Everyone talks about style and everything else and people get labelled as long ball.

“I saw Chelsea play Stoke last season and score in the last minute from a long throw. When I read in the paper it didn’t say ‘Chelsea’s long throw’.

“There’s a time and a place. We all want to play good football, but I think the problem for Ipswich this season and for teams who are losing games is confidence.

“Chelsea, I know they won on Sunday, but they haven’t been playing with great confidence. If we can get the players confident and doing what they’re good at, I’m sure we’ll see them express themselves more.

“It’s not about style of football,” he continued. “When teams are losing matches, people don’t want to get on the ball, they’re frightened of making mistakes and that’s the same whether you’re playing in the Premier League or the Northern Premier League. That’ll be the objective - try and get the players confident and doing what they’re good at.”

After a couple of years away, Jewell can’t wait to get back into the fray on Thursday: “For the last month or so I’ve started to get itchy feet, I’ve started thinking about getting back into the game and applying for jobs.

“I’m ready to come back now, I’ve got a lot of people to prove wrong, I’ve got a lot to prove to myself and I’m hungry and committed.”

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Worcester added 12:09 - Jan 11
Jewell out!......sorry couldn't resist it! :op

pitseablue added 12:10 - Jan 11
Welcome to Portman Road Paul....I think he is saying all the right things, just hope the fans give him the time he needs to turn things around .

truckertractorboy added 12:11 - Jan 11
He says all the right things so hopefully he will do well he has got my 100% backing would b happy with mid table this year and push on next year.but please can we make pr a little bit harder to win At apart from Qpr who were very good we made everyone else look good and could have won any of them games

BotesdaleBlue added 12:14 - Jan 11
You seem to talk a lot of sense and realism as to the task ahead. I for one am pleased with your appointment and wish you the very best of luck in the challenge of keeping us up, and building from there.


Worcester added 12:20 - Jan 11
46 points? 15 wins out of the next 22 games will almost do it then.

legoman added 12:21 - Jan 11
Would be fantastic to see David Lowe back here. Nice bloke and a cracking striker. Lots of coaching experience too.

BlooooCD added 12:25 - Jan 11
Glad you have come here PJ! So refreshing... Your reallistic and honest (albeit cheeky) approach will be well met and wish you every success!
Big Paul Jewells Barmy Army!

timo_blue added 12:38 - Jan 11
Nice to hear comments like this - nice to know a manager wanted the job, he also speaks a lot of sense. I think your exactly the type of manager we need, Im behind you all the way.

bluelady added 12:40 - Jan 11
cant wait to see the team grow in confidence and develop. First off bring back Townsend please!! Be interesting to see what you can do with the squad you already have, if you can bring the best out out of the players then it really isnt a bad squad with the obvious additions required. Actually think RB is less of an issue than creative midfielder and winger as JP does do a decent job there..

TractorRoyNo1 added 12:45 - Jan 11
Bobby Robson was the highest paid manager in the league while at Ipswich sounds like the trend continues

clive_baker added 12:49 - Jan 11
Delighted with Jewells appointment. Honest and realistic. None of this "any numpty can finish mid table in the Championship nonsense". Given time and some funds he will do a good job here as he did at Bradford and Wigan. I like the fact he's keen to get the best out of what we have rather than buy, buy, buy. We have the core of a good side here, especially if we can keep Mcauley and Norris. Those 2 with the likes of Fulup, Delaney, Smith, Leadbitter, Hyam, Civelli, Scotland, Wickham, Priskin and youngster like Brown, O'Connor, Lambe, Murray. Just need to get rid of the deadwood (Counago, Lisbie, O'Dea, Healy, Kennedy, Edwards, Quinn) and sign a couple of natural fullbacks.

bluechick added 12:51 - Jan 11
Plan A, pick your best starting 11, tell them they are your starting 11 and try to play that 11 every game.

For too long we have tinkered and worried about the opposition.

Set out your stall and go for it, we have players who if put in the right positions can produce winning performances, we saw that against Leicester.

BlueVelvet added 12:53 - Jan 11
Welcome PJ. It seems to me that if you have the right talent and they are motivated to perform to their max, then you have a winning team. RK clearly lacked the ability to achieve both. We lost so many good players and Oly(mpics) Clegg allowed it to happen. Walters and D Wright left because of clashes with RK. Why didn't Oly demand that RK drop the clashes and get on with it. Bruce seemed to be the cornerstone of Leeds defence on Saturday and was good at PR, but due to personality clashes RK (allowed by Oly) got rid of him. Oly needs to shoulder most of the blame for the club going backwards over the last 2 seasons; he appointed RK and seemed to do little to stop the rot over 20 months.

imalwayswrong added 13:13 - Jan 11
Jewell - bring in big fat joe as an assitiant manager/coach

Help added 13:20 - Jan 11
Good luck. Onwards and upwards please.

1st thing, get a right back, the rest can wait a bit longer.


ArnieM added 13:23 - Jan 11
Good times ahead in the not to distant future I think.

I suspect the Budgies are absolutely gutted "agent" Keane has now left our Club!

brian_a_mul added 14:15 - Jan 11
It will be interesting to see if any players leave during January.
Getting out of contract players motivated and willing to stay at the club is a top priority. Jewell really is making a good effort already trying to get players excited again. Lets hope the team give a committed perfomance against the gunners.

DanLyles added 14:54 - Jan 11
It's good to see a manager with a bit of charisma!!! I like the idea of building slowly but solidly. He has got two clubs promoted to the Prem and kept them there plus I genuinely believe he has the core of a top six side to work with. Fulop is one of the best keepers in this divison; McAuley and Delaney were as solid as any partnership before injury split them up; Leadbitter and Norris are capable of so much more; while Wickham and Scotland should be tearing this league apart, with Priskin in reserve. I would like to see somebody of Andy Reid's caliber come in on the left, then two full backs who can firstly defend but also offer something in attack. Football is largely about confidence, as Jewell mentioned, and I think he can instil that into the players.

btrevelyan added 14:56 - Jan 11
Really do like the sound of this guy, he certainly knows what he's talking about and is being realistic.
Still.....he needs to prove himself once he takes charge from Thursday onwards

DanLyles added 15:29 - Jan 11
A pattern is merging in Jewell's career:
1) Bradford (stable club with a transfer budget = sucess)
2) Sheffield Wednesday (unstable club going bankrupt = failure)
3) Wigan (stable club with a transfer budget = sucess)
4) Derby (unstable club in decline and little money til overseas investment= failure)
5) Ipswich (stable club with a transfer budget = ?)

All the best PJ, fingers crossed this pattern of yours continues


StowTractorBoy added 15:41 - Jan 11
Would be great to see David Lowe back - he loves the area and was a great Town player. Joe won't come back I'm afraid he has had his day and will want to be with his family - pity though. I would go for Wally Downes as number 2 rather than Hutchings as Downes is a specialist defensive coach. Good luck Paul you will need it.

northernblues added 19:58 - Jan 11
word of warning, sheffield wednesday were relagated last season with 47 points, we need points no matter what the performances

bigfish added 23:03 - Jan 11
Welcome Paul with open arms. I am not 100% convinced he is the man for the job, then again I said Keane was an amazing signing as our manager !!!!!! Good luck Paul we are fully behind you, i feel time is the key (at least 2 years to sort the club out) and we can have promotion.

Back_The_Boss added 07:16 - Jan 12
Got a lot of respect for PJ, he's got Wigan to the position that they are in now. The sacred league!

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