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McParland Disappointed by Fabregas Comments
McParland Disappointed by Fabregas Comments
Friday, 14th Jan 2011 08:58

Exiting former caretaker-manager Ian McParland says he was disappointed to hear Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas claim the Blues played rugby to beat the Gunners on Wednesday. McParland, who officially left Town yesterday, says his players did exactly what was asked of them.

The man known as Charlie said: "Did he think we would beat Arsenal playing the 'Arsenal way'? We went into the game on the back of a tanking and we were down to the bare bones player-wise.

"I'm disappointed to hear what Fabregas said. Arsenal have some of the best players in the world and I asked an honest group of lads to put in a full shift, which is exactly what they gave me.

"We passed it when we could and we got it down the sides but, of course, there were times when we had to clear it.

"Fabregas can say what he likes but it was 1-0 to Ipswich and that’s all that bothers me."

The Spaniard also criticised groundsman Alan Ferguson’s surface: "At Portman Road they are motivated to play their game in front of their own fans on a pitch that is not so good.”

McParland says that’s just nonsense: "As for his comments about the pitch, they're rubbish. He doesn't know what he's talking about."

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Doctor_Albran added 09:01 - Jan 14
I read this story in the paper yesterday - flabbergasted - Arsenal controlled the ball, which is what they do - they even do it against Chelsea and Man Utd (who then hit them on the break and win - I see a pattern emerging!) - and we cleared our lines when we had to - again what a lower league team has to do.

But when we had a little time and space we played the ball out well - the occassional weak pass left Priskin a little short against 2 centre halves - supported and broke well and got the shape back as soon as we lost the ball. Purrrrrrrrrfect.

Was a great game and looking forward to the return leg - keep them out for the first 30 mins - get their fans nice and quiet and let the 9,000 of us do the rest!

So everybody dressing as Johnny Wilkinson for Tuesday week? Would dress as Gavin Henson but my c**k outfit is in the wash!

sonian_blue added 09:02 - Jan 14
Respect to you Charlie.

Koff Fabregas, tosser.

TractorRoyNo1 added 09:08 - Jan 14
just plain silly, at least it will save PJ having to do a team talk, just pin the story on the board

SouperJim added 09:08 - Jan 14
The pitch comment just further proves that Fabregas is talking out of his backside. He seems to think all Championship clubs are akin to Stoke City and clearly knows nothing about our heritage or playing style, let alone the fact that Portman Road is typically a bowling green of a playing surface almost unparalelled in the country. It's just sour grapes because he had a shocker and his team were humiliated.

Marcus added 09:08 - Jan 14
Hold it tight and attack on the break to win 1-0. I've never heard of an Arsenal team doing that before...

muhrensleftfoot added 09:09 - Jan 14
Fabregas has obviously been given lessons by Wenger in being a bad loser and whingeing

SouperJim added 09:10 - Jan 14
I recommend a full chorus of "1-0 TO THE RUGBY TEAM" for kick-off at the emirates.

brittaniaman added 09:13 - Jan 14
what the hell did Fabregas expect from the pitch, it had been raining most of the day, I thought it looked good for the weather we have just had, at least there were no puddles !!!

TractorRoyNo1 added 09:13 - Jan 14
'you'll never play for Barca, you'll never play for Barca' - he's just miffed that the ref was not conned by him and Walcott cheating

pitseablue added 09:15 - Jan 14
Sour Grapes. You were totally outplayed. End of story.

Keaneish added 09:27 - Jan 14
First 5 minutes put him in the stand Norris, see how he likes that! I like that souper....if i can get through the ticket office lines!!!

dirtydingusmagee added 09:37 - Jan 14
they just dont like it up em ! be great to do it again .

Umros added 09:37 - Jan 14
Hmmm, from someone who can't score form 4 yards out? Suppose that was the pitch en all! Same story for all big teams, humbled and looking for excuses, does he really think that championship clubs play free flowing football - Get a grip man.

blueherts added 09:51 - Jan 14
LOVE IT .. 1-0 to the Rugby team it shall be - good one Souper

Fabregas wants out - he realises he will never win anything at 'The Arsenal'(sic)

wouldnt get in barca team -

Dissblue added 10:02 - Jan 14
Spoilt brat springs to mind.

bleedblue added 10:08 - Jan 14
What a complete cock!!

Used to be one player I enjoyed watching and respected after staying at Arsenal instead of a big money Barca move etc.. But he can go swivel!!

Lets give him some serious sh1t on the 25th!! You were bossed in the middle of the park by Norris & Healy (He was on LSD or summit - buzzing all night!) - just deal with it Cesc!


Daleyitfc added 10:16 - Jan 14
As a member of the most boring team ever to win the World Cup (so dull I didn't even bother to watch it for the time in >40 years), he's got a nerve. Would be worth getting one of our donkeys to demolish him in the 1st 5 minutes on the 25th, even if said donkey gets sent off. I nominate Healy.

cooper442 added 10:16 - Jan 14
Fabregas simple mate-thats just a load of petty drivel,overpaid and underperformed!

Paulc added 10:20 - Jan 14
Oh dear Fabregas. I am afraid you are a complete bell end. Still i'm sure the 9,000 of us will not give you any stick at all at your 'squalid little mudheap of a ground'

truckertractorboy added 10:20 - Jan 14
Very strange comments from a man who had a bad game I forgot he was playing at 1 point.if u aint got your tickets yet I would hurry upper tier sold out 1 hour ago

moomoosereni added 10:23 - Jan 14

Long link I know, but feel free to join me in purchasing a novelty inflatable rugby ball to let off at the Emirates for some tongue in cheek fun!

S0d off Cesc!

bobble added 10:26 - Jan 14
never buying gas of them again.

clive_baker added 10:40 - Jan 14
Lost a lot of respect for Fabregas on Wednesday. Refusing to swap shirts with Norris then these comments. Also the fact he was absolutely terrible. It's typical Arsenal to blame anyone else but themselves, that wont ever change. When you have the players they do how after a defeat to Ipswich can you look anywhere but inside their own dressing room for answers. Chelsea managed to beat us 7-0! They we're shocking going forward and even worse at the back.

Shut up FabreGASH, hope Norris goes through him at the Emirates!

All together now.....

"little boy, little boy, little boy.

Little boy, little boy, little boooooy.

Little boy, little boy, little boooy.

Liiiiiiiiiitle boy"


62WasBest added 10:50 - Jan 14
"Daleyitfc" You said what I have been thinking for a long time about that Spanish side. I just hadn't the nerve to mention it because of the god-like awe everyone seems to have for them. Think they put the Germans to sleep in the World Cup. There's playing a passing game and then there is slowed down five-a-side football, ZZZZZZZZZ! But if it suceeds it is up to the opposition to come up with a plan to defeat it - like staying awake, for instance.
As for Fabregas, well he should know that Arsenal also have in their history a period of being one of the dullest teams in the land. And frankly the idea that you play a style of football that the opposition agrees with (and can cope with) is so inane that you think he would have put his brain into gear before opening his mouth.

Wearside_Blue added 10:55 - Jan 14
So, in the return leg same tactics chaps! They don't like UP 'em...clearly. COYB

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