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Town Reveal New Home Shirt
Town Reveal New Home Shirt
Friday, 8th Apr 2011 07:26

Town have revealed the new home shirt for the 2011/12 season, which will be officially launched at Planet Blue on Saturday.

The shirts are available for order from the club’s online store from 9am today with Planet Blue and telephone sales via 01473 400501 starting from 9am on Saturday.

As previously, the first 5,000 shirts will feature three stars representing Town’s three major trophies. These will be sold on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Pre-ordered shirts will be ready for collection from Saturday 2nd July with deliveries dispatched from the warehouse the previous day.

The closing date for pre-ordering the new shirt, which makes reference to the pinstripe look of the early eighties, is Saturday 18th June.

Photo: ITFC

Photo: Action Images

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leadbitter6 added 07:40 - Apr 8

ozzydog added 07:41 - Apr 8
Not bad at all

Like the pin stripe, always looks classy, and reminds me of when were not just good but great

clive_baker added 07:46 - Apr 8
I hope that young man is still around to wear it next season

northstandsteps added 07:54 - Apr 8
It's basically this season's shirt with the pinstripes of the one previously thrown in....inventive!!?

Why can't we get someone like Adidas to ake them again? Core, Punch, Mitre.....these brands are what Lidl are to Waitrose.
If we had a quality merchandise brand I reckon we'd sell more stuff in the club shop in my humble opinion

BYRNE_16 added 08:10 - Apr 8
i don't mind it....but what happened to the vote???

Sindre94 added 08:17 - Apr 8
decent, but hmm , would have preferred better

mickeyjb added 08:25 - Apr 8
Its the last couple of seasons shirts hashed together? How is the main part of the shirt any different to the pinstripe one of a few years back?

How long do we have to suffer Mitre (who I understand has been purchased by Prostar) This time I wouldnt mind another change for the following season rather than wait two years for this to be replaced!

51blue added 08:25 - Apr 8
Won't be buying that!

East_of_England added 08:26 - Apr 8
Agree with northstandsteps. Give us Adidas, Umbro, Nike, Kappa, Puma etc. Mitre may be a "classic" brand and a lot better then Punch but I wouldnt mind a clean Adidas (sorry...as Liverpool/Chelsea), pin stripes may be included.

budgieplucker added 08:29 - Apr 8
hmmm......NO I am not going to be quite so polite. Another cheap overdesigned piece of crap. Sorry Marcus your not going to get another 50 quid out of me for one of these. No comparison with the much simplier and subtle "Boys of 81" version. Mr John would be turning in his grave. Can just imagining him say "they will be wearing bloody tablecloths next".

paul73 added 08:34 - Apr 8
Just checked the date..April fools was last Friday..


SpruceMoose added 08:38 - Apr 8
Grown men shouldn't wear replicas anyhow.

budgieplucker added 08:58 - Apr 8
Perhaps I got out of bed the wrongside this morning or I am just becoming a grumpy old man after supporting the town for 45 years. It may also be due to the fact that I have just parted with dosh to renew my season ticket thinking what value am I going to get from that next year. The truth is I haven't liked many of the recent blue shirts but with the true spirit of democracy will go with the majority vote. Oohps what vote. Cleggy been sticking his nose in again.

Phil - I think time for another TWTD poll.

Bergholtblue added 08:58 - Apr 8
Looks like I am in the minority, but I like it. But there again I am from the days when you bought a bog standard shirt, identical to all other teams (except colour) and you got your mum to sew on the badge of the team you supported, and you had no chance of having a number on the back.. too much effort.

Mookamoo added 09:03 - Apr 8
How very boring

billericayblue added 09:06 - Apr 8
ANother terrible shirt - we really need to sack the designers

Blue_Balls added 09:06 - Apr 8
If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's a shirt. What difference does it make if it's made by Adidas, Nike or Dunlop. Wearing a replica football shirt is hardly a fashion statement anyway.

In fact, anyone who wears one unless watching or playing football, should be strung up and stoned by the fashion police.

PeekFreans added 09:08 - Apr 8

budgieblue added 09:09 - Apr 8
Phil, have Mitre extended there 4 year deal with town which I thought ran until May 2011

JewellintheTown added 09:10 - Apr 8
Oh FFS, its a shirt, stop complaining about everything! Some of you wont be happy with it until its designed by Prada and has nice little beads and flowers on it to match your gucci man bags. Its not for wearing on a saturday night on the town! Buy it and show your support, or dont.

dubzyluvschips added 09:13 - Apr 8
CM has signed a new contract :)

dubzyluvschips added 09:14 - Apr 8
CW has signed a new contract

alsagerblue added 09:16 - Apr 8
What does the back look like?

blueherts added 09:21 - Apr 8
Its not the steak its the sizzle !!! Dont matter what wear - skins with a badge tatoo , its who wears it out on th pitch that REALLY matters - it has the look of a Play off contender about it - Who cares - Niketown Ipswich - Love it

jas0999 added 09:28 - Apr 8
Hasn't changed that much?

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