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Town Topic: The Day We Won the UEFA Cup
Town Topic: The Day We Won the UEFA Cup
Friday, 20th May 2011 10:16

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Blues' 1981 UEFA Cup triumph. Having beaten AZ 67 Alkmaar 3-0 in the first leg at Portman Road earlier in the month, Town travelled to Amsterdam where, despite a 4-2 defeat, they carried off the trophy.

What are your memories of that final and of that campaign as a whole? Add your recollections, favourite moments, photos or YouTube videos in the comments section below.

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PeekFreans added 10:28 - May 20
One of the best moments of my life :)

GavTWTD added 10:42 - May 20

RevAdrian added 10:47 - May 20
My wife Diane and I went from Parkeston Quay for a really great day. We missed the tour around Amsterdam which was part of the plan as the coach allocated to us had broken down and we waited at Hook of Holland for a long time. We did make it to the ground about half an hour before kick off which was the important thing and didn't mind missing whatever treats Amsterdam would have had! The game was a mixture of emotions - I remember AZ throwing everything at us - they were themselves a very good side - and when we seemed to start to leak goals there was a bit of concern spread in the crowd where we were - but our goal scored settled everyone and we had great confidence that all would be well.
I remember straining to only just see Mick Mills hold the Cup up, the lap of honour, very friendly AZ fans congratulating us outside the ground, meeting someone from my own village that I never knew was a Town supporter, and then the overnight ferry back - it was a very calm and quite warm evening and I remember sitting on deck with a beer at about 3 in the morning. We were all quite exhausted I think - but very, very happy. I had to go to work at 9am the following day but the smile didn't leave me for weeks. I remember the ferry company wrote to Town to say what a fantastic bunch of fans - not one glass even, apparently, was broken in the ferries bars. All just amazing and a great part of Town's history.
Adrian and Diane Copping

itfc1981 added 10:49 - May 20
Great words from Bobby in Gav's link

Godmanchester_blue added 10:55 - May 20
Tops even Wembley in 78 and 2000 for me....the culmination of the single greatest season in our history. The best we have ever had and ever will have in my view.

I was 16 years old and went with my mate David Darbyshire from Felixstowe. At 7 in the morning Ipswich station was a sea of blue and white and the noise was incredible.

I remember a big bowl of a stadium and a warm spring evening with everyone in such high spirits. I think the fact that we were 3-0 up took away a lot of tension and then scoring after 2 minutes just topped it off.

Fabulous, fabulous memories.......

ozzydog added 11:26 - May 20
So glad I was part of that great day.

The ferries travelling in convoy,the hoots of other ships as we left Harwich,drinking the ship dry,the old boys getting chucked out of the various strip joints,the 200 (plus) a side game of football on the plaza near the ground.

The game came and went so quickly.

Ipswich Town Football Club were the greatest and most feared team in Europe(and the budgies wonder why we still laugh at em).
The pitch invasion after the game, Alan Brazil in a bath robe,the thousands and thousands of Town fans going ballistic.

You can`t buy memories like that, which will stay with all of those lucky enough to have been there till the day they die


aussie_blue added 12:05 - May 20
I was 13 and went with my dad.
We left from Harwich and the ferry was packed with Town supporters.
Plenty of singing out on the decks as we came into the hook. Then we missed the train into Amsterdam with the other town fans and got on the wrong train to Rotterdam!! If it wasn't for some very friendly and helpful AZ fans we might have missed some of the match. Eventually arrived at the ground, which to me looked massive and went mad when we scored after a few minutes.
Got a bit worried near the end when AZ were only a goal away, but you always knew if they scored, then brazil, wark, mariner or mihrab would get one back... What a team.
Can remember having mayonnaise with chips and feeling very continental!!
I was the envy of all my mates at school when I got back and can safely say it was one of my best memories as a Town fan.

Sindre94 added 12:17 - May 20
I wasnt born until 1994! But have good memories of watching highlights from the final with my dad, a shame we wont see anything near that achievement in the "near" future :(


DombeyBlue added 12:25 - May 20
What an excellent day. Was one of the unlucky ones (4 coaches) who had to go to Dover for the ferry crossing. Spent the afternoon in some seedy bar in Amsterdam (I was only 16) with 3 pals getting drunk! The barmaid was from Derby. Remember having one last drink before the game in a small bar outside the ground. It was packed with Town fans. There was one AZ fan sat on a stool at the bar, when he started to sing the bar went quiet, listening to him. When he had finished the whole bar started to sing "Johnny Wark, Johnny Wark, Johnny Wark"... it was awesome. We scored a really early goal, and I thought it was all over, they needed to score five, and they so nearly did. They were a very good side, the last 20 minurtes was very nerve wracking... Seeing Mick lift the Cup at the end will stay with me forever.... TWTD!!

beacon added 12:40 - May 20
I was 15 years old and with my father.
I remember the hardest part was convincing mum to let me go as it was exam time , but she relented and i was going to the UEFA cup final.Like so many others we left at ridiculous oclock in the morning.
Arriveing in holland we stopped at a service station for continental breakfast with bottomless cups of coffee.(never heard of those in England ).
My next memory was on Dam squre with what seemed like thousands of town fans
and a fireeater for entertainment ,not that any was needed, the atmosphere was awsome just a sea of blue and white
The game was a bit of a blur but watching the footage this morning the memories come flooding back.The ferry coming back was where dad bought me my first pint Double Diamond dont think they make it any more .
My dad died earlier this year and it is days like today that bring a tear to my eye remembering some of great days out we spent together,

Ftnfwest added 13:03 - May 20
Didn't go but my main memory was biting nails down listening to it on the radio - yes no live tv coverage in those days although they managed it 3 years later for both legs of spurs UEFA cup final.... funny that

churchmans added 15:45 - May 20
boring every year we harp on about uefa cup and fa cup 30+years ago living off are historywhich is all good but embarrasing that we aint done jack since we gota get back up there sooner rather than later! had a taste of it under burley now even that seems along way away

norfsufblue added 16:02 - May 20
Fantastic trip...started on the steps of Gt Yarmouth Town Hall because we wanted the back seat on the bus and had an absolute blast for the next two days. The Lowestoft coach in those days was a very vibrant affair and I remember Phillip Bessey (god rest his soul) who ran them as a prince among men! Brilliantly organised with tickets, ferry and importantly party time in Amsterdam all thrown in. I have some great pics of the day which is quite surprising because very few of us were capable of holding a camera straight. There was drinking on the terraces and in fact one seller plonked himself right on the end of our row! So proud to be a Town fan that day!!

mugsykets added 17:15 - May 20
Makes me feel old! Great memories. What a brilliant start we had when Frans vollied in on two mins. Bit nervy after but when Warky got another, we thought we were home and dry. AZ threw the kitchen sink at us and that big old clock at the other end seemed VERY slow. We held out, saw Mick lift the cup (jealous budgie-inbreds? You'll NEVER have that!) A somewhat fragmented lap of honour. Coach driver got lost on the return and drove us into Rotterdam so we got a much later ferry back from Zeebrugge. Tired and emotional ~ what memories! PS 'churchmans' ~ lighten up mr grumpy, you can't deny history!

TheCurly added 20:04 - May 20
I was 22, went with 4 mates the day before the game, travelled from Ipswich Station to Harwich, did not have a hotel booked, wandered round Amsterdam trying to find somewhere to stay, eventually found a place with a room for 6, we took it like a shot. The day of the game was great, Amsterdam was a real eye opener for a simple lad from sleepy Suffolk, (been back a few times now) Found a nice bar and drank with some Aussies, even back then they were everywhere, very fetching barmaid which is why we stayed there a while. Also found an English pub packed with Blue & White. Match was a bit of a blur, never thought we were in danger of loosing, especially after we scored early. Got a picture of MM lifting the cup, but he's only a little dot as he was so far away :-) So glad I made the trip, one of my best ever memories, I am lucky that I have seen us win the FA & UEFA cups, we had a great side back then, with a wonderful manager, will we ever see such days again? I doubt it, but a man can still dream...COYB

NITFC added 11:54 - May 21
I was 20 at the time. We spent 4 days in Amsterdam in all. We had a convoy of 4 cars from Bury, drove to Felixstowe and caught a ferry to Zeebrugge. Then we drove to Amsterdam from there. We had no road maps and our only plan was that someone said they thought there might be a camp site near the ground so we put a 2 man tent in the boot. Sure enough the camp site was right out side the stadium so the 4 of us in our car alternated between kipping in the tent and the car

Had an "interesting" couple of nights in Amsterdam. Whilst I enjoyed the game it was slightly marred by the amount we had to drink on the day because the silly Dutch people opened their bars at 9am which we had never seen before. Sadly that meant that I dont remember much about the game itself. I have never since got in that state before a big match

Fantastic trip though!!


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