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Mixed Results for Town in Price Survey
Mixed Results for Town in Price Survey
Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2011 11:33

Portman Road is both the second cheapest and most expensive place to watch Championship football, according to a BBC survey released today. The survey claims that at £23 for a matchday ticket, programme, pie and cup of tea, only Watford’s Vicarage Road, at £17.30, is cheaper, while the Blues’ £59 D Block corporate seat is the most expensive in the division.

The £23 figure is made up of the cheapest adult seat at a new D Grade match level which has been introduced for this season costing £15, plus a programme at £3, an award-winning pie at £2.90 and a cup of tea at a Championship high of £2.10.

Watford’s cheapest adult matchday ticket is quoted at £10, while West Ham (£32), Doncaster (£27) and Portsmouth (£25) are at the other end of the table.

However, these figures don’t really give a particularly clear picture with Town’s more regular A, B and C ticket prices somewhat higher and the Hornets’ website indicating a minimum price of £26 for adult seats at their upcoming Championship games against Burnley and West Ham.

It appears some clubs have provided their lowest matchday prices for their lowest graded or promotional games and others more regularly used rates rendering the table somewhat meaningless.

Town’s Block D pricing has previously led to claims that the club has the fourth highest-priced season tickets in the country, but communications manager Camilla Haycock says the high price is justified by the added extras provided along with the seat, which is aimed at corporate customers: "Block D in the Cobbold Stand is an area directly opposite the directors’ box, with a similar view from the other stand.

"People in there get a free programme, more legroom, padded seats and a reserved area where they can go and get their drinks at half-time.

"99% of the people in there are corporate customers, to be honest, but when they haven't filled those seats, we put them on general sale."

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ozzydog added 11:46 - Aug 2
Grade d £15 your having a lafffffffffffffffffffffffff

Ipswich Town have blatantly lied to the BBC

Mark added 11:58 - Aug 2
So are any league matches Grade D, or is that just for early round Carling Cup games?

TractorMan added 11:59 - Aug 2
yes, when I pointed this article out to Phil I thought it was a bit off, as i've never heard of a £15 ticket!

the £59 one is true though although the justification of why it is high is rubbish. Was in there Saturday due to a free promotion for Blues Foundation members and legroom, while more is still really cramped. Much better in X section of South Stand.

I'm also guessing the "free programme" may be covered by the £59 price!

Much better legroom in by Row A seat and it's also on the halfway line!

brockleyblueboy added 12:02 - Aug 2
I really miss decent food at Portman road. The pasties last season were terrible and I really miss Pukka pies. The pies in the South Stand are toss.

The best place to get food, in my opinion, is the little stall on Portman Road where you can get a suasage in a large bit of french bread, quality especially trying to shake the Friday Hangover off.

Pies and football go hand in hand as well as a decent pint and again the beer/cider is terrible. Poor quality, poor choice and I am sure the lines get cleaned once a season.

I have been moaning about the standrad of food for a while - is it too much to ask to bring back the lovely pasties/sausage rolls froma couple of seasona a go.

Ihave to say I am so excitied about the 13th I can barely contain myself.


flyingdutchman added 12:11 - Aug 2
majority of coventry city tickets £299 works out £13 per match

TJS added 12:12 - Aug 2
The fact that the club are claiming to offer tickets for 15 quid actually says quite a lot about how embarassed they are by our prices.
I really don't understand who comes up with these survey's - they obviously are a bit clueless.
They should have asked what the cheapest adult season ticket price was as well as
this would have quite clearly indicated how ridiculous their "£15" claim is given that this would be less than the season ticket price pro rata.

svendust added 12:14 - Aug 2
The portman pie is amazing. Only second to pieminister pies in my very well informed pie tasting opinion!

However, I had one at the Wolves friendly and it definitley was not £2.95. I think it was around £3.85!

bontcho added 12:16 - Aug 2
"Camilla Haycock says the high price is justified by the added extras provided along with the seat"

For £59 i know what "added extras" i'd want, and they don't include a padded seat.


MattinLondon added 12:17 - Aug 2
I'm pretty sure that last season for a couple games at least,season ticket holders could buy additional tickets for £15. But this is the only time that I recollect £15 for a league game. And season ticket holders didn't really benefit from this offer.

I think the club were economical with the truth with the information they disclosed to the BBC.

I am really looking forward to the new season.Pity the club couldn't reduce prices as most people aren't exactly flush with money at the moment.

SouperJim added 12:30 - Aug 2
Tractorman: I concur, I also had a seat in Cobbold D block through the Blues Foundation promotion and the suggestion that there is lots of legroom in those seats is laughable. There is no more room than you get in the north stand and at least in the north I don't have to sit during the game! The padded seats are nice and the view is great, but I still had to endure 90 minutes of my knees being jammed into the back of the seat infront. Far from comfortable.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 13:07 - Aug 2
I don't want "corporate," a free programme, a padded seat or a (metallic-tasting) cup of tea! [Where do they get the water from at PR?] I just want to see my team perform on the pitch without paying nearly three times what it would cost me to watch a top match in Sweden! I may be a bit of an exception, so drop the entry prices and get in more people who are willing to pay for the above extras.

AlanMahon2011 added 13:11 - Aug 2
^^ damn right Sven ;)

Fatboy added 13:24 - Aug 2
To be fair to Town, the survey on the BBC website says that clubs "were asked for their cheapest possible matchday adult tickets", so they quite rightly supplied the figure of £15, which is what they will charge for the League Cup game against Northampton.

Clearly other clubs have interpreted the question differently as Arsenal have given their cheapest ticket as being £35, whereas many of us paid only £10 when we watched the semi-final at The Emirates last season. Presumably £35 is their cheapest ticket for a league match.

Consequently the results are very misleading.

I've just checked the ticket news for our first two league matches and the cheapest tickets available are £26 (as they are "grade B" games).

ITFC1985 added 14:09 - Aug 2
i say scrap the grading system all together and just charge a single rate for every game. £23 a game would be sufficient and i would hope it would attract more fans down and we wouldnt have to rely on season ticket holders every game for attendances!!

Seasider added 14:40 - Aug 2
I thought Camilla looked too slim to eat those Portman Pies.Last year they were £3.60 in legends and this season was charged £3.70 in Centre Spot on Saturday.They come in three flavours Beef Chicken and Veggie!
Also leg room much less in Block D than the 'cheap' seats in the lower South.

Greybritain added 14:48 - Aug 2
I don't even remember a category C game last season, let alone inventing a category D. Utter rot.

Back_The_Boss added 15:05 - Aug 2
More like porkie pies rather than pukka pies!!

Robston added 18:48 - Aug 2
OAP are adults as well.

Watford OAP Ticket (Cheapest seat 20011/12) £235
Ipswich OAP (Post early bird discounts) £346

Divided by 23 games equals, roughly....
Watford £10 per game
Ipswich £15 per game


grecianblue added 20:02 - Aug 2
That survey is rubbish, it seems not much thought went into it. Down here in Devon they've Plymouth as one of the cheapest in league 2 for £10 but that's only for the Carling Cup match at home to Millwall. There cheapest league price is £20 making them one of the dearest team in the league.

Notts_tractor added 20:30 - Aug 2
This is scandalous misinformation by the club. Ticket prices are outrageous at Portman Road. The problem is that the club's strategy is to fleece the dwindling number of regulars rather than attracting more casual fans by lowering prices. If, like someone else said on here, you charged £23 flat rate for adults I bet you'd be looking at crowds of 22,000+ most weeks. The cheap tickets for season ticket holders deal showed that people respond to lower admission costs.

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